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Posted: 26 Jun 2014 09:29 AM PDT

Decatur Georgia.

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Harrisonburg Virginia storm

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 08:21 AM PDT

Storm moving across the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on Wednesday, June 25

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My #cnnireport story

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 06:05 AM PDT

Image submitted by @lferrerio
My beautiful daughter, Anicee, with Hillary Clinton in Denver on Monday. Anicee had surgery one week before to straighten/rod both arms but wanted to come out to meet Hillary at her book signing. Fantastic day.

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Unexpected shower in Yerevan

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 02:11 PM PDT

June.25th at 9 pm local time. Heavy rain suddenly trapped people at Yerevan, Armenia unexpectedly.

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The Hobbit Hutch: a Very Tiny House

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 02:05 PM PDT

I have always loved tiny spaces. When the tiny house movement took off a few years ago, I was determined to build one.

So for my first venture, I built a tiny vardo/caravan.

It's 56 sq. ft. with a 20 sq. ft. front porch.

I built it on a Tractor Supply Trailer so it's portable. It's completely insulated with a bed, slide out dining table, tiny refrigerator, tiny microwave, a faux wood stove and a 5000 btu air conditioner along with other amenities.

It has a dutch door on the front with a tiny round window and jalousie windows on either side of the bed. Also, there's a transom window above the bed for plenty of light. A tiny operable window over the kitchen sink.

Right now it serves as a writing studio for my wife and I and a guest house for friends and family.

We store a porta potty under the bed and I plan to put a hanging outdoor propane shower on the front porch, along with privacy curtains.

It was quite the fun project. My wife was in charge of the decorating. She purchased a child's chandelier to hang over the dining table.

The Hobbit Hutch has generated much interest and has been written about in publications from Australia to Kazakistan. It has been written about at;;; and other websites.

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Summer Skies at Skyline Drive

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 01:49 PM PDT

Skyline Drive is a 105-mile road that runs the entire length of the National Park Service's Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, generally along the ridge of the mountains. Here are some summer sky photos I captured along the many spectacular overlooks. Absolutely beautiful views!

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A Winter's Day Hike in Cappadocia

Posted: 25 Jun 2014 10:33 AM PDT

The first time I visited the Cappadocia region of Turkey was in the summer of 2008. On that visit, I met some locals who invited me back. In the December of 2008, I decided to take them up on their offer and spent a week staying with them in the small village of Göreme .

On a cold, blustery winter's day, my friend Şahin suggested we go on a hike through Güvercinlik (Pigeon) Valley. It's a 4km trail between the villages of Göreme and Uçhisar and a very easy and enjoyable walk but with skies threatening, I thought he was crazy to want to go out. But, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that going on winter's day walk in Cappadocia, with a local resident, was not something that I would likely get to do again so I finally agreed to go.

Şahin packed food for a picnic lunch and along with his friend, Ersin, we set out. It really was not exactly a picture perfect day for a hike - it was cold and blustery and there was the occasional drizzle. But, one look at the surreal landscape that is unique to Cappadocia and I was completely let go of any discomfort I might have had.

With every step, there were spectacular views of the fairy chimneys, natural cliffs, hand hewned dovecotes, caves and even a few tunnels carved into the rock. The trees had long lost their leaves, making the strange looking white rocks stand out even more against the sky. Occasionally, we would stop just to take in a vista. For treats, we picked wild grapes, which were as sweet as sugar. Berries, naturally dried on bushes, also helped tie us over until our picnic lunch.

By the time we made it to the end of the trail, it was late afternoon. The sun was already beginning to set. I don't know what it is about the winter sky but the colors were so intense - shades of deep pink, orange and red. At times, it looked like the hills were on fire. As day gave way to night, the temperatures dropped. We sought shelter in a cave as we waited for our ride to come pick us up. Seeing the landscape and the lights of the villages in the distance was just magical.

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