Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holder's legacy: An activist attorney general

Holder's legacy: An activist attorney general

Holder's legacy: An activist attorney general

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 11:36 AM PDT

The war on terror. Same-sex marriage. Voting rights. Financial scandals. Fast and Furious.

Holder to resign after successor is confirmed

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 02:21 PM PDT

Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday he will resign after six years at the Justice Department helm. He will stay in the position until his successor is confirmed, he said in a statement.

Who might replace him?

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 10:17 AM PDT

After U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation, CNN's Glora Borger looks at who might replace him.

Will midterms affect confirmation process?

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 04:46 PM PDT

With control of the Senate at stake this November, one question is whether the midterm elections will affect the timing of the nominating process for Eric Holder's replacement.

Photos: Key moments in Holder's career

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 11:42 AM PDT

Hambycast: Branstad's mustachioed superstition exposed

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 04:05 AM PDT

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, favored to win re-election and a historic sixth term in November, credits his famous facial hair for his political success.

The luckiest mustache in Iowa

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 04:04 AM PDT

The Hambycast gets a private tour of the Iowa state house, including its taxidermy, from Gov. Terry Branstad.

Grande outrage over 'Latte Salute'

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 07:25 AM PDT

John King on how critics and comics are hitting Pres. Obama for his unusual Marine salute.

Rubio courts Jim DeMint loyalists ahead of 2016

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 01:32 PM PDT

Jim DeMint may be long gone from the Senate and running the conservative Heritage Foundation, but his blessing is still in demand for Republican presidential candidates marching through his home state of South Carolina. Chief among them is Marco Rubio.

People go nude in campaign ad--kind of

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 04:48 PM PDT

Kelly Kultala, a Democrat running to oust Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder, released an ad on Thursday that featured a handful of seemingly naked people urging viewers to support the Democrat in November's election.

Opinion: Is Obama tarnishing his legacy?

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 10:12 AM PDT

LZ Granderson says Obama was elected as a war-ending change agent, not a leader who would leave behind for his successor new engagement in Iraq and Syria. Is he as disappointed as the rest of us?

Boehner doesn't want war debate until next year

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 10:23 AM PDT

Even as the war against ISIS expands, House Speaker John Boehner said he doesn't believe Congress should debate any new authorization for the military operation until next year.

Syrian rebels unite to fight ISIS, Assad

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 09:29 AM PDT

Drew Griffin reports on an agreement among some Syrian rebel groups to unite to fight ISIS and President Bashar al-Assad.

Biden's sneak peek on immigration

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 07:27 AM PDT

John King, Peter Hamby and Juana Summers on VP Joe Biden's promise of White House action on immigration.

Bill Clinton, not Hillary, is the star at the Clinton Global Initiative

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 10:19 AM PDT

Bill Clinton is not possibly planning a presidential run, as his wife may be doing, and he's not about to have a baby, as his daughter is, but for the last three days in New York City, the former president has been the focal point of the Clinton orbit.

Bill Clinton: America has 'bought the NRA's theory'

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 05:53 AM PDT

Bill Clinton addressed a number of crime and justice issues during a sweeping talk with CNN on Wednesday, including taking on the National Rifle Association and its pro-gun policy.

Clinton: I grew up with domestic abuse

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 05:52 AM PDT

Fmr. Bill Clinton weighs in on the Ray Rice scandal and his experience with domestic violence.

Clinton on how world can defeat terror

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 05:56 AM PDT

Former President Bill Clinton talks to Erin Burnett about how the world can defeat terrorist cells that keep popping up.

Clinton on baby proofing the White House

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 05:51 AM PDT

CNN's Erin Burnett has some fun with Bill Clinton by asking about his upcoming project ... baby proofing the White House.


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