Thursday, September 11, 2014

Women senators want 'zero tolerance' in NFL for domestic violence

Women senators want 'zero tolerance' in NFL for domestic violence

Women senators want 'zero tolerance' in NFL for domestic violence

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 01:18 PM PDT

A bipartisan group of women senators waded into the ongoing drama over the NFL, Ray Rice and domestic violence.

Want to be president? Talk to this guy

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:47 AM PDT

A young star in South Carolina's Democratic party could play an outsized role in electing the next President.

Can Bakari Sellers save Southern Democrats?

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 09:49 AM PDT

Hambycast hits S. Carolina, talking 2016 with the man whose endorsement any Democrat running for president will need.

Hambycast: On the road to 2016 with Rick Perry

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 09:48 AM PDT

Before the football game, there was lunch. And before lunch, Rick Perry said a prayer.

First lady to campaign for Democrat in tight Iowa Senate race

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 02:17 PM PDT

First lady Michelle Obama is heading to Iowa next month to campaign in one of the closest Senate races of the 2014 midterms.

Senator's fund-raising appeal: Michelle Obama may run for Senate

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:47 PM PDT

Michelle Obama hasn't given any indication that she'll run for political office, but Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is suggesting otherwise.

Survivalist senators saving democracy

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 03:46 PM PDT

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona and Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, came back to the Capitol from their survivalist adventure in the Marshall Islands last month -- which was shot for an upcoming Discovery channel special -- poking fun at each other like best friends and finishing each other's sentences like brothers.

A speech Obama never wanted to give

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:33 AM PDT

A year after he pulled back from threatened military attacks on Syria over chemical weapons, President Obama told America he now would launch airstrikes against ISIS targets in the country wracked by civil war.

Obama: 'We will degrade & destroy ISIS'

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 07:11 AM PDT

President Obama outlines his four-part strategy to eradicate ISIS.

Cruz imitates Dana Carvey's Bush 41 imitation

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:57 AM PDT

Sen. Ted Cruz imitated Dana Carvey's famous George H. W. Bush impression from "Saturday Night Live" on the Senate floor.

Democratic candidates finding distance from Obama on ISIS

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 11:56 AM PDT

In the face of several tough upcoming Senate races, many Democratic candidates have found a multitude of ways to separate themselves from the President's most recent speech on ISIS.

Ted Cruz booed at Christian unity dinner

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 07:05 AM PDT

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was heckled and booed until he left the stage at an annual gala celebrating Middle Eastern Christians on Wednesday.

McCain claims victory in policy fight with Carney

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 11:41 AM PDT

An elephant never forgets, they say, especially a veteran political one like Republican Sen. John McCain.

W.H. weighs in on McCain, Carney spat

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 11:18 AM PDT

Press Secretary Josh Earnest comments on a tense exchange on CNN between Sen. John McCain and Jay Carney.

McCain: You don't have the facts, Carney

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:41 AM PDT

CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Sen. John McCain and Jay Carney on President Obama's speech about ISIS.

Critics dismiss Yemen, Somalia airstrikes as model

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:59 PM PDT

When President Barack Obama said that U.S. strategy to combat the terror group ISIS could follow the models of strikes in Yemen and Somalia, it drew a swift rebuttal from some top Republicans.

Boehner hits Obama for ruling out boots on the ground

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 11:14 AM PDT

House Speaker John Boehner blasted President Barack Obama on Thursday for saying no U.S. combat troops would be placed on the ground in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

McCain: I can give (Obama) targets in Syria

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:40 AM PDT

Senator John McCain says he wants to see President Obama use airstrikes in Syria.

How did Americans rate Obama's ISIS address?

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:35 AM PDT

President Barack Obama firmly laid out his plan Thursday to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS, the terrorist organization that now controls large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

Foreman takes 'Bing Pulse' during speech

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:37 AM PDT

Tom Foreman uses the "Bing Pulse" system to demonstrate viewers response and reaction to Barack Obama's speech on ISIS

Did Obama's speech meet the bar?

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:39 AM PDT

Michael Smerconish, Newt Gingrich, and Van Jones share their reactions to Barack Obama's speech detailing ISIS strategy

Opinion: Stop ISIS from recruiting Americans

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:20 AM PDT

Stevan Weine says the key is to stop young people from acquiring radicalized beliefs in the first place.


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