Friday, May 9, 2014

Raise your son to be a mama's boy

Raise your son to be a mama's boy

Raise your son to be a mama's boy

Posted: 09 May 2014 07:46 AM PDT

Peggy Drexler says studies find that men who had close relationships with their mothers are more patient, adaptable and flexible

Borger: Dems mistake on Benghazi

Posted: 08 May 2014 05:39 PM PDT

No doubt about it, Republicans have latched on to a red hot potato when it comes to the controversy of who-did-what-when in Benghazi.

Cassette tape could hold 47M songs

Posted: 08 May 2014 11:48 AM PDT

Forget the cloud, and rework your mental image of those mysterious data centers. Sony has reinvented a tool for storing a mind-numbing amount of data:

David Benham: Gay 'agenda' demands silence

Posted: 09 May 2014 09:01 AM PDT

The brothers lost their HGTV show after a website published a post labeling David Benham as an "anti-gay, anti-choice extremist." But the brothers say their beef isn't with the network.

Did Nigeria know girls were targets?

Posted: 09 May 2014 11:19 AM PDT

The seven officials, who arrive Friday, will join advisers supporting local efforts to find the hundreds of girls abducted over three weeks ago, a Pentagon official says.

N. K. insults Obama with racist barbs

Posted: 09 May 2014 04:35 AM PDT

Vitriolic insults hurled by North Korea's state-run media are so frequent that they're usually not news.

Secret weapon of China's air force

Posted: 08 May 2014 11:10 PM PDT

The Chinese air force have a new secret weapon: monkeys.

Will Dems boycott Benghazi panel?

Posted: 09 May 2014 09:28 AM PDT

House Democrats remained undecided Friday on whether they would join a select committee created by majority Republicans to investigate the Benghazi terror attack.

Surprise! Soldier dad is her pitcher

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:52 AM PDT

A soldier surprised his young daughter at her softball game. WJXT reports.

Did you do 'it' on your wedding night?

Posted: 09 May 2014 06:30 AM PDT

Is the wedding night really all it's cracked up to be? Turns out that for many couples, there's more passing out than passion.

Willow Smith's bed pic under fire

Posted: 09 May 2014 09:42 AM PDT

Willow Smith, daughter of actor Will Smith, faces criticism over a photo where she is laying in bed with a shirtless man.

Why millennials are dumping religion

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:27 AM PDT

Morgan Spurlock explores religion and millennials' growing trend toward atheism. For more, tune in Sunday, 10pm EST.

Putin takes victory lap in Crimea

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:47 AM PDT

It's Putin's first visit to the disputed territory since Russia annexed it from Ukraine. He was flanked by senior officers as Russian warships took part in a naval display in the Black Sea.

Rare megamouth shark caught

Posted: 08 May 2014 06:46 PM PDT

A museum in Japan is putting a rare megamouth shark on display.

Sterling's possible excuse: I wanted sex

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:43 AM PDT

In a yet another alleged Donald Sterling audio recording, the Los Angeles Clippers owner purportedly explains why he infamously told a woman not to bring black people to his games: He was jealous that she was with black men.

Tax trouble for Sterling's friend?

Posted: 09 May 2014 10:53 AM PDT

Rosa Flores asks whether V. Stiviano broke tax laws when she says she got money "off the books" from Clippers owner.

Marine held in Mexico: Please help me

Posted: 09 May 2014 10:22 AM PDT

For more than a month, a U.S. Marine and Afghanistan war veteran has been held in a Tijuana, Mexico, prison, fighting for his release after being charged with a crime he says he did not commit.

Navy pays a penny to get rid of carrier

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:21 AM PDT

For the second time in two years, the U.S. Navy is parting with one of its aircraft carriers for a penny.

Obama: 'Screwed up' my speech

Posted: 09 May 2014 09:47 AM PDT

President Obama jokingly addresses a heckler during the end of his speech at a DNC fundraiser in California.

