Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My #cnnireport story

My #cnnireport story

My #cnnireport story

Posted: 10 Sep 2014 07:36 AM PDT

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Harvest Moon #supermoon

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Posted: 10 Sep 2014 12:27 AM PDT

This week is Fashion Week in NYC. So far I have seen 20 shows at Lincoln Center and 3 shows at Couture Fashion Week for a total of 28 plus designers. My head is swirling with images of mesh fabrics, geometric patterns and an endless palette of colors. A stunning array of the extraordinary.

Looking through the lens of art inspiring fashion, I am drawn towards several designers who have an appreciation for the visual. I love extremes so included wide shots and close up for a sense of the Spring/Summer 2015 Collections. And wrote up highlights from my time near the runway.

DAY #1: Tadashi Shoji (my new favorite designer who started as a painter and his work is truly art), Todd Snyder (architecture meets design through his men's fashions) and Meskita (a Brazilian designer whose mother is a painter). My new passion in fashion is focusing on designers who have an art background or base for inspiration! Also glimpsed shows by Tome, Marissa Webb, and Desigual - who gave an incredible choreographed presentation of colorful dresses adorned by smiling models. Happiness.

DAY #2 - Art. Fashion. Performing Arts. On the runway. Monique Lhuillier is it! In addition to designing a sophisticated, breathtaking, truly mesmerizing line, Monique - together with her CEO husband Tom Bugbee - is an art collector and was inspired to float Koons-like confetti at the close of the show in homage to her favorite artist! Worked. She told me she just loved the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art! And she attends Art Basel Miami when time allows. They have work by Jason Martin in their home too (his colors and texture are extraordinary so I see why Monique and Tom are drawn towards him). My other top designer today is Rebecca Minkoff, who also looked towards the art world for her Spring/Summer 2015 collection and was inspired by the photographer Deborah Turbeville from the '70s who led the avant-garde art trends transpiring in fashion photography during that time. Representative of Turbeville's penchant for photo manipulation, Rebecca Minkoff created a 3D print that attendees viewed through 3D glasses. Seriously. And did I mention she had the coolest live band "Little Daylight" play for the show? Performing arts meets fashion. Also glimpsed shows by Nicole Miller, Carmen Marc Valvo, and the debut by August Getty. It was such a pleasure to meet Shaun D Ross and Whoopie Goldberg after the August Getty show. In fact, Shaun D Ross has an exhibit "Visible Man" downtown by artist Jerome Lagarrigue at the Driscoll Babcock Galleries. Moving concept. And it inspired me to start the hashtag #InMyHairIWin. As I have dealt with similar questioning of looks and beauty. And white hair.

That makes 12 designers in 2 days.

DAY #4 - Vivienne Tam! The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York has her work in its collection. Of course. Because the show tonight was extraordinary. Like paintings moving towards you on the runway. Mesh fabrics. Chinese swirls. Patterns and inspiration taken from The Forbidden City in Beijing. Yes - I was there in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics (while producing the inaugural Booking Dance Festival) and yes I felt transported watching Vivienne's timeless endless designs that are art. At its best. Backstage she emphasized the connection between her embroideries and nature while nodding to the images, paintings and objects from The Forbidden City. I was left breathless. In two places at once. Also appreciated Nanette Lepore who is married to a painter - Bob Savage - her business partner. And Nanette's father is a painter (who actually taught Bob art in college). So art is influential in Nanette's life and designs too. Bright and beautiful colors graced her runway and the show even concluded with a dance celebration. Thank you! Took a look at Parkchoonmoo. Great palette of neutrals and whites. Bold strokes.

DAY 6 - Seeing art everywhere. Today in the vision of Pamella Roland and Zang Toi. Pamella has a strong Japanese influence in her new collection, with the blossoms of Kyoto beckoning. Turns out that Pamella lived in Japan and mixed with the art world there while directing public relations in Japan's industry. She is such a visionary and strong role model for me - as she manages to balance her life in both business and art. Plus she serves as Vice President of the Board of Trustees at the Whitney Museum of Art. Impressed. Today is the celebration of Zang Toi's 25th Anniversary in the Fashion World. He told me backstage that 33 years ago he arrived in NYC with $300 in his pocket and an American dream, celebrating success with gratitude and a continued commitment to glamour. Also glimpsed Skingraft who presented his ritualistic new collection to a star studded celebrity audience; The Art Institutes which was touching to see as new designers get discovered by the industry; and Michael Costello who reveals hourglass figures strutting their stuff in chic rhythms. In between finally had some time to enjoy the Lincoln Center set up. 3D goggle trips around the world - so amazing, card writing, perfume spraying, and hair products galore. And a ride in my new (one day) $170,000 Mercedes Benz. Yes. I do want one. License to follow. Today I used a new lens - for a lighter look. And got slightly more abstract - back to my film roots!

That makes 23 shows and 28 designers plus…

So far!

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Yosemite Burns

Posted: 09 Sep 2014 10:18 PM PDT

In the late summer of 2014, a wildfire rages in Yosemite, leading to evacuations and affecting air quality.

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Be Like Mike

Posted: 09 Sep 2014 06:13 PM PDT

In the 80's I went to school at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Wilmington, as in the home town of of Michael Jordan. Sure we had a basketball team, but not like UNC who had just won the NCAA title in 1982. Michael Jordan was already a superstar in North Carolina, even before he played one minute in the NBA.


One night in Wilmington my friends and I were walking back from the cafeteria when we noticed a crowd gathered around the basketball court behind our dorm. As I got closer I could hear excited whispers of "it's Michael Jordan, it's Michael Jordan." There he was, in all his pre-NBA greatness playing a pick up game of basketball just for the fun of it. Looking around the court I saw all the other students with their mouths open in stunned amazement as he made our star basketball player look like a High School Jr Varsity wannabe. All too soon the game was over, the local news showed up and poof!!! He was gone.


To be able to fly through the air and finish with a viscous dunk. What an amazing feeling to "Be Like Mike." Us mere mortals had to resort to lowering the goal or jumping off of a chair to achieve the same feats of athleticism. Even so, it is still fun to finish with viscous dunk even If I had to cheat a little..... a lot.

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Supermoon: From Summer to Harvest

Posted: 09 Sep 2014 02:32 PM PDT

A super moon is any photographer's dream and challenge as well as an infatuation if not a love affair.
Last month I was in the Los Angeles area when it happened. I did not get a chance to photograph it the the night that it happened and instead I photographed it in the morning in Long Beach CA.
I have been photographing full moons ever since I remember. Living on the mountains of Idaho is more of a challenge because one doesn't see the moon until almost an hour after the flat lander does creating technical difficulties if one wants to include the landscape in the images.


I remember when living in Los Angeles and driving on the freeways and all of the sudden there it was, right in front of me as a big balloon that escaped from some kid's hands. Bright and big; so close that one would want to reach out and touch it.


In this slideshow I included the latest moon shot on Monday and Tuesday night in Garden Valley, Idaho; the one from Long Beach CA with the light house last month, a couple of them while traveling through Nevada last month and even some from Riverside CA about 3 years ago; other ones go back a couple of years.


Hope you enjoy my infatuation with the moon. Come, follow me through my lens!

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