Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lawsuit politics

Lawsuit politics

Lawsuit politics

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 10:56 AM PDT

John King takes a look at Congress' to-do list at the Magic Wall and delves into the strategy behind suing the president.

Next week's headlines

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 10:57 AM PDT

From Obama's impeachment, to a possible Deval Patrick run in 2016; here's your political headlines for next week.

Tentative deal reached to fund fixes to VA health system

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 04:26 PM PDT

The chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees have reached a tentative agreement on a bill to reform the VA health system, aides to each of the men said Sunday, just days before Congress is scheduled to leave on its August recess.

Hillary Clinton: Putin 'bears responsibility' in downing of MH17

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 11:16 AM PDT

Russian President Vladimir Putin bears at least some responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.

How should Obama be handling multiple global crises?

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 11:17 AM PDT

How should Obama be handling multiple global escalations at once? Tom Rogan and Ellis Henican debate.

Red News Blue News: What would Reagan do?

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 11:13 AM PDT

A look at how the memory of Reagan has been used by the media in covering Pres. Obama's handling of the Ukraine crisis.

Poll: 33% say impeach Obama

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 11:00 AM PDT

A new CNN/ORC poll says that 33% of Americans believe President Obama should be impeached.

Christie tops new CNN GOP 2016 poll

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 10:56 AM PDT

John King looks at brand new CNN poll results that show who is currently in the lead for Republicans in 2016.


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