Defector saw Kim Jong Il as 'divine'

Posted: 09 May 2014 07:28 AM PDT

Jang Jin-Sung, a North Korea insider-turned-defector who knew Kim Jong Il, describes meeting the dictator.

VA clerk: We were 'cooking the books'

Posted: 09 May 2014 05:00 AM PDT

A clerk says they hid information showing some veterans had to wait weeks, if not months, for appointments at the San Antonio VA clinic.

Neil Patrick Harris flaunts 'crazy' body

Posted: 09 May 2014 04:07 AM PDT

Neil Patrick Harris worked too hard at getting lean to let his physique stay clothed.

The week in 25 photos

Posted: 09 May 2014 10:37 AM PDT

From a devastating landslide in Afghanistan to a tornado in Colorado to elections in South Africa, get a view of the world that you won't find anywhere else.

Most popular baby names of 2013 are ...

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:22 AM PDT

Michael and Jacob, your reign has ended. Noah was the most popular name for boys in 2013, the Social Security Administration reports. Sophia tops the list for girls.

Teen hoopster is 7'5" (Shaq is 7'1")

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:33 AM PDT

Meet 7-foot, 5-inch Elhadji Tacko Fall, the tallest high school basketball player in the country.

Break it up! The best of on-air brawls

Posted: 09 May 2014 03:39 AM PDT

Talk shows gone wild ... check out the best brawls. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on when furniture goes flying.

'Alien' DNA used to create life

Posted: 09 May 2014 11:05 AM PDT

Scientists have shown it is possible to alter DNA's alphabet and still have a living organism that passes on the genetic information.

Celebrities battle cancer

Posted: 09 May 2014 05:50 AM PDT

Shape Magazine told me to cover up

Posted: 08 May 2014 05:08 PM PDT

An Illinois woman lost over 170 pounds, but says Shape Magazine asked her to submit a photo with her stomach covered.

Kittens or puppies? Web gets super-cute

Posted: 09 May 2014 05:55 AM PDT

Is there such a thing as too much cute? The internet says no. You're Welcome. For more, go to

American odyssey: 50 states in 31 years

Posted: 09 May 2014 07:53 AM PDT

When my airplane touched down in Birmingham, Alabama, I could not stop grinning.

Jennifer Lawrence on fame

Posted: 09 May 2014 04:13 AM PDT

Going to the Academy Awards has been dangerous for Jennifer Lawrence.

'Little House': Where are they now?

Posted: 09 May 2014 08:54 AM PDT

The week in 25 photos

Posted: 09 May 2014 10:37 AM PDT

From a devastating landslide in Afghanistan to a tornado in Colorado to elections in South Africa, get a view of the world that you won't find anywhere else.

U.S. Marine held in Mexican prison

Posted: 09 May 2014 07:00 AM PDT

For more than a month, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in a Tijuana, Mexico, prison, charged with a crime he says he didn't commit.

'Anti-gay' remarks cost twins a TV show

Posted: 08 May 2014 10:06 PM PDT

Twin brothers David and Jason Benham have lost their opportunity to host their own HGTV show. The brothers ran afoul of the network after a post about the pair, labeling David Benham as an "anti-gay, anti-choice extremist."

The top 10 picks

Posted: 09 May 2014 10:13 AM PDT

Abducted girls

Posted: 09 May 2014 04:13 AM PDT

U.S. military officials are expected to arrive in Nigeria on Friday to help in the search for hundreds of girls kidnapped by Islamist militants, the Pentagon said.


Posted: 09 May 2014 07:00 AM PDT

Crowds packed the streets of Moscow and the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Friday for Victory Day parades in an annual show of nationalistic fervor heightened by Russia's recent annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.


Posted: 09 May 2014 02:16 AM PDT

The Chinese air force has a new secret weapon: monkeys.

North Korea

Posted: 09 May 2014 02:45 AM PDT

Call them drones; call them toy airplanes with digital cameras shoved into their entrails.

The week in 25 photos

Posted: 09 May 2014 03:41 AM PDT


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