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Lechería: quema de judas

Lechería: quema de judas

Lechería: quema de judas

Posted: 21 Apr 2014 08:19 AM PDT

Domingo 20 de abril, en Lechería, Estado Anzoátegui.

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Scenes from Denver's 420 celebration

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 11:44 PM PDT

A green cloud descended on the park.
The crowd shuffled and smoked and meandered
and smoked and shuffled and smoked

Old heads and young blood
tough guys and hippies
girls of all shapes and sizes

guys too
dogs too
and every once in a while you might see a baby in a stroller

guys and dogs and babies of all shapes and sizes

a constant scent of weed in the air
every one here has cotton mouth

unmanned drones scan the crowd from above
security guards on tall scaffolding
armed to the teeth
helicopters frequently circle the park
fences circle the park
cops circle the park

deviance and good Samaritan-ism
face to face

the hall monitors vs the kids from detention
the free spirits vs the straight and narrows

Over the Public address system a man says: "You are standing on some of the freest soil in America right now"

He said it from behind a riot fence and a wall of bullet proof glass
with a fence holding all the freedom lovers in one area
subject to searches on the way in AND out

it feels like they are laughing at us

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Marijuana smokers collectively exhale in Denver

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 09:36 PM PDT

The smoke cloud that covers Civic Center Park every year at 4:20 on 4/20.

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Bonnets and Costumes on 5th Avenue

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 06:58 PM PDT

The annual Easter Parade/Stroll took place on 5th Avenue Sunday April 20th with very colorful and creative hats and costumes. Adults, children and even pets took part in this festive gathering.

Rockefeller Center was filled with all the decorated large eggs from the Faberge "The Big Egg Hunt NY". These eggs were decorated by leading artists and designer to benefit two charities-Studio in a School and Elephant Family from the sale of the eggs.

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Al Gore at my Coffee Shop

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 05:28 PM PDT

It was 9am and I was working on a new project I'm doing called "Everyone Has a Story" at my local coffee shop when all of a sudden, Al Gore and his daughter's wedding partied showed up. And, before we knew it, they were getting married under the Torrey Pine on the Lucky Llama coffee house's property.

I got out my iPhone and videotaped the wedding for a new project I'm doing for the public libraries called "Everyone Has a Story".

You are welcome to post the link on your website. The video is at

Sarah Gore and Patrick Maiani, a Santa Barbara real estate agent, made a wonderful bridal couple.

For your information, I was working on Everyone Has a Story. It is a new free program to videotape stories from everyday people. The stories will range from family memories, to professional experiences, to involvement in local and world events. Everyone Has a Story ("Story") uses readily available new technology in laptops and smartphones to record video stories and upload them instantly to online archives. Public libraries are the intended ultimate repository of the stories. You can find more information about this project at

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NYC Easter Parade

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 05:00 PM PDT

A few moments on NYC's 5th Avenue. Easter Parade 2014.

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"Train the Human" -- Snorkeling with Galapagos Sea Lions

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 04:31 PM PDT

"Train the Human"


On our first date back in October of 2009, I ask Angela, "If there was a special place in the world that you would want to see, explore and experience, where would it be?" Without hesitation, she said, "The Galapagos Islands".


Well, I stored that little tidbit of information away and when it came time to plan our honeymoon (we were just married in May of 2013), knowing that both of us are very adventurous explorers of the world and that neither of us had yet been to The Galapagos Islands, it was the perfect choice. Ten days on the 100-foot "Ocean Spray" catamaran with only 14 other guests, discovering the wondrous mysteries of the lands that Charles Darwin explored for his book, "The Origin of the Species".


After spending two days celebrating in Quito, Ecuador, we boarded our flight to the Galapagos on June 8, 2013. Only an hour after getting settled on our ship, we pulled into a cove on the northern edge of the Island of San Cristobal and it was time for our first snorkel of the trip.


Ironically, just days before we left on this journey of a lifetime, I had purchased a new GoPro Hero 3 camera and had literally never used one or had any experience with how it worked. But no time to let a little lack of experience using a new video camera stop me from diving right in, pushing the start button, pointing a camera with no view finder into unknown waters. As a professional photographer, it was very strange to be taking video with no idea what I might be getting.


