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Photo Essay: People's Climate March

Photo Essay: People's Climate March

Photo Essay: People's Climate March

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 07:46 PM PDT

Images from the People's Climate March in New York, NY.
September 21, 2014

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Thousands of Montrealer's in March for Climate

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 06:15 PM PDT

by Frederic Hore,
Montreal, Canada


Thousands of boisterous and friendly Montrealer's, young and old, marched peacefully in light rain through the city streets of Montreal, Quebec, in the People's Climate March, on Sunday, September 21, 2014, ahead of Tuesday's forthcoming UN Sponsored Climate-summit talks in New York.


Some signs portrayed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as an "eco-terrorist," for his active support of the proposed Alberta (Canada) to Texas - Enbridge Keystone XL pipeline, and his failure to ratify the carbon emission targets of the Kyoto Protocols.


Other signs mocked Harper's ineptitude and ignorance of the environment, for which he was dubbed a "dinosaur" at the 2009 UN Copenhagen climate summit. Harper has reported to the media, he will not attend the Climate summit, but will send his Minister of the Environment, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq.


The march, which started at 1pm at Lafontaine Park, wound through city streets, ending peacefully at 4pm, with a Pow-Wow featuring rhythmic drumming at Jeane Mance Park, at the foot of Mount Royal.


Some 2,700 climate-related demonstrations and marches were reported staged in more than 150 countries around the world.

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New York Hosts the Largest Climate March in History

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 03:28 PM PDT

A recent UN assessment revealed that the ozone layer was been healing itself. Apparently the tens of thousands of people who turned out for today's People's Climate March in New York City remain unimpressed by this news and called on government and industry to radically beef up their efforts to stem climate change.

The largest protest to date on this controversial issue occurred at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, which drew 80,000 marchers. According to Fox News, attendance at the event in New York today was more than 300,000.

Walking along Central Park West you could see anti-fracking groups standing shoulder to shoulder with wildlife organizations, LGBT groups, members of indigenous communities, clergy members, and scientists, forming a broad, inclusive coalition of left-leaning groups from the U.S. and beyond. The two-mile procession was a site to see with one group of women dressed in caribou costumes, and a brigade of bikes, each sided with colorful cardboard dolphins.

Celebrities and politicians whose backers had taken to the streets were present as well, including U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Sting, and Leonardo di Caprio. Former vice president Al Gore and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio were also in attendance.

Today's event was the largest of its kind in history and no doubt organizers hope this means they have not been simply preaching to the choir, but making a significant number of converts as well.

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iPhone 6/6+...AT&T Delivers Again

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 03:03 PM PDT

It was almost two years to the day that my stepson and I did our first all night "campout" at the AT&T store in the Liberty, MO area. Jordan is an Apple developer and thus, his desire to have the new phone on the first available day is very important.

Jordan had "pre-ordered" his new iPhone 6+ 128GB on the first day he could, but the delivery was not going to be for a few weeks.

Two years ago when the iPhone 5 came out (see my iReport from that event...( we knew that going down to the nearest Apple store at the Kansas City Plaza, would probably not be a success unless we had started out adventure days earlier.

Same story this year, but only more important to have begun camping days before the release. We heard reports of up to 200 people already in line on Thursday evening at the Apple store.

So again, we choose to "keep it local" and try our luck again at the Liberty, MO area AT&T store. In 2012, the line really didn't start forming until after 10:00pm, but this year, it proved to be a much earlier start. Drove by at 6:30pm and there were already 4 people in line.

So Jordan and I prepared our plan, grabbed our chairs, blankets and some food and drink to get us through the night. Arrived at just past 7:00pm and we were in positions 7 and 8 in line.

Now all the questions:

You ask each person in line, what phone do you want?

How many phones would this store have?

Rumors and speculation ran the gamut, but in reality, no one knew for sure if they would get the phone they wanted. It would be a night of great conversations, quick runs to the local food establishments for nourishment and bathroom breaks.

As the AT&T store personnel were closing up for night, we bid them all a great night of sleep in their own beds and ask them to remember to come in as early as possible...our anticipation was building.

And just to "tease" us a little, before they left, they set up the new iPhone 6 display (see my image in the pictures above) and there they were... the objects of our desire.....just a few feet from the front door, looking new and shiny. Oh so close, but oh so far...!!!

It was a great night, weather in the low 60's with a slight breeze. The line built up to about 15 people before midnight. With each new arrival, there were more interesting stories about their current phones, AT&T, other carriers, football, baseball, kids, college, food, just about anything to pass the hours.

Ironically and a bit "deja vu" from back in 2012, the next wave of hopefuls began arriving and taking their positions in line about 4:00am. It grew to maybe 50 or 60 people by the time the store opened at 8:00am.

The smiling faces of the first AT&T personnel began arriving at around 6:00am, knowing that this would be a long day, but none the less, they were prepared and ready to enjoy serving their customers.

Just as the sun was coming up and to kick off the morning at 7:00am, the AT&T Manager Greg and his assistant came out, clip boards in hand and began asking each person in line what phone they had in mind?

As they worked their way down the line, you knew that the first few would be very happy and their smiles confirmed that they were just minutes away from receiving their new phones.

But, we still didn't know. Jordan and I waited patiently and could only keep our hopes alive that they would have the phones that we had put in the long night in line to get.

Finally, Greg looked over his list of all the available inventory and he confirmed that both Jordan and I would indeed be leaving the AT&T store with our new Apple iPhone 6+'s. High fives and now it was just a short wait until the doors opened at 8:00am

And just like we had seen in our dreams, the managers open the doors and invited us in to be one of the first in the world to purchase our new phones. The sales associates were in for a long day, but they took all of the information, logged it into their POS iPads and literally within 15 to 20 minutes, we were on our way to getting home, opening the box and just thinking....WOW, that 6+ is a big boy...!!!

Couldn't wait to plug it into our respective computers, log onto iTunes and watch the "magic" begin...!!!

You might think that since I began my journey with iPhones way back on the very first day 2007 at the AT&T store in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, that this would be passé, but the anticipation and excitement to be one of the first adopters, is still a great deal of fun and pleasure.

It makes it even more special to have had the opportunity to share the past two AT&T "campout" events with my stepson, Jordan. In one of the pictures, you can see his smile and that says it all...!!!

Our thanks to all the people at the AT&T store in the Liberty, MO area...great service and assuming Apple keeps introducing new phones, there may be a few more "camp out nights" in our future.

All pictures taken by Doug Mackenzie, President & Principal Photographer, Mackenzie Images, Kansas City, MO,

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Commemorating West Gate Attack 1st anniversary

Posted: 21 Sep 2014 02:36 PM PDT

Sunday 21st september 2013 is a day that most Kenyans will never forget very easily,it is the day masked gunmen entered the busy west gate mall and killed & injured countless people both Kenyans and foreigners.
Today families & survivors met one year later to remember this day,it was a very simple straight forward ceremony marked with songs prayers and lighting of candles which symbolizes a new beginning.
From what i observed and the people i interviewed most have picked up the pieces & moved on with life and most of them had very encouraging stories of how they managed to cope with life after the attacks.

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"The Road Less Traveled"

Posted: 20 Sep 2014 02:19 PM PDT

On one our of trips to St. John, we pulled off on a side road and saw this sign posted: "Interstate 0.5"... Someone has a good sense of humor!

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