Monday, August 11, 2014

Microsoft: Surface is better than your MacBook

Microsoft: Surface is better than your MacBook

Microsoft: Surface is better than your MacBook

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 09:00 AM PDT

Microsoft is poking fun at Apple again, this time, taking on MacBook users.

Corporate America's 'report cards' are strong

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 08:53 AM PDT

It's been a volatile few weeks in the stock market with all the global turmoil, but investors have one thing they can take comfort in: Earnings.

You can't change the color of Facebook - it's a virus

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 07:45 AM PDT

A scam app claiming that it can change the color of your Facebook profile page actually loads malware onto your smartphone or computer.

Kim Kardashian's selfies coming soon in hardcover

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 07:15 AM PDT

If you feel like you just haven't seen enough of Kim Kardashian, then you're in luck: She's publishing a book of selfies called "Selfish."

Live in a multimillion-dollar home for $2,500

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 07:57 AM PDT

Read full story for latest details.

We Native Americans are 'poster children' for no Internet access

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 06:53 AM PDT

In the middle of an e-commerce boom, Fidel Bahe still has to sell his art the old-fashioned way.

Stocks: 3 things to know before the open

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 04:45 AM PDT

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BuzzFeed raises another $50 million to fund expansion

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 03:58 AM PDT

BuzzFeed just received another $50 million to help it become, in the words of one of the investors, "a preeminent media company."

GM loses bid to stop key recall lawsuit

Posted: 11 Aug 2014 06:27 AM PDT

A key lawsuit against General Motors over the automaker's fatally flawed ignition switches will be reopened.

Amazon price war: Both sides want you to email a CEO

Posted: 10 Aug 2014 12:06 PM PDT

Looking for some scintillating reading? Put down your e-book, and dig into the battle over how those books are priced.


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