Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What a shot! 35 sports photos

What a shot! 35 sports photos

What a shot! 35 sports photos

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 04:14 AM PDT

Wreck of WWII German U-boat found

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 11:49 AM PDT

A World War II German U-boat, sunk during the Battle of the Atlantic more than 72 years ago, has been discovered off the coast of North Carolina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Tuesday.

12 best meat cities in America

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 09:20 AM PDT

With the possible exception of smartphone technology, nothing's seen more practical advances this millennium than food.

He dressed the stars

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 12:04 PM PDT

Man free of Ebola, can leave Nebraska hospital

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 06:19 PM PDT

Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday.

Washington Post's Ben Bradlee dies

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 06:21 PM PDT

Ben Bradlee, the former top editor of The Washington Post who oversaw the paper's coverage of the Watergate scandal, has died, the newspaper said Tuesday. He was 93.

Police: Indiana man could be serial killer

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 06:34 PM PDT

The investigation of a man suspected in the deaths of at least seven women in northwest Indiana could expand to other states and stretch back decades, authorities said.

Sinatra hangout becoming toxic threat

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 12:18 PM PDT

The Salton Sea in Southern California used to be a hangout for Sinatra. It is now drying up and has become a toxic threat.

Romance begins online, ends in chimney

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 04:28 AM PDT

The perils of online dating are well-documented. But the mantle of absurdity in dating folklore might now belong to a Los Angeles-area man, and it's for where his online flame turned up -- behind his mantel.

Jury retrial to begin on Arias' fate

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 04:29 AM PDT

Jodi Arias and her legal team will begin fighting for her life this week when a new jury hears opening arguments on whether she should receive a life or death sentence for her murder conviction.

Trooper shooting suspect not found after possible sighting

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 08:29 AM PDT

Area schools were closed Tuesday as the search for Pennsylvania trooper shooting suspect Eric Matthew Frein intensified overnight, Pennsylvania State Police said.

Watch Wednesday's show!

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 04:13 PM PDT

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