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Revolution and Church

Revolution and Church

Revolution and Church

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 06:59 AM PST

On Feb 22, 2014 more than a million people standing on Maidan and streets leading to Maidan sang together National Anthem of Ukraine followed by praying together the Lord's prayer. It is said that Ukraine might hold a record in Guinness World Records Book for the greatest number of people signing National Anthem together.


To me, a prayer lifted by a million Ukrainians in downtown of Kiev has much greater significance!


Prior to 1991 when Ukraine became independent most Ukrainians like other Soviets had been atheists. In years of independence many have claimed to return to Christian roots. The "return" was for the most part nominal. It meant following church traditions around Easter time and claiming that being Ukrainian automatically meant that you are a Christian vs. Muslim or Hindu. Christianity was seen as part of cultural national identity, not so much an issue of personal faith.


During the past three months many Ukrainians reevaluated their views of Christianity, church and God. Church became relevant and God became real.


On the night of Nov 30th when riot police attacked a small group of students protesting on Maidan Ukrainian Orthodox church (Mykhailovksy Cathedral) opened its doors to hide the beaten students from police. On Dec 11th a monk in that same church rang the bells all night long to wake up Kiev when riot police attempted another attack on protesters on Independence Square (Maidan). On Feb 18th that church became an improvised hospital for the wounded protesters. Church that used to be just a place of rituals became a part of real life, providing help when help was needed!


During the first "round table" with President Yanukovich talking to various representatives of Maidan and society the priests were not afraid to speak the truth to the President who didn't want to hear the truth. When President Yanukovich claimed that protesters were violating new laws that were banning any protests and therefore riot police violence was justifiable, Patriarch Filaret reminded that Jesus Christ had been also accused by legitimate at that time Roman court and was led to violent death by so-called "legitimate" decision of that court.


Throughout the months of protests priests, pastors and lay Christians were present on Maidan, leading people in prayers, answering questions, serving food, taking care of wounded. On some days prayers were led from the stage every hour by priests and pastors of different confessions. There were prayer tents set up by Evangelical, Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches.


In January priests and pastors often stood between protesters and riot police to prevent violent clashes.


After the first casualties on Feb 18th, priests and pastors did their best to talk to every man who went to front lines, telling them about Christ and asking to repent, confess their sins, reconcile with God. The 100+ heroes who were killed on Feb 18-20th are called Heavenly Hundred.


They say during the war there are no atheists. When we are taken from our comfort zones and placed in the middle of life-threatening turmoil we realize that we are not in control after all as we always thought we were and we turn to God who is in control! I believe many Ukrainians felt a very real presence of God in the midst of the chaos.


The events of February 18-20th are compared by many people to David and Goliath story. When a handful of protesters were surrounded and attacked by thousands of armed riot police, the sad outcome was inevitable, but against all logic, for no apparent reason armed police turned around and ran, ahead of them ran President Yanukovich who just a day before seemed undefeatable.


Now Ukraine is in another "David and Goliath" stand off with Russia and many Ukrainians and Ukrainian churches are praying and fasting, asking God for protection and peace.


Interim president Alexander Turchinov says, that "In the midst of ongoing turmoil that has enormous global significance, God is mightily at work in Ukraine."


When I get discouraged while reading yet one more realistic/pessimistic analysis about the outcome of our war with Russia, I have to remind myself of God's promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."


Seeing thousands of people prayering on Maidan and main squares of other cities in Ukraine I want to believe that my people did humble themselves and turned away from their wicked ways, and God will protect us and will heal our land!

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Venezuelan protesters burn Cuban flag - Queman bandera de Cuba en Caracas durante las confrontaciones

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 06:19 AM PST

Manifestantes en Caracas queman una bandera de Cuba en las manifestaciones del día de hoy, las bombas lacrimógenas por parte de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana no se hicieron esperar en el momento de este hecho

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Prague, Czech Republic

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 11:37 PM PST

Demonstration for peace on Ukraine.

