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Posted: 24 Apr 2014 05:54 PM PDT

They kill people every year in Australia. They are salt water crocodiles. We have been photographing them for 2 weeks in Australia. They can stray underwater for 90 minutes then strike and kill. We swam in the ocean with guards standing watch., They eat birds people and other mammals. They can be in mangroves or the open ocean and can measure up to 14 feet. Attack their victims and they can take you underwater and finish their work. Beware!

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Military marches in protest in La Paz-Bolivia

Posted: 24 Apr 2014 12:19 PM PDT

Is this a parade?? No! These are Bolivia military forces marching in protest on the streets in La Paz demanding equal rights within the military forces. Incredible!!!

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Wildlife Photography Not So Cute Things That May or May Not Bite

Posted: 23 Apr 2014 08:49 PM PDT

Photographing birds, deer and wild critters in the woods is my passion. Sometimes if I am bored I will seek out some not so cute creepy crawlers and pond life.
Some have stinging or biting capabilities so it is best to keep a safe distance . That is where a good zoom or macro setting is handy.

The first two images are of the Horned Tomato Worm.

This beautiful but creepy caterpillar can wipe out a tomato patch in a few days. The best method to remove is simply hand pick them off your plants. Don't let the faux stinger put fear in your gut. It is just a fooler. They can not sting. If you are fortunate enough to have the Braconid wasp on your property, she will lay eggs on the tomato caterpillar that are parasitic. They will consume the worm in a few days.

Photos three and four are of the female Wolf Spider.

Unlike the horned tomato caterpillar she can deliver a painful bite with venom. Usually the wolf spider in the US do not deliver the necrotic bite venom. However the bite may cause severe swelling, itching and mild pain. Although Mom spider can be fierce she is a really good mother.She carries her egg sack on her abdomen spinnerets . After they hatch she carries them on her back. Cool!
Photo five The Writing Spider

Garden spider, corn spider, all the same orb weaving spider. They are not harmful to human's . This pretty orb weaver might bite if handled or provoked but not dangerous.

As a child I always heard if you see your name written in writing spider's web back luck would come your way.

Photos six and seven The Buck Moth Caterpillar
Some caterpillars may look fierce but are quite social.
This is not the case with the Buck Moth caterpillar. Not only are they fierce looking they render terrible stings that can cause severe pain, swelling, nausea and require hospital treatment. They love the oak tree in the spring and become a problem falling to the ground or on to unsuspecting victims. Naturally one's reaction is to brush the varmint off, thus more stinging from their hollow spines. Take note of the photo and know these are dangerous not only to human but our dogs and cats as well.
Photo eight and nine The Saddleback Caterpillar
This gal looks like a real space alien. She is so interesting one might want to touch right away, but Do Not! The nettling hairs on her body deliver powerful burning stings, worse than the bee. The burning can last for days and even require hospitalization for those that are allergic. They are also dangerous to curious cats and dogs or those unfortunate to brush into them.
The venomous hairs have to be removed, usually a good tape will help to remove. Expect swelling, nausea, rash and burning.
Photo ten The Dragon Fly
This is my favorite. They are all colors, mythical and wonderful. They are not harmful to people and do a lot to keep nature in balance.


Photography Janie Lambert
2011 to 2013

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