Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What a shot! 35 sports photos

What a shot! 35 sports photos

What a shot! 35 sports photos

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 03:14 AM PDT

GOP, support black candidates

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:33 PM PDT

The GOP, if it really wants to woo black voters away from the Democrats, better support its black candidates

My son's in prison in Mexico

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 03:43 PM PDT

Jill Tahmooressi says she is outraged that more isn't being done to help her son, who is detained in Mexico.

'Felony murder' in hot car death

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:39 PM PDT

Danny Cevallos says charging the dad in the hot car death case with felony murder, predicated on child neglect, was a brilliant strategic move

Boehner should do his job

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:38 PM PDT

Sally Kohn says Obama has issued far fewer executive orders than past presidents. Boehner's threat is nonsense that wastes taxpayer money, distracts from GOP's failure to pass laws to help Americans

Send U.S. marshals to border

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:38 PM PDT

Ruben Navarrette says President Obama needs to send U.S. marshals to California where they can protect the women and children whom the federal government has sent out West for relocation processing.

Pope's apology still doesn't cut it

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:38 PM PDT

Heidi Schlumpf says Pope Francis's apology seems heartfelt and accepts responsibility, but he must go further with decisive actions to make amends with victims and other Catholics.

Sudan Christian woman headed to U.S.?

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:45 PM PDT

She was sentenced to die for her faith. But she may find sanctuary in a New England community 6,000 miles from Sudan.

Six Flags roller coaster derails

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 08:49 AM PDT

A roller coaster car dangled precariously from the track Monday evening at a Los Angeles-area amusement park.

NY legalizes medical marijuana

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 03:36 PM PDT

New York became the latest state to permit the use of medical marijuana on Monday.

Baby abandoned on New York subway platform, mother arrested

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 10:40 AM PDT

Police say they've arrested a 20-year-old homeless woman on suspicion of leaving her baby daughter in a stroller on a New York City subway platform this week.

See TV anchor read own wedding proposal

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:08 PM PDT

Texas TV anchor Alexa Williams was shocked when her boyfriend joined her on set to pop the question. KWES reports.

Six Flags roller coaster car derails, 4 injured

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 04:41 PM PDT

Americans love roller coasters -- until something goes wrong.

Forgotten vials of smallpox virus found

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:48 PM PDT

You never know what you're going to find in an unused storage room. Employees at the National Institutes of Health, for example, recently discovered some old vials of variola.

Officer removes snake found on a toilet

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 03:28 PM PDT

A female police officer comes to the rescue of a construction worker who found a snake lying on a toilet. WBRC has more.

Transgender women: DMV told us to remove makeup, called us 'it'

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 12:19 PM PDT

Two West Virginia transgender women claim that during their DMV visits they were called 'it' and asked to remove their makeup, hair and jewelry.

Director: Police 'in crisis' as sick-out grows

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 04:04 AM PDT

Police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, are sick -- sick of having their healthcare benefits cut.

NFL concussions settlement: Judge give preliminary approval

Posted: 08 Jul 2014 09:06 AM PDT

A federal judge approved Monday a preliminary settlement of $765 million in a class action lawsuit filed by thousands of former NFL players against the National Football League.


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