But very soon after getting comfortable in the water that was a bit cold (approximately 70 deg. F or 21 deg. C), the fabulous show began. At first just a few Galapagos sea lions would swim by, but after awhile, it was a full on playground for 10 or 12 sea lions.


The original goal was to just capture some unique video of underwater life with my new camera, but we were quickly transformed into a world where the sea lions rule and we human's are just another plaything.


We had been told that the sea lions would be curious and potentially engage us in some of their games. Sometimes the sea lions would mimic your movements underwater by spinning, turning and diving right next to you.


Little did we know that one of their favorite games would be "train the human". At approximately 1:35 and again at 3:40 into the video, you might notice one of the sea lions with what appears to be an orange ball in it's mouth. That is actually a sea urchin and it became the "ball" that they would eventually be dropped in front of Angela (the snorkeler with the pink striped wetsuit, pink fins, pink mask and pink gloves) and hope that she would dive down to "catch & retrieve the ball". Due to the extra buoyancy with a full wetsuit, it was a difficult task to dive very deep to "play the game", but never the less, the sea lions would dive down, retrieve the "ball" and bring it back to Angela for another try.


Ultimately, as many as ten sea lions joined in the playful exchange with Angela. It was one of those surreal moments in life that would have only been a memory had I not taken the chance to experiment with a new video camera.


When ask how she would describe the experience, Angela said, "Simply magical...!!!"


All video images were taken by Doug Mackenzie, Owner of Mackenzie Images --
Twitter: @mackenzieimages
You Tube Channel:

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Easter Sunday on Sabuaga Festival in Sto.Tomas

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 10:53 AM PDT

The festival the town of Sto. Tomas, Pampanga's celebration of Easter Sunday. All the barrios of the town perform dances full of production design and costumes that represents their own unique material culture. IT is attended by thousands of spectators coming from different places.

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A Unique Easter Tradition in the Cyclades Island of Paros

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 08:31 AM PDT

There are many reasons to love the holiday of Easter. Here is mine: while Christmas nowadays is more or less the same everywhere - a truly globalized event, celebrated from Alaska to Zimbabwe with decorated pine trees, Silent Night and a jolly fat man in red pyjamas - Easter has managed to preserve its diversity, its many ancient faces and flavours. The Philippines have their flagellants, Seville has its local chapel of the Ku-Klux Clan, while the Brits merrily roll Easter eggs down the hill, and there is only a small risk that you could mistake one country's tradition for the others'. On Easter, you always know where you are.

On the Cycladic island of Paros, Lent culminates in a series of Byzantine tableaux vivants, a Good Friday tradition in the village of Marpissa in Paros.

One night every year, half the island crowd into Marpissa's narrow lanes to look at a series of tableaux vivants where local villagers take up the poses of the characters in famous Byzantine icons, a sort of Greek Oberammergau without action, words or straggly beards.

There are 17 such tableaux every year, scattered throughout Marpissa's village centre, and the procession - featuring local islanders as well as visitors from mainland Greece and all over the world - starts at the main church after the Good Friday service at around 10 p.m.

The stations of the procession resemble an extended way of the cross, building up from Jesus's entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, via the Last Supper, and the moment where Pontius Pilate delivers the judgement demanded by the mob, to the lamentation and descent from the cross.

The "actors", all volunteers from the village and neighbouring towns, have to hold their poses for at least one hour (depending on the length of the procession), rain or shine. Or blow, one might add, with reference to the blustery northerly wind which made the conditions on the Friday we saw it much more unfriendly than you would expect them to be at such southern latitudes in late April.

Only once in living memory, on a particularly cold and wet night a few years ago, did the organizers consider to call the whole thing off, but even then, they ultimately decided to go ahead and let all participants brace the rain.

The biggest mishap our knowledgeable and charming guide Christina Fokianou- until last year a regular member of the cast herself - could remember was the time when an overexcited donkey refused to carry Jesus into Jerusalem and opted instead to run off into the night, to much hilarity presumably, Good Friday or not. (It seems that they do not know their W.C. Fields in Marpissa - otherwise they might have remembered that it is never a good idea to share a stage with children and animals, not even for Jesus Christ.)

Marpissa's Good Friday celebrations go back to a village school tradition: about a hundred years ago, a school teacher thought that it would be a good idea to involve children at an early age into the preparations for the holiest day of the year. Even today, many children and, perhaps even more surprisingly, many people in their teens and twenties are actively involved in the festivities.

