Saturday, August 2, 2014

The week in 33 photos

The week in 33 photos

The week in 33 photos

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 04:06 AM PDT

Anne Frank's final entry

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 11:03 AM PDT

Seventy years ago, Anne Frank made her final entry in her diary -- a work, says Francine Prose, that provides a crucial link to history for young people

Don't call it 'student' debt

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 04:48 PM PDT

Van Jones says "student debt" should be called "education debt" because entire families are paying the cost of a broken system.

Stephen Smith entitled to opinion

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 05:57 AM PDT

Marc Randazza says the ESPN commentator fell victim to the "politically correct" police for even suggesting a thought that broke from the accepted narrative on the Ray Rice incident

Who's the boss? McDonald's is

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:29 PM PDT

Christine Owens and Catherine Ruckelshaus say the Labor Relations Board's directive on McDonald's could shake up the fast-food industry's treatment of workers.

Cancer victim inspires after death

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 05:50 AM PDT

It was about eight months into her fight with heart cancer that 24-year-old Maire Kent knew she was going to die. The plan she made for her ashes inspired strangers and a filmmaker.

10 spectacular U.S. waterfalls

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 05:17 AM PDT

You're likely to sweat a little to get to some of the best waterfalls. But they deliver a cool refuge and a powerful reminder of nature's force.

Coyotes chase man, dog

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 06:02 AM PDT

A California resident's home-surveillance shows a large pack of coyotes roaming through his neighborhood. KTLA reports.

Bertha forms in Atlantic

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 03:54 PM PDT

Tropical Storm Bertha formed in the Atlantic late Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Ebola patients coming to U.S. sparks fear

Posted: 02 Aug 2014 12:52 AM PDT

A medical plane bringing home one of two Americans battling the highly infectious disease Ebola is expected to arrive in Georgia on Saturday.

See what treasure hunters found in ocean

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 05:51 AM PDT

A family of treasure hunters found a mystery artifact on the ocean floor in Florida. The gold piece is worth thousands.

Court: Girl charged in Slenderman stabbing incompetent, for now

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 01:44 PM PDT

One of the 12-year-olds charged with stabbing a friend to impress the fictional Internet bogeyman, Slenderman, was deemed incompetent to stand trial Friday -- at least for now -- according to court documents.

Coyote pack chases man and his dog

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 06:00 AM PDT

A California resident's home-surveillance shows a large pack of coyotes roaming through his neighborhood. KTLA reports.

NASA's next rover to Mars will make oxygen and look for farmland

Posted: 01 Aug 2014 10:07 PM PDT

For 17 years, NASA rovers have laid down tire tracks on Mars. But when the space agency divulged details this week about its next Martian exploration vehicle, they underscored NASA's ultimate goal.

This Congressman lived on the minimum wage

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 02:55 PM PDT

Raising the minimum wage continues to be one of the Democrats' top economic priorities, insisting that a higher minimum wage is critical to helping lift the working poor out of poverty. Some members of Congress put their money where their mouth is.

Mom arrested after letting son walk to park alone

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 02:23 PM PDT

After letting her 7-year-old son walk from their home to a park to play, a Florida mother faces up to five years in jail for child neglect.


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