Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio addresses world leaders at the UN: Climate change is real

Leonardo DiCaprio addresses world leaders at the UN: Climate change is real

Leonardo DiCaprio addresses world leaders at the UN: Climate change is real

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 08:35 AM PDT

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio brought attention to climate change Tuesday by addressing world leaders meeting at the UN Climate Summit in New York.

Mohamed El-Erian says take some money out of stocks

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 08:27 AM PDT

It's a scary world out there, but the stock market is "exuberant."

Baby GEs? General Electric may need a breakup

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 09:18 AM PDT

Read full story for latest details.

Gadgets to make you a superhuman

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 08:01 AM PDT

Gadgets aren't just for your desk or pocket anymore. A whole new category of devices is being built for your body.

Neighbors accuse Zuckerberg of hoarding parking spots

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 09:12 AM PDT

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook to bring people together and "connect the world." But it appears he isn't connecting that well with his neighbors.

Where new grads want to work most: Google

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 07:54 AM PDT

College students have spoken, and it's Google they most want on their resume.

EA promises soccer fans more innovation with FIFA 15

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 07:06 AM PDT

Soccer fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Electronic Arts' FIFA 15 game, hitting shelves Tuesday.

Sheryl Sandberg stars in a comic book

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 08:44 AM PDT

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got his own movie. But Number Two exec Sheryl Sandberg is getting her own comic book.

Banks launch checking accounts, with no checks

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 05:56 AM PDT

A growing number of banks are launching checking accounts, without the checks.

Google pulls out of conservative political group over climate change

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 05:43 AM PDT

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says the company is pulling its support of a conservative political group because he believes it is lying on climate change.

U.S. move on tax-dodging mergers hits drugs stocks

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 07:48 AM PDT

Shares in drugs companies took a beating Tuesday after the U.S. made it harder for American firms to slash their tax bills by buying foreign rivals.

Is the economic recovery real? 3 stats to watch

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 07:00 AM PDT

What everyone wants to know is if the economy is truly better. Is this recovery "for real"?

Jimmy Choo plans London listing

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 04:48 AM PDT

Would you like some shares with those shoes? Jimmy Choo, the luxury footwear retailer, is planning an initial public offering in London.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma now China's richest man

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 03:59 AM PDT

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Messaging app Line shelves IPO plans

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 02:38 AM PDT

Popular messaging app Line, known for its cute emoticons, is shelving plans for an IPO this year.

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Posted: 23 Sep 2014 02:29 AM PDT

Markets are in a decidedly sour mood Tuesday.

Student homelessness hits another record high

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 04:15 PM PDT

A growing number of students don't have homes to return to once classes are out.

Treasury acts to stop overseas tax 'inversions'

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 07:08 PM PDT

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Ferrari recalls 3000 cars for entrapment danger

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 04:22 PM PDT

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China is the real winner from Alibaba IPO

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 01:44 PM PDT

Alibaba officially became the biggest initial public offering of all time, confirming on Monday that in the final tally it raised an eye-popping $25 billion.


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