Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Objects spotted in Indian Ocean may be debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Objects spotted in Indian Ocean may be debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Objects spotted in Indian Ocean may be debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 11:09 PM PDT

Australian authorities have spotted two objects in the southern Indian Ocean that may be debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Medical examiner: L'Wren Scott, designer, Jagger's girlfriend, died by 'hanging'

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 04:25 PM PDT

L'Wren Scott, a notable fashion designer and longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger, killed herself by "hanging," New York City's chief medical examiner's office announced Wednesday.

Anger and uncertainty reign in Beijing as relatives confront officials

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 10:11 PM PDT

As the days drag on, tempers understandably begin to fray. For the relatives of those lost on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, frustrations have been mounting for some time now, as criticism of Malaysian Airways' handling of the crisis piles up.

Scientists unveil dinosaur dubbed the 'chicken from hell'

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 06:20 PM PDT

For a Tyrannosaurus rex looking for a snack, nothing might have tasted quite like the "chicken from hell."

Local officials probe claim of confession in Kendrick Johnson gym-mat death

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 03:37 PM PDT

A Lowndes County, Georgia, assistant district attorney has ordered a communications company to hand over Internet records after investigators received an anonymous e-mail claiming an ex-schoolmate reportedly confessed to killing Kendrick Johnson.

Frustration of relatives of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers boils over

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 07:43 PM PDT

A woman wailed as security guards dragged her out of the briefing room used to provide updates on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Putin's breathtaking lies about Russia

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 12:05 PM PDT

Vladimir Putin's gala address before Russian parliamentarians and officials Tuesday surprised no one when he announced Russia's annexation of Crimea. The interesting part was his distorted view of Russian history, and his proclamation that a bizarre kind of simultaneously aggrieved and aggressive hyper-nationalism is now Russia's official ideology.

TripAdvisor picks: World's best beaches

Posted: 18 Mar 2014 02:41 AM PDT

Flip-flop weather must be right around the corner. While nearly any sun-soaked stretch of sand sounds perfect just now, some beaches clearly take the sand and surf prerequisites to a higher level.

Chimp attack victim appeals to legislators for permission to sue Connecticut

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 12:15 PM PDT

A Connecticut woman mauled by a friend's chimpanzee in 2009 describes in a new video what it was like waking up in a hospital after the attack.

Hundreds of students occupy Taiwan's Legislature to protest China pact

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 01:33 PM PDT

Hundreds of students remained barricaded in Taiwan's Legislature early Wednesday in protest of the ruling party's push for a trade pact with China, which demonstrators claim will hurt the island.


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