Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kathy Griffin at the 2014 Daytime Emmys

Kathy Griffin at the 2014 Daytime Emmys

Kathy Griffin at the 2014 Daytime Emmys

Posted: 24 Jun 2014 09:25 AM PDT

Host of the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys, Kathy Griffin, describes who she'd play if she were on a soap opera.

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2014 Daytime Emmys

Posted: 24 Jun 2014 01:07 AM PDT

Highlights from the 2014 Daytime Emmys

Giuliana Rancic

Wayne Brady

Monty Hall

Winner Amelia Heinle (Supporting Actress- The Young and the Restless) and Cameron Mathison (Entertainment Tonight)

Eric Martsolf (Lead Actor- Days of Our Lives)

Hunter King (Younger Actress- The Young and the Restless)

Katherine Kelly Lang, Hillary B Smith, Crystal Chappell, Christa Morris (New Approaches, Drama- Venice the Series)

Outstanding Drama (The Young and the Restless)

Billy Miller (Lead Actor- The Young and the Restless)

Eileen Davidson (Lead Actress- Days of Our Lives)

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2014 Daytime Creative Arts Emmys

Posted: 24 Jun 2014 12:43 AM PDT

Highlights from the 2014 Daytime Creative Arts Entertainment Emmys.


Ashley Tisdale


Soleil Moon Frye


Heather Tom (The Young and the Restless)


Fresh Beat Band


June Lockhart (Lassie)


Outstanding Original Song Winner- Denyse Tontz (All My Children)


Freddie Smith and Guy Wilson (Days of Our Lives)


Leeza Gibbons


Lifetime Achievement Winner- Travel Host Joseph Rosendo (Travelscope)


Special Class Short Format Daytime Program Winner- Lauralee Bell (mI Promise)

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Dramatic Summer Storm Front Captured

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:53 PM PDT

As severe weather rumbles through the Midwestern summer, sometimes nature's dramatic beauty can display its grandeur without the danger of thunder, lighting, and high winds. The key to capturing these scenes is to always have a camera handy. This sequence of a storm front moving through the area was taken while walking our dog on a remote country road. The panorama is especially spectacular. While I typically use a high quality DSLR, these images were taken with an Apple iPhone 5. The results- a truly impressive summer sky in western Wisconsin. Just remember to always have a camera ready.

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Celebrando el triunfo de la Seleccion mexicana

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 08:53 PM PDT

Celebrando el triunfo de la Seleccion Mexicana Santiago mi Sobrino desde Australia con una fuerte Alegria y entusiasmo por que gano el Partido de Mexico y Australia 3 goles de mexico contra 1 de Croacia santiago es futbolista aficionado no profesional el desde Australia celebro este triunfo gracias Larena iReport for CNN

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Stop Denying My History

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 02:12 PM PDT

I must say I found the article "Why I'm tired of hearing about civil rights" by John Blake to be rather disturbing. I was reminded of the quote by Zora Neale Hurston "If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it". I found the article to be particularly patronizing at a time when many of the gains of the civil rights movement are eroding before our very eyes.

I do think this denial (perhaps refusal) of examining history to be a balm for those who are guilty of certain behaviors and who have historically and currently benefit and are comforted from our silence. For example, slavery. Many feel ashamed of something we have Nothing to be ashamed of. We did nothing wrong, we were stolen and put in the worst possible situation. We survived it all and although the struggle continues, we can say Never treated humans the way we were treated. We survived, and dare I say - thrived. Even to the point of obtaining the highest office in the land. The response to this achievement: public schools closing, voting rights restricted and aid to the poor cut during one of the most economically challenging periods since the great depression. Yet, Mr. Blake seems to be saying 'don't look at how we conquered this problem in the past'? I do agree that the way history is portrayed is often skewed to help the oppressors feel less guilt. Always emphasis on the help of a few whites, and not enough emphasis on the tenacity and brilliance of the many, many, unnamed who endured it all. Not enough emphasis of the courage of those who were murdered and missing. Not enough emphasis on the land stolen, economic disparity, and blatant racism that occurred then and now.

Another example is with the phrase "victims of racism". We don't want to call ourselves 'victims' because it makes people feel week and powerless. But it also acknowledges that someone is behind what is happening. It points to 'of whom' and 'what." And many times, we are victorious.

It is no accident that history (a whitewashed version) is taught in school from elementary through high school. Most colleges and universities have a requirement of history classes. It is very important for a person to understand what has happened. It is very empowering to know what those who came before have accomplished. And Mr. Blake finds this aspect of our history boring and suggests we should not talk about it? I find this appalling from an educated person. Perhaps we are dealing with a case of self hate? Internalized white supremacy? I'm not sure but I find his perspective to be dangerous, damaging and a hugh step in the wrong direction.

