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Protestas en San Cristobal, Tachira

Protestas en San Cristobal, Tachira

Protestas en San Cristobal, Tachira

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 10:45 AM PDT

Tanquetas de la Guardia Nacional en San Cristobal

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Tension high in Crimea ahead of referendum

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:50 AM PDT

Crimean activists opposed to annexation by Russia faced off with pro-Russian demonstrators and "self-defense" forces in the regional capital of Simferopol.


Hundreds have been demonstrating throughout the peninsula, especially in Simferopol, where tensions are running high only days ahead of a referendum over whether Crimea should become part of Russia.


The Ukrainian government and much of the international community consider the referendum illegal. Voters have two options: join the Russian Federation or return to Crimea's 1992 constitution, meaning de facto independence from Ukraine. There is no option to maintain the status quo, and blank ballots will be invalidated.


Crimean Tatars, an ethnic minority which was forcefully expelled under Josef Stalin, have called for a boycott of the referendum and have joined pro-Ukrainian activists in demanding that Russia stay out of the peninsula.


Foreign troops have surrounded Ukrainian military installations throughout Crimea, in some cases taking them over and preventing soldiers from enterring. The Kremlin has refused to aknowledge that the troops are Russian, although a wealth of evidence from separate sources, including reports from Ukrainian soldiers, contradicts that claim.


In Simferopol, pro-Ukrainian activists marched to a military installation, where troops have refused to abandon their post in the face of growing Russian pressure. Protesters gave flowers to the troops there, calling them heroes and thanking them for their service.


Troops have set up checkpoints along roads leading into Sevastopol, which is home to Russia's Black Sea Fleet. In the city, billboards and signs read, "Stop fascism. Make the right choice on March 16."

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Explosion in East Harlem NYC

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 09:17 AM PDT

I was on the M116 MTA bus a matter of feet from the massive explosion in NYC. Video begins (on the bus) about 30 seconds after the explosion and continues for a few minutes, showing the scene immediately following the blast.

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East Harlem Explosion

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 08:35 AM PDT

East Harlem Explosion pics

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Huge Explosion at East Harlem

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 08:07 AM PDT

i was actually right on the next building while i heard a huge explosion inside my friend's apartment i thought the Metro North derailed, the whole building just shaken for a moment. i ran downstairs and took some pictures as of ( 9:50 am )

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East Harlem Explosion

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 07:55 AM PDT

Cloud of smoke, street view.

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nyc explosion

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 07:55 AM PDT

this morning from randalls island

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East Harlem explosion

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 07:25 AM PDT

Smoke right after the explosion in East Harlem


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Venezolanos en la OEA Panama

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 07:04 AM PDT

Hoy a las 3pm se entrego una carta a la OEA pidiendo se aplique carta interamericana Saludos, Yunai Castillo

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Posted: 12 Mar 2014 06:40 AM PDT

San Cristobal Venezuela Este mensaje ha sido enviado gracias al servicio BlackBerry de Movilnet

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Posted: 12 Mar 2014 06:26 AM PDT

A few days back I was coming from school with a Polish priest and as we walked he blurted out: the smell of spring! He was referring to the scent of freshly cut grass. I looked around and realized that indeed spring has come—here and there a number of trees have begun to bud and the lowly but beaming margherita flower was in full bloom. One thought immediately came to mind: it has been a year since the election of Pope Francis.

