Saturday, March 22, 2014

Premier Jiang Yi-huah responded to the student-led protesters

Premier Jiang Yi-huah responded to the student-led protesters

Premier Jiang Yi-huah responded to the student-led protesters

Posted: 22 Mar 2014 03:37 AM PDT

Premier Jiang Yi-huah arrived in front of the Legislative Yuan to respond to the students' demands. He said, the executive Yuan will not retrieve the trade pact, but willing to review the pact thoroughly later.

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Demonstration in Taipei

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 11:55 PM PDT

Students continue to demonstrate at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei. Students are sitting in the streets around the building in the hope of preventing the eviction of the students inside. People are bringing food and blankets for the students sitting in the streets. This does not have the appearance of something that is going to go away soon. Nearby police have riot shields but seem to be merely watching. The entire demonstration is peaceful and appears well organized.

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Occupy in Donetsk

Posted: 21 Mar 2014 06:44 PM PDT

Pro-Russian protesters gathered in front of the regional administration building of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine major city, on 3rd of March 2014. Pro-Russian protesters led by Pavel Gubarev declared himself the "People's Governor" who was arrested on 6th of March, occupied the building and waved Russian flags. Pro-Russian protestors requested referendum for Donbas region, and said "Government of Kiev is illegal".

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Peaceful Taiwanese Protesters

Posted: 20 Mar 2014 11:31 AM PDT

I visited the protest location. I found thousands of students just sitting there peacefully. Their request is clear: withdraw the unfair trade pact with China which is pushed by the ruling party.

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For me it startted in 1987

Posted: 20 Mar 2014 02:32 AM PDT

When I was a little boy and just about 5 years old It was the firs time I saw a animated Batman Television show from the 70's. And then it started for me I was hooked immediately.


Years past by because in the Netherland they didn't show much show on the television and that was the only source for me to see something of Batman.
In 1989 the great movie would be in de cinema but I was still to young and in 1992 it was the same story.


But later on there was the Batman Animated show on the television and men what was I hooked again.


In that time the stores in the Netherlands even had Batman Toys in stock. (now you have to go to expensive special merchandise stores).


When I saw the first toy I had asked my mother if I could get that fl. 17,- costing figure. She offcourse said no because she hated that I liked some sort of Superhero dressed like a Bat.


But I kept asking and asking and after some time she said You don't get the figure from us but you get 1,50 pocket-money every week and if you do some chores you can get some more.


So first I was saving fl.1,50,- a week because they never let me do some chores for them.
after a few weeks I had fl.6,- and still determent to save for that figure.


Then they told me I could mow the lawn for them so I offcourse did and I got fl 5,- from my parents.


so suddenly I had a big boost and had fl. 11,-


That was a great feeling to have that much money in a short time so I asked in my falmily if I could do some chores for them as wel.


And my uncle was so nice to let me clean his car and mow his lawn. I got fl,10,- from it so I suddenly had fl, 21,-
And that was more than I needed for the figure.


I grabbed my bike and drove as fast as I could to the store. Luckly they had multiple figures so I took the one I wanted with a smile bigger then the Joker and so I got my first figure ever.


from that point on I have always spent a lot of money on Batman stuff even when my parents hated that I did it.


They even forbid me to look the Animated television show after a while but as a true fan I will always like the Batman as my Superhero.


And until today my parent won't support me with my Batman hobby but I don't care any more because I found enough pleople on the internet who support the Batman as well :)


And I don't want to set my parents in bad daylight because there great and all but just won't support my Baman hobby.


I have a lot more pic's with awesome collectibles then I can show here but I will post some random pics.


If you want more pics just search on my username on dutch sites and you will see more. Or leave a message.




1. Not a photo from myself but the story was about this figure


2. Display in my living room


3. Above my television


4. In my dining room


5.\6. Toynami Batmobile and Batwing in my pc room.


7.\8. Displays in my storage room.


9.\10. Very bad telephone pics from my storage room.

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La Isabelica: ¡No más colas!

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 09:51 PM PDT

Hoy un grupo de estudiantes parados frente al Supermercado Madeirense de La Isabelica, Valencia, mostraban su descontento por las colas, la trajeta de racionamiento y la escasez ante una gran cantidad de vecinos que esperaban en las afueras del establecimiento para comprar leche en polvo, que acababa de llegar. Los chicos mantuvieron una actitud muy cívica, pero tristemente también se podían observar muchos oídos sordos entre todos esos vecinos, como una especie de inercia en la población. Los que permanecen en esas colas parecen ya haberse acostumbrado o resignado a perder horas de sus vidas que pudieran usar para otras tantas cosas, pero las invierten en esas inmensas colas generadas por la escasez y el racionamiento. Lo paradójico del caso hoy fue que mientras estos jóvenes hacían un llamado a la conciencia de los vecinos, no faltó quien dijera: "Ellos creen que con hacer esa estupidez van a tumbar al gobierno.". Es un discurso que hace pensar: ¿Si los estudiantes protestan en guarimba, son delicuentes, pero si protestan cívica y legítimamente sobre un problema que afecta a todos los venezolanos, entonces son unos estúpidos? Para este tipo de personas que justifican lo injustificable, hay que seguir aguantando callados y pasivos por quién sabe cuántos años más y, peor aún, como los hemos oído decir, hay que creer que "Asi como nosotros sufrimos y llevamos sol pa' comprar, Maduro también sufre para conseguirnos la comida...". Personalmente, lo dudo. Al menos los estudiantes están claros en su protesta.

Mientras, la inercia ya ha tomado a muchos...

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Batman's 75th Anniversary

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 05:45 PM PDT

My enthusiasm for all things Batman started as with all Baby Boomers, with the season premiere of the Batman television show in 1965. Although I was aware of him via DC Comics prior to that, the TV series premiere had an impact that was equal to The Beatles' American debut on the Ed Sullivan show.

The Batman TV series was as close as television will ever get to replicating a pulpy comic book on film with vibrant colors, beautiful women, great gadgets, teen pop culture and some of the wildest villains ever seen on television. It takes a great villain to make a hero look even greater.

What I always liked about Batman is the endless variations of how he's been depicted through the decades: camp comedy hero as played by Adam West in the Sixties, civic minded champion on the Super Friends cartoon show in the Seventies, or the ominous, dark crusader as played by Christian Bale in current days. There has never been a super hero who has been depicted in so many different shades and moods than Batman.

In addition to the great Batman shows is some of the most continuously imaginative marketing of merchandise, especially that which the Bruce Timm FoxTV cartoon show developed so well.

Some of my favorite acquisitions in particular include my vinyl Batman wallet (featuring artwork by Carmine Infantino), my Batman Soaky ( children's liquid bath soap inside a statuette of Batman), and a Nineties era View Master shaped like Batman's head.

I reached the pinnacle of my Batman fandom when I moved into my current apartment building and found out that the owner was Julie Newmar, The Catwoman from the TV series. Since then we have become good friends and she loves my Batman collection, especially the plushy doll.


For further information, read my blog on Batman, "Batman Por Vida" at:

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