Saturday, July 19, 2014

The week in 32 photos

The week in 32 photos

The week in 32 photos

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 03:44 AM PDT

Rare mosquito-borne disease in U.S.

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 03:37 AM PDT

Chikungunya, a tropical disease with a funny name that packs a wallop like having your bones crushed, has taken up residence in the United States.

Jason Biggs stirs controversy over Malaysian Airlines tweet

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 04:24 AM PDT

For most of the day, Jason Biggs wasn't letting the Twitterverse judge whether his sarcastic quip about the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash was funny.

Cops: Couple stole $10k dinosaur replica

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 05:56 AM PDT

Police say they are looking for a couple who stole a dinosaur replica worth $10,000 from a North Carolina museum.

Wildfires drive residents from homes in Washington state and Canada

Posted: 18 Jul 2014 12:00 PM PDT

A spate of wildfires is driving hundreds of people from their homes in Washington state and across the border in Canada, officials said.


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