It had been raining all afternoon but despite the bad weather many had come to Saint Peter's Square. As usual, there were flags from different nations, singing and shouting in different languages—all this had always been a staple at Saint Peter's Square. But that evening was different: people had come to see what the chimney would produce after it had yielded black smoke on two earlier ballotings. I was with the throng, among those who were closest to the Basilica. It was a scenario of joyful anticipation.
It was already dark when the proverbial white smoke issued from the chimney, telling everyone that a new pope has been chosen. This was welcomed with spontaneous applause and cheers. Then, as if it had been deliberately orchestrated, the sky began to clear and the evening became pleasant—cool and cloudless. It prepared the next scene: the tolling of the bells, the entry of the army of Swiss guards, the music played by the brass band, then lights from the balcony. A few more minutes and then appeared an elderly cardinal announcing the words "Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum HABEMUS PAPAM Georgium Marium Bergoglio qui sibi nomen imposuit Franciscum." There was a momentary silence. Probably, the names were not anticipated: neither Bergoglio, for he was not considered among the strong contenders, nor Francis, for no pope had previously taken that name. A great applause nevertheless followed this short lull. There were roars of approval all around, shouts of "Viva il Papa!" and I distinctly heard a young priest affirming "Francis! Oh, this is revolutionary!"
Then came out the new Pope who took the name Francis. After a short message and before giving his first apostolic blessing, he asked the people to pray for him, to beseech the Lord to bless him, their Bishop. A solemn silence reigned at Saint Peter's Square. Pope Francis broke the silence with his first blessing as Pope. He took leave greeting everyone with an informal "Good night and sleep well!" To this the crowd responded in jubilation.
To my estimate, that evening was ominous. There were several things that kept me awake that night. The new Pope was non-European; he took the name Francis; he bowed and asked his flock to pray for him their shepherd; he ended his first speech in a very candid, familiar greeting. And the words from the young priest: "Revolutionary!"
The weeks and months that followed confirmed the charisma of this new Pope. Saint Peter's Square is always packed with huge crowds during general audiences and the Sunday Angelus. Like the candor in his first discourse, he ends every Sunday gathering with "Buon pranzo!" ("Have a good lunch!") People are hanging on to what this Pontiff would say. A lot has been said about the novelty in his words and deeds, how different groups would interpret them, perhaps according to how it would suit their beliefs and this would give rise to a myriad of discussions.
In my case I took advantage of this privilege that I am in Rome to follow closely what this new Pope had to say and what he would do. Most of the time I would take his words from my point of view as a priest, as one who is a co-worker in ministering to the people. In sharing my thoughts and reflection on the first year of papacy, I also take this bias of one who has the task of shepherding.
I would focus and say that I see the first year of Pope Francis' pontificate as one of preaching joy and mercy. He told the faithful gathered at the Palm Sunday mass: "Do not be men and women of sadness: a Christian can never be sad!" And perhaps this is what makes the Pope an even more relevant figure in today's world. Under Francis we would expect a revitalization of the Church, that he would continue to make it closer to those in the peripheries. It is an echo of the action of the other Francis, the man of Assisi, rebuilding the church of Jesus.
The spring motif in which Pope Francis has been elected is an apt symbol of the beginning of his papacy and the years that will follow. Perhaps it is not a mere coincidence that his pontificate coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. If Vatican II opened the windows for the spring air to come in, the papacy of Pope Francis opens the doors for the church and her pastors to go out—and here I would like to quote from his homily to priests on Holy Thursday: "May [Jesus] renew his Spirit in our hearts, that this anointing may spread to everyone, even to those 'outskirts' where our faithful people most look for it and most appreciate it."


March 13, 2013
1) the pope blessing the people
2) the crowd in the evening
3) the white smoke
4) Habemus Papam!

March 16, 2013
5) the city of Rome welcoming the new Pope

March 19, 2013
6) "Peter's Successor" inauguration of Pope Francis

October 27, 2013
7) my first personal encounter with Pope Francis (photo by Fotografia Felici, Rome)

January 3, 2014
8) Pope Francis' image now at Basilica of Saint Paul

March 6, 2014
9) my second personal encounter with Pope Francis (photo by Fotografia Felici, Rome)

March 11, 2014
10) TIME Man of the Year issue among my other readings

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protestas en barquismeto estado lara

Posted: 12 Mar 2014 03:24 AM PDT

una situacion iregular se vivio en la avenida florencio gimenez del municioio iribarren del estado lara venezuela estudiantes de la ucla protestaban cuando de repente fueron reprimidos por la guardia navional bolivariana, a parte de ello grupos simpatizantes al gobierno (Colectivos) atacaron la sede de la ucla quemando 7 vehiculos y las instalaciones del centro de estudiantes y la biblioteca, a parte de eso fueron heridos 3 estudiantes por armas de fuego, estos mismos colectivos arremetieron contra los vecinos de los alrededores, el sector brisas del obelisco se encuentra a pocas cuadras de la ucl;a y tambien resivimos la visita de estos personajes. amenazando con quemar nuestras casas si continuavamos protestando.tanto la pm como la guardia nacional eran complices al punto de proteger a los colectivos y escoltarlos en todo momento para que no fueran atacados por los manifestantes

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Homenaje a Bassil y a Robert Estudiantes caídos en Protestas de Venezuela

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:20 PM PDT

Mural realizado por un artista local de Punto Fijo, Estado Falcón, Totto Estrada, en el Elevado de los 7 Tanques de Punto Fijo - Estado Falcón, conmemorando la muerte de los estudiantes de las protestas suscitadas por la contra el régimen dictatorial de Nicolás Maduro Moros. Piden sean liberados los estudiantes injustamente arrestados por protestar pacificamente.