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Irish Jaunting Tour

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 07:09 PM PST

Assignment: Glorious Ireland


Irish Jaunting Tour


By Jannet Walsh
From Murdock, Minn.


This is a guided tour by jaunting car, a traditional horse dawn carriage, by Martin McCarthy of Killarney, Ireland.  McCarthy is called a jarvey, a jaunting car driver.  He gives visitors guided tours in the Killarney National Park, area lakes, Muckross House and more, sharing history and folklore in the traditional Irish taxi.


The jaunting car is pulled by Jessie, a gelding Gypsy Vanner Horse.  McCarthy also operates a bed and breakfast at his home called Shepherd's Lodge.  The commute to work is easy as he boards his horses at home and drives his jaunting car to Killarney's jaunting car center in town where tourists can take a ride or can also be picked up at their hotels.


Family photographs are included of my Irish family, originating from Killarney and Kilkenny, Ireland.


Video shot

Jan. 29 to Feb. 8, 2014
Killarney, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland


See related iReports from Ireland


Photo Gear
Nikon P7800
iPhone 5
Sennheiser MKE 400 shot gun microphone
MeFoto Road Trip, compact  travel tripod


Twitter @jannetwalsh

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Urban explorer Seph Lawless give tips for anyone crazy enough to follow his footsteps.

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 05:41 PM PST

Ruin porn, urban exploring, urban spelunking — call it what you will, but the fascination with American ruins is undeniable. Photographer Seph Lawless prefers to use his own term, though. "This isn't really 'urban exploring.' This is a strategic autopsy being done on America," says Lawless (no, that's not his real name), who has been photographing rust belt ruins since just after 9/11. "I wanted people to see a different side of America that they didn't really know existed," he says. His photos have been published in a book, Autopsy of America.


The fascination with American ruins has only risen in recent years, even though the ruins have been sitting there for decades. "I was just up here [at the Packard Plant]," says Lawless, who is originally from Detroit but now lives in Cleveland. "On that day, on a Saturday, there were literally 200 cars there. I've never seen that many people."


Lawless doesn't discourage people from following his path, but he does advise wannabe explorers to exercise caution. "I was naive," Lawless says. "Terrible things have happened to people who unsuspectingly go into these places and don't really understand the danger." Lawless has the following advice for anyone crazy enough to follow his footsteps:


1.) Wear dark clothes: "Let's face it, you're going to places that you're not really allowed to go in. You don't want to draw attention," says Lawless. "It's trespassing across the board." Lawless has been arrested more than 50 times for explorer-related incidents. "I never vandalize anything," Lawless says, but he has been arrested for kicking in doors or removing plywood to access places. Beware.


2.) Don't put all your eggs in one basket: "If you're going to park somewhere, a lot of the times your car will get busted into," Lawless says. "I wouldn't keep everything in your car, but I definitely wouldn't keep everything on you." Lawless advises keeping a phone in your car and on your person, and keeping a credit card in your sock. "You just have to assume that stuff is going to happen."


3.) Watch the floors: "People don't understand how dangerous it is," Lawless says. "I've had floors fall down while I was on that floor, and it shook the whole thing like an earthquake."


4.) Look out for wild animals: Lawless recounts climbing to the top of the Whittier Hotel in Detroit. "That one has a falcon — two of them — that sit on top," he says. "So when you go up there, you get attacked. It was quite an experience."


5.) Just cruise Gratiot Avenue in Detroit: "You just go down that street, it's very sobering," Lawless says. "You just go down that stretch, from downtown all the way, either which way you look, it's a pretty sobering reality of what's going on."


6.) Be respectful: "What [people] don't understand is these places aren't really abandoned," Lawless says. "Some of the most disenfranchised Americans live in these locations. You more than likely aren't going to be welcome there. That's the reality of it." Oftentimes squatters will break glass on the stairs to serve as an alarm system.


7.) You could be looking for trouble: "I carry," Lawless says. "I've been confronted too many times. You'll get wild dogs, pit bulls that will come right up to you. Criminals, drug addicts, people approaching you, all sorts of different things." Fortunately, Lawless has not had to use his piece yet. "Honestly, it's just a matter of time. I hope not. I'm not one of those guys. I'm non-confrontational."


