Sunday, March 16, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search grows as pilots face increased scrutiny

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search grows as pilots face increased scrutiny

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search grows as pilots face increased scrutiny

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:31 PM PDT

Where do you even begin to look, when the search area covers vast swaths of land and water, stretching thousands of miles, from Kazakhstan to the Indian Ocean?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Get up to speed on the latest developments

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 11:01 PM PDT

As investigators search for clues to unravel the mystery of where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went, there were several key developments over the weekend.

Defense: Sex assault charges dropped in brigadier general's court-martial

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 05:51 PM PDT

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair will plead guilty to adultery and mistreating his accuser in a deal that will see the sexual assault and sodomy charges against him dropped, according to his defense team and CNN affiliate WTVD.

Ukraine crisis: Early results show Crimea votes to join Russia

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 04:52 PM PDT

Preliminary results in Sunday's referendum on whether Ukraine's Crimea region should join Russia or become an independent state show overwhelming support for Russia.

Help from above: Satellite signals can confirm a plane's identity

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:05 PM PDT

There's a reason why Malaysian officials are so confident it was Flight 370 that sent signals to a satellite many hours after the plane disappeared from radar March 8. That's because CNN has learned signals from commercial aircraft to Inmarsat satellites always include a code confirming the identity of the plane.

Malaysia Airlines: Pilots of the missing plane; suspected in 'deliberate action?'

Posted: 15 Mar 2014 09:47 PM PDT

"All right, good night."

History's big mysteries: Questionable deaths, missing people, monsters

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 01:07 PM PDT

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could take its place at the top of the biggest unsolved mysteries of history.

For March Madness fans, vasectomy timing is everything

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 04:17 PM PDT

Forget college basketball players cutting down the nets after a victory. Some fans of March Madness are making their own monumental snips: vasectomies.

North Korea fires short-range rockets, sources say

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 07:44 PM PDT

North Korea has fired 25 short-range rockets from its east coast into open water, in what appears to be a "provocative" action, a South Korean Ministry of National Defense spokesman said Sunday.

Chris Brown booted out of rehab, taken into custody by LA sheriff's deputies

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:13 AM PDT

Singer Chris Brown has been booted from court-ordered drug rehab and taken into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, a sheriff's spokesman confirmed Friday.


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