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Represión en Chacao

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 10:47 PM PDT

Momentos de represión por parte de la GN en una de las principales calles del chacao el martes 11 de marzo

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Protests Rage on in Istanbul Following Boy's Death (Kadıköy)

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 07:12 PM PDT

Massive protests broke out across Turkey on Tuesday following the death of a 15-year-old boy who, while attempting to by bread for his family, was shot in the head by police with a canister of tear gas last June during the Gezi Park protests. Berkin Elvan passed away at approximately 7am Tuesday at an Istanbul hospital. He had been in a coma for 269 days, and doctors reported that his condition had deteriorated in recent weeks, with his body weight dropping to just 35 pounds.


In Kadıköy, a popular seaside neighborhood located on the Asian side of Istanbul, thousands of protesters gathered on the main avenue leading from the ferry terminal to Boğa Heykeli, chanting and waving banners with pictures of Berkin. Riot police quickly intervened and fired rounds of tear gas canisters into the massive crowd, forcing demonstrators to break apart and flee into nearby restaurants and side streets. Protesters hurled stones and shot off fireworks into the main avenue while police relentlessly retaliated with tear gas and water canons. At one point, police stormed into the Starbucks coffeehouse, yelling at customers and suspected demonstrators, forcing them into the rear of the building, and then escorting nearly everyone outside. The city center of Kadıköy quickly became an area somewhat resembling a war zone. A number of ATMs had been smashed with glass doors of banks completely shattered. Numerous alarms echoed loudly off of historic buildings lining the famous Bahariye shopping street. A simit cart lay on its side on the trolley tracks, completely engulfed in flames. Confrontations between police and protesters lasted well into the night, with the debris, broken glass, and burning piles of rubble lining the main avenues and walkways.


The funeral for Berkin Elvan is scheduled for Wednesday on the European side of Istanbul. With important municipal elections scheduled to take place in just under three weeks, it seems that recent escalating protests and demonstrations nationwide point to a possible breaking point, one that could perhaps surpass the infamous Gezi Park movement last summer.

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Chacao M11 Represion

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 07:07 PM PDT

Sigue reprimiendo la GNB con uso desmedido de la fuerza contra hogares.

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Ataque de la GN en la av principal de pueblo nuevo ,Tachira ,San cristobal 11M

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 06:25 PM PDT

La GN ataco hoy a la avenidad principal de pueblo nuevo ,tachira , san cristobal 11 de marzo de 2014 , repartiendo paz.

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Bravo Zulu Rory!!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 05:40 PM PDT

My wonderful husband HMCM (Master Chief) Rory D. Miller has served proudly in the United States Navy for 30 years and Friday March 14th he will retire from the Navy.

"Let us not forget those that are on watch, whether they're at sea or ashore, protecting our country, ports, ships and seas until it becomes the job of the next generation of sailors."

Rory is a great husband and father, and although he couldn't always be there for us (his family) due to deployments. He stayed connected and never let us forget that he loved us. Please join me in congratulating him on a job well done. Bravo Zulu!!

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Paz en el Táchira?

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 01:42 PM PDT

Residentes de San Cristobal forman la palabra PAZ? con los casquillos y restos de bombas lacrimógenas utilizadas durante la represión este martes

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Protests Break Out in Kadikoy

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 01:22 PM PDT

Protesters fire fireworks at police in a cloud of tear gas in central Kadikoy Tuesday night.

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How Ukrainians have angered Putin

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 12:57 PM PDT

So many Russian officials (especially Parliament members) openly state that there is no such a country, Ukraine (according to them, Ukraine is a historical mistake), there is no Ukrainian nation, no Ukrainian culture, no Ukrainian language (it is just a dialect of Russian). They say current Ukrainian government is not legitimate, patriots who come in hundreds of thousands to the streets all over Ukraine are dangerous nationalists.

But there is such a country Ukraine! There is Ukrainian nation that is very different from Russian - Ukrainians love freedom and they won't tolerate dictatorship. There is rich culture and an incredible rise of patriotism. National Anthem of Ukraine has become the most popular song, people spontaneously sing it in crowded subway stations during rush hour! So many cars (including police cars!) have Ukrainian flags, people hang flags from their balconies, kids in the playgrounds shout, "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!"

This is how Ukraine angered Putin, this is how we provoked his military invasion. He is not protecting Russian-speakers in Ukraine, he is here to protect Russia's citizens from this "dangerous virus" of freedom!