After the procession is over, at around midnight, the local youths then assemble in the bars and nightclubs of the near-by coastal resorts to celebrate Easter their own way - the modern part of an old tradition.

(*The Cyclades, found between Athens and Crete, is the biggest group of Greek Islands of which Paros is the 3rd largest. In antiquity, it was considered part of the Athenian empire and later of the Venetian empire. Nowadays, it is the favourite destination for those seeking a quiet beachside holiday. Paros, Ios and Milos are three of the favoured Cycladic islands. Find out more about the Cyclades Islands in my blog

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Thousands attend Easter Services at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 08:23 AM PDT

This Easter marks the 67th time Red Rocks Amphitheater has hosted a sunrise service. Here is what it looked like.

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Easter Celebration - Jaffa Gate - Jerusalem

Posted: 20 Apr 2014 01:55 AM PDT

The Latin Patriarchate parade at the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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my son

Posted: 19 Apr 2014 08:11 AM PDT

william beaudry my son is deploying to cuba for a year next month. i will miss him so much

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Star Trek: Generations Q&A Screening with Malcolm McDowell and Michael Dorn

Posted: 18 Apr 2014 09:49 AM PDT

Malcolm McDowell's voice and animated gestures captured my attention. It was if someone told McDowell he had to present a show so people in the cheap seats could enjoy it too. Lt. Commander Worf, Michael Dorn was the special guest moderator and managed to get some words in between McDowell's performance.

Tonight was the end of the series for "The Malcolm McDowell Series of Q&A Screenings" presented by Prospect Entertainment with Glendale Arts in Glendale, California. Nichelle Nichols known as officer Lieutenant Uhura also came to support her Star Trek alumni.

As I review the evening, I realize these words on the page, don't capture Malcolm's timing or performance, which can truly only be seen or heard.

"Star Trek for me was a just pleasant thing to do and then I never thought about it again... I'm not the kind of actor that looks back anyway to say which is always your favorite part, because it's always the next one, because what's the point...I'm not the kind of an actor that sits around looking at his old movies, although God I've made some good ones." Malcom McDowell

"The whole experience for me was it was amazing that we were actually doing a movie 5 months after we finished the series. We finished the series in 1994 and they started the movie that was unheard of. I've always love the character, I've always loved working so I was thanking everybody" shared Michael Dorn.

"He's a phenomenal actor and I've always enjoyed his company and always had a great laugh with him. Of course, I have to set him up... He's too serious, otherwise he's hilarious. I'm on this mountain and I'm sitting in my chair listening to Bill Shatner reciting some sonnets, Shakespeare which was something not to be believe ruffling Patrick who was on the phone with his agent about his figure, his action figure and really complaining...that he looked like a real sourpuss because his mouth was down and he wanted it to go up...that was the kind of conversation I was placed in as I sat on this bloody mountain, the Valley of Fire between these two icons but I'm going to tell you there was one point where Shatner had hold of this arm and Pickard had hold of this arm...and I suddenly said STOP! If only your fans could see you now."

A note was brought to Michael Dorn, from Bill Shatner to Malcolm. Dorn read it to the audience, "I first knew Malcolm from Clockwork Orange indeed I was reminded of him during a recent eye examination when they rolled my eyelids up to do something or other and I thought Malcolm McDowell... then I got to see his elfin face when we did our movie together, it was then unlined and his hair was dark, time passes. Things changed for both of us, his face gets lined and mine gets round I spent some special moments with Malcolm during the filming of Generations and consider him a true buddy, especially if he goes to a movie theatre near him on April 24th to see the film of my one man show."

Malcolm took the note from Michael and continued reading Bill Shatner's note, "I love Malcolm; tell him if he needs any publicity I'll work with him."

Malcolm then turned to the audience, held up the note and intimated, "I'm going to frame this and hang it in my loo."

"I wouldn't have thought seriously that Star Trek would have been in one of my top 3 movies of all time, but why not, it's a terrific movie." revealed Malcolm just before leading into the movie. He had only seen the movie once before and stayed to watch "Star Trek: Generations" a 35 mm film on screen released in 1994

The one quote from Malcolm that lives on as he slowly paused, "Time is the fire in which we burn."

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