Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Graham case now a 'death investigation'

Graham case now a 'death investigation'

Graham case now a 'death investigation'

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 01:34 PM PDT

Behind an abandoned home, just eight miles from where Hannah Graham was last seen, a search team found a skull and bones.

Mystery space plane back on Earth

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 08:24 AM PDT

Whatever it was doing up in space, we may never know, but the U.S. Air Force's unmanned X-37B space plane returned to Earth this week, with still no details from the military on the nearly two-year mission.

Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 01:22 PM PDT

Monica Lewinsky took another step into the public spotlight on Monday when she joined Twitter.

How Hendrix stopped being black

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 08:38 AM PDT

Two weeks after closing Woodstock with his reinvention of "The Star Spangled Banner," Jimi Hendrix decided to offer a free concert for a group he called "my people."

Unidentified man attempts fire rescue

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 01:44 PM PDT

An unidentified man rushed into a burning house to attempt to save a man inside. Jessica Porter has the story.

Bodies of seven women found in Indiana

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 03:02 PM PDT

It started with one body at a motel in Hammond, Indiana.

Parents let son's killer move in

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 08:46 AM PDT

The parents of a shooting victim say they will provide a home and job for the man who took their son's life.

Texas family's dog shot by police

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 07:25 AM PDT

A lapel camera shows what appears to be a Texas officer shooting a pit bull. CNN affiliate WFAA reports.

Bring charges against officer in Michael Brown killing, attorney urges

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 01:35 PM PDT

The attorney for the family of slain Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown called again Monday for an indictment of the police officer who fired the fatal shots.

Police: Bloody stains not connected to trooper shooting suspect

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 12:53 PM PDT

Blood discovered during the search for Pennsylvania trooper shooting suspect Eric Matthew Frein is not his, state police said Monday.

Ebola fears throw Ohio bridal shop owners' lives into chaos

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 08:26 AM PDT

For Anna Younker, owning a bridal shop means serving customers who are planning one of the happiest days of their lives. It's a job she loves.

San Francisco stations ban Lorde's 'Royals' ahead of World Series

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 08:27 AM PDT

With the World Series on the line, radio stations in San Francisco aren't taking any chances.

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