Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Student's lawsuit against parents for support loses first round in court

Student's lawsuit against parents for support loses first round in court

Student's lawsuit against parents for support loses first round in court

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 08:17 PM PST

A high school senior's lawsuit against her mother and father for financial support and college tuition hit a hurdle Tuesday when a New Jersey judge denied the teenager's request for immediate financial assistance from the parents.

Justin Bieber jail video to be released with his private parts blurred

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 05:04 PM PST

A Florida court technician has the job of blurring Justin Bieber's private parts on jail video before you can see it.

Pizza guy on Oscar delivery: 'This is really the American dream'

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 02:43 PM PST

If he looked gobstruck when he walked onstage at the Oscars, he had good reason.

Could century-old theft explain mystery of gold coins?

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 09:05 PM PST

Chief Clerk Walter Dimmick was convicted of stealing six bags of gold coins -- worth $30,000 -- from the U.S. Mint in San Francisco in 1901.

Ukraine looks for 'sign of hope' from Russia over Crimea

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 08:54 PM PST

The tense, high-stakes standoff between Ukraine and Russia continued Tuesday, with both sides insisting they don't want war but publicly offering little evidence of their willingness to budge.

Pistorius prosecutor: Loud argument, then 'Blade Runner' killed girlfriend

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 10:49 PM PST

Prosecutors trying to prove that "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius deliberately killed his girlfriend are set to build on their case Wednesday that the two had a loud argument on Valentine's Day last year shortly before the fatal shooting.

'Dancing with the Stars': Meet the new cast!

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 09:06 AM PST

"Dancing With the Stars" has announced its new lineup of competitors, and at least two of them already know how to go for the gold.

She dropped 8 dress sizes by changing her style

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 05:22 AM PST

Rose Anne Schulman has been known to go into the grocery store, buy fried chicken and eat four pieces of it in the parking lot.

Love gone sour: Indian rickshaw driver kills American wife, then self

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 05:03 AM PST

They met and fell head over heels at the Taj Mahal, that iconic monument to love.

And the next presidential airport is ...

Posted: 04 Mar 2014 02:34 PM PST

Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton all have one.


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