Ukrainians were able to overcome a powerful regime of Yanukovich and earned hate of all the dictators of the world.

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Violence at a Doctors March - Caracas, Venezuela February 10, 2014

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:11 AM PDT

This was an event that happened yesterday around 1pm at the Plaza Venezuela area of Caracas. There was a march of doctors wanting to air their grievances about a lack of medicine and adequate care at public hospitals in Venezuela. A counter march with the oficialistas were granted permission to go to the president's palace while this march was blocked less than 500 meters from their starting point on their way to the vice president's office. There were several tense moments with doctors and the national guard and police pushing one another. A doctor and several members of the national guard exchanged punes. The national guard sprayed protesters with pepper spray and the vice minister of health was one the people hit by the spray.

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Human Face of Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity

Posted: 11 Mar 2014 11:10 AM PDT

I thought our youth were selfish and shallow, but then they were the first who came to the streets when ex-president Yanukovich decided to hijack the future of Ukraine. They were the first who were beaten by riot police. Their blood was the first sacrifice given for freedom on Maidan (Independence Square in Kiev on Nov 30th. They woke up the rest of us! They are our heroes!

I thought our elderly were so nostalgic about good old Soviet times that they would never understand and support their grandchildren in their fight for new future of Ukraine. But they joined the young on Maidan, day after day they stood with others in the cold and snow. Some of them were captured and tortured by riot police. Some of them were killed on Feb 18-20th by snipers, some died of pneumonia after being showered from police water cannons in freezing temperatures. They are all heroes!

I thought our men were too apathetic to stand against a huge repression machine of government, that they were too much of realists and pessimists to believe that anything can be changed when the whole country was one big corruption system. But they got off their couches and came to Maidan, unarmed but determined to fight for freedom. I can't watch without tears the video footage of the riot police attack on Maidan on Dec 10th when 4 rows of civilians were holding a whole cloud of armed riot police. These men are the heroes!

I thought our women were easily scared, but they stayed by their men through the toughest times on Maidan. They cooked and served food to protesters, they cared for wounded, they prayed. They stayed even at times when situation seemed hopeless and they were asked to leave. Now they volunteer in thousands to be trained as nurses for pending war with Russia. They are the heroes!

I thought our children were too spoiled and didn't care about anything but gadgets, but during the last few months they have grown up, as individuals and as citizens, they fell in love with the National Anthem of Ukraine, they proudly carried flags of Ukraine, they came to help their parents to clean the streets of Kiev after the fights with riot police. They did things to serve others, to serve their country and they will never be the same! They are the heroes!

I thought our army was weak and demoralized, but they didn't surrender when they were threatened by Russian troops, and they didn't switch allegiances when they were tempted by the bribes of new apartments in Sevastopol offered to them in exchange for surrendering. For 10 days now they show incredible courage and restrain under very high pressure. They are the heroes!

I thought our churches were focused on rituals and distant from lives of people, but then priests and pastors came to Maidan to tell people about power of God, to lead people in prayers, to stand between riot police and protesters. Then churches turned into refuge places and hospitals for the wounded. Christians talked about Christ's love, but more importantly they showed Christ's love in their own actions! They are the heroes who give glory to Christ!

I thought out doctors were corrupt and indifferent. We didn't blame them, they were underpaid and we knew we needed to pay bribes to get any kind of treatment. But then hundreds of them came as volunteers to Maidan, they went under the rains of bullets to get wounded out, they got shot themselves, they worked days and nights in poorly lit, not equipped improvised hospitals, saving lives. They are the heroes!

I thought Ukrainians were too disillusioned after Orange revolution of 2004 to stand up for something ever again. But they overcame disappointment, fear, selfishness and laziness. They came to Maidan and stayed there for very long 100 days, through rain and snow, through -25C weather, through attacks of riot police, through deaths and injuries, through threats of anti-protest laws, through kidnappings, through fire and smoke, through cold water from water cannons, through gas grenades and bullets, through hopelessness and tears. And we have won a huge prize – this chance to build a new Ukraine, free of corruption, free of manipulations of Putin, free to choose its future!

Some people believe that the worst fight is still ahead – the war that Putin is starting on our ground. There might be still even more sacrifices needed to finish freeing Ukraine from Russia's grip. There will also be an ongoing work of breaking corrupt systems that have infected government structures. But the main battle is already won – it's the battle within our own hearts – we already got the victory over fear and indifference! I am proud to be Ukrainian! I am proud of Ukraine - the country of many heroes!

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