8.) Watch for signs of asbestos: Lawless says. "If you wear gas masks the filters need to be changed regularly. Wearing a medical mask or bandana around your face does nothing to protect you from asbestos and other harmful viruses associated with going into abandoned buildings."


9.) Be Prepared: "Be prepared to be monitored by the FBI. Urban Exploring is now considered a terrorist activity thanks to my work in 2013," Lawless' says. "The fact the Boston Marathon bombers were fans of my work forced the NCC to release a published report in 2013 alleging the work of photographers and urban explorers could be used by terrorists for a potential terrorist attack."


10.) Give back: "A lot of people find it to be exploitative, and I kind of empathize with that a little bit," Lawless says. "[Urban explorers] aren't really spending a lot of money, and they're taking pictures of the shittiest parts of the city and broadcasting them to the world." So Lawless began partnering with charities like Educate Not Incarcerate and Feed the Children.


For more information, check out Seph Lawless' website,

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Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:52 PM PST

Los Ruices, Miranda.
6 de marzo 2014

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Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:46 PM PST

Los Ruices, Miranda.
6 de marzo 2014

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Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:39 PM PST

Los Ruices, Miranda.
6 de marzo 2014

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Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:33 PM PST

Los Ruices, Miranda.
6 de marzo 2014

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Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 03:29 PM PST

Los Ruices, Miranda. 6 de marzo 2014.

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Situación en Los Ruices 6M

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 02:24 PM PST

Situación irregular en Los Ruices

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From the top of Blarney Castle

Posted: 07 Mar 2014 06:57 AM PST

The view from the top of Blarney castle is breathtaking!

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Ataque PNB a Civiles

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 10:44 PM PST

Ataque de la PNB a Civiles en los Edificios de Los Ruices, Caracas, Venezuela..

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Ireland is a wild place

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 01:00 PM PST

I'm 1/2 Irish and an Irish dancer. Though I've been to Europe many times before, I never made it out to Ireland until 2011. It is a magical place, with clouds and rain one minute and sunshine the next (and even a few rainbows). A cup of tea is your best friend in the cold, along with some potato leek soup and soda bread (picture in Galway). The Rock of Cashel was peaceful, surrounded by a cloud, and a content pigeon could care less about our presence. Out on the Dingle Peninsula, an ewe and lamb seemed at ease in the wind and the cliffs. Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands, is rugged and you can walk straight out to the cliffs of Dun Aengus fort. All of the island inhabitants are friendly, including a curious horse.

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Singing trucker is taking internet by storm

Posted: 06 Mar 2014 09:16 AM PST

Over The Road truck driver Brad James is living his dream on the road with his traveling recording studio as he puts it. His latest hit "Detention" is rapidly capturing the internet by storm! He is amassing followers every day. A man with a dream and a voice to match Brad is singing his way into hearts of thousands as he makes his way across the country. In talking with Brad he usualy records his video's/songs during his mandatory "10 hour" time off the road, usually at truck stops. As a dedicated family man even manages to help his 8 year old with home work from the road!


Nearly 80,000 people and climbing are talking about this singing trucker and following his daily travels and songs. His new song "Detention" has become an instant hit among truckers of America as well as Country Music lovers everywhere. His "Detention" video has made it to 2.5 MILLION people's Facebook pages. Yes 2.5 Million! Brad has recently been contacted by a Nashville talent scout for an independent recording studio and Rand The Man & Donna O'Neill will feature a full hour of his music along with an interview on their radio show on Saturday night (3-8-14) at 10pm Central. He will also be the Special Guest performing on the Truckers Gone Wild Cruise 2015. Check out Brads latest hit "Detention" and his exploding Facebook page at...

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Reflections in Ireland

Posted: 05 Mar 2014 01:43 PM PST

While traveling with my family in Ireland we stayed a few nights at Ballynahinch Castle. Its surrounded by an incredible estate which we all loved exploring. My mom and I came upon this lovely boat one afternoon.

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