Even if Mr. Blake felt the need to walk out of civil rights meetings and songs, is that a reason to put down those who stayed? I still feel a bit sad that no one remembers the Negro National Anthem "Lift Every Voice and Sing" which acknowledges beautifully the struggles in the past and encourages hope for the future. The lyrics are timeless. (review them on google)

I'm just a bit weary of worrying so much about the feelings of others. And racism only seems to be getting worse, as we stuff ourselves down to get along. The civil rights movement and it's success should be a source of great pride. We went from being silently lynched, kept in menial jobs, etc… to a better day. Yes, there are still many problems: jobs remain a problem, fair treatment, drugs and guns allowed in our community, but the biggest problem seem to be our acceptance of it all without a wimper of resistance, or even an acknowledgement of how these problems came into existence. (Nod toward COINTELPRO)

So #1 The phrase "It's a Black thing" was about our hair and our humor. It was never about civil rights.

#2 - Talking about race - Mr.Blake's aunt should have just owned her history, apologized and admitted she was wrong and that maybe she has grown since that time.

#3 It belongs in the past - well, the past is repeating itself. We are 1/2 step away from lynching and black codes with the Travons, Jordan Davis, voting rights being repealed, and racial profiling. You cannot repair past wrongs and keep them from repeating if they are not acknowledged. People will not know about Dr. King's radical side if all of the civil rights movement is relegated to 'let the past, be past'.

Also, John Blake had no problem with the civil rights when he was writing his book about it. Why put it down now? This seems very hypocritical.

Sorry to go on and on, (and I could say more) but this article left me feeling some kinda way.

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Storm Cell Over the Beach

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 01:08 PM PDT

A storm cell was moving over the ocean in Hobe Sound Florida last night so I ran home and got my camera just in time to catch a few bolts.

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"Land Of Oz" 1970's forgotten theme park

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 12:51 PM PDT

Another stop on our travels; "Land Of Oz" 1970's abandoned theme park that was built 1970 and shut down 1980. It's 5,000 feet above sea level in the higest town on the east coast, Banner Elk. It only now opens once a year in October for a fall festival. We were lucky to sneak in and get some cool shots. The ride up this mountain is "magical" in itself. Truly the perfect setting for a magical forest. Very cool experience. Very sureal place and mountain.

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Hillary's overwhelming support by women

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 12:24 PM PDT

Hillary's book tour in Kansas City seemed like a revival.  About 20% of the audience was men, and about 20% seemed to be Republican women who talked about canceling their husbands' votes this time.

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How I Conquered Turning 30 In The Rain On The Appalachian Trail.

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 11:59 AM PDT

My 30th birthday started off as a foggy rainy hot mess.


A few days prior I was crawling out of my skin with excitement to hike into the Grayson Highlands area of the appalachian trail with my family by my side.


I heard the stories that it was one of the "best kept secrets" of the United States and Virginia. Pretty big statement and as soon as I heard this area was riddled with wild ponies that was enough for me to believe it was going to be nothing short of sensational.


I love animals and have always had a huge passion and soft spot for horses. As a teenager I won multiple awards for my English ridding skills with my fearless palomino, butterscotch.


The thought of me frolicking with them in there element, in majestic mountains, on a bright and sunny day while hiking the appalachian trail with my family could not make for a better way to bring in 30!!


However, life and mother nature had other plans for how June 12th would be!


As we awoke that morning it was foggy, muggy, and raining. My husband always says he never sees me move faster then in the rain. I think I was some sort of cat in my past life. I love the rain but from covered areas where I can stay dry and admire it, ha!


I was so bummed and annoyed.


Did mother nature not get the memo that for my 30th birthday I was suppose to be frolicking in the sunshine with the f'ing ponies on the A.T.!!! Not hiking on this dreary dark day (pictured below). This was not what I had envisioned, clearly.


Most of the morning we were hiking with our ponchos in the pouring rain until we found some relief under an enclosed map area along the trail. My daughter and husband were still all smiles (pictured below) making the best of it all and enjoying the adventure!


I think mostly to make me smile on my birthday. I have the best husband and kid ever.


So, where am I going with all this?


What is the point here Jess? To complain about what a crappy birthday you had?


My point is life is all about perspective.


As we sat under this enclosure and I saw my daughter and husband still smiling I thought to myself, how dare I be annoyed that it was raining. How selfish!


I am alive.


I was given the gift to make it to 30. A gift too many are robbed of so young.


I am doing something I love with my two favorite people in the world.


Yet, here I am pissed off that its raining and making the day not enjoyable to hike and cover ground to get to the peaks where the ponies are. And even if we did get to the high peaks the ponies would not be out grazing. They would be somewhere seeking shelter from the storms.


I was furious this day was not what I was envisioning it to be.


Everyone is human and its ok to get mad, pissed off, disappointed, and emotional. But I had two choices as we sat under that enclosure…


1. Let those emotions win, and totally ruin my entire day.




2. Suck it up and see the beauty in the rain and make the best of it!!


I decided to go with option number 2. Being miserable was just selfish and ridiculous when I put it into perspective for myself.


I thought about one of my favorite quotes I refer to when I am feeling down, or struggling, with something in life.


I actually have it tattooed on my right shoulder so that at exact moments like this one its an eye-opening smack in the face to suck it up, and be grateful.


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning to dance in the rain."


To appriciate that the rain replenishes the mountains. It feeds the springs that provide water for these majestical wild ponies to thrive out here. I changed my perspective and it changed how the rest of my day went.


No, the universe and "positive thinking" did not magically part the skies and BAM, the rain was gone. It poured all day and so, we made the best of it.


My point to this post is that while you may be envisioning one thing life might have a different plan.


Life always seems to have a different plan for you at the most inconvenient times. But the older I get the more I realize that we can either let that make us miserable or we can learn to roll with life's punches.


How we react to life coming at us is up to us entirely.


WE choose to let it make us unhappy or we can choose to throw a hissy fit for a minute, and release that energy and emotions. Then put our big girl panties on and make the most of that situation. That is just life!


We decided to hike back to the car after that and we had an amazing delicious dinner that night. We found an incredible Mexican restaurant that sat right on the roaring river while it poured.


We ate delicious food.


We laughed.


We celebrated my birthday.


We got more rain gear in town and explored.


and the next day we restarted with full bellies and a gorgeous sunshine filled day. Mother nature was in our favor. We were fortunate to be able to frolic and come across more then 20 wild ponies that were out grazing in the fields.


It was absolutely magical. It was everything I had envisioned and then some. While it might not have been on June 12th (the exact day of my birthday) it was one of the best birthdays I have ever had. Rain and all.


The next couple of days I took selfies with the majestical wild ponies of the Grayson Highlands….


We were able to do plenty of frolicking with them as well as admire them…


We were even trusted enough to give kisses to some of the mothers foal's….


We were able to conquer this section of the trail as a family to the top of the highest peak in Virginia, Mount Rogers (5,729 feet above sea level).


Grayson Highlands Appalachian trail


About 750 million years ago volcanos erupted here and Mount Rogers, one of these old volcanos is the only remaining evidence of this event in history.


Mount Rogers forest type is incredibly rare and only found in five other locations in the United States. As you enter it is covered in red spruce and fraiser fur trees that tower above you as well as dead ones scattered on the ground covered in new life, moss (pictured below).


It actually has no "views" at the top of Mount Rogers. Just this geodetic survey disk pictured below.


The journey and hike to the top of Mount Rogers is where all the stunning views are actually seen.


People would easily pay hundreds of dollars a night for the views we woke up to while backpacking the Grayson Highlands section of the Appalachian trail.


These breathtaking views are only accessible by foot for the few adventures willing to backpack it. This image of one of our campsites truly does the view no justice.


So, even though the actual day of my birthday was not what I envisoned the couple of days to follow were more then even I could have ever dreamt up.


This area has by far been my absolutely favorite part the of the Appalachian trail. It is absolutely one of the best kept secrets in America. Not only that but it taught me a few different lessons.


A few lessons that I quickly applied on the next section of the A.T. while having a full on panic attack as I was convinced a bear was sniffing at my tent in the middle of the night. Longest night of my life, but that is for the next post.


Much Love,



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Apoyando a la Seleccion Mexicana desde cancun

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 11:47 AM PDT

Apoyando a la Seleccion Mexicana desde cancun para el Partido de hoy de mexico y Croacia vamos mexico a ganar,
Gracias Larena iReport for CNN

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The Wild Ponies Of Grayson Highlands

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 11:44 AM PDT

Pictured is one of the stallions of the wild ponies herd that roam the Grayson Highlands area of the Appalachian trail.

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A beautiful sunset in Philippines

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 06:29 AM PDT

In Panglao Island, Philippines, one can see a lovely sunset on Alona Beach.

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Sinkhole in Omaha

Posted: 23 Jun 2014 02:40 AM PDT

A 15ish foot sinkhole opened up in Omaha. A woman driving her car crashed into it. This is the aftermath (in the dark).

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Quiet Night Over Budapest

Posted: 22 Jun 2014 08:54 AM PDT

I captured the cityscape of Budapest at dusk, from a viewpoint on Castle Hill overlooking the Danube River, with the Chain Bridge, St. Stephen's Basilica and The Hungarian Parliament Building all in view

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Cheering fans celebrate Iran National Football Team's' stunning performance in front of Argentina

Posted: 22 Jun 2014 05:38 AM PDT

Argentina's Messi, and ref, defeat Iran in World Cup...


___________________ By Masoud Karian, I.R.I.B. ___________________


*Jubilant Iranian fans poured into the streets of the Iranian capital Tehran and other Iranian cites and towns to celebrate Iran's brilliant performance in front of Argentina with its tight defensive wall.


*Messi rescued Argentina from a dubious result, scoring the winner in  injury time to earn La Albiceleste a 1-0 victory over an inspired  Iranian side on Saturday at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.


In a tense, grinding match, the two-time World Cup champion, Argentina, beat Iran's national football team 1-0 despite Iran's 90-minute resistance against the South Americans in a group F match, but superb Iran's performance was enough for Iranian fans to celebrate the game.


To much surprise the Serbian referee overlooked the ArgentinesĖˆ tackle in the box which brought down Iran's Ashkan Dejagah.



________________________ Tehran, I.R.I.B. ________________________

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