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La represión sube el tono en el carnaval de Caracas

La represión sube el tono en el carnaval de Caracas

La represión sube el tono en el carnaval de Caracas

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 09:27 AM PST

Varios heridos se registraron ayer en Caracas, durante los violentos enfrentamientos entre los manifestantes y la Guardia Nacional. En la jornada de enfrentamientos particularmente larga, la Guardia Nacional colocó parlantes con música venezolana a todo volumen, dirigidos a los jóvenes y, utilizó mayor cantidad de bombas lacrimógenas, en comparación a días anteriores, para dispersar la manifestación. La percepción de varios de nosotros, fotógrafos y camarógrafos, es que muchas de ellas eran peligrosamente dirigidas en nuestra dirección.

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Protesta en el Obelisco de San Cristóbal

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 09:03 AM PST

Protesta en el Obelisco de San Cristóbal, Venezuela

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La Castellana ccs 02 marz

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 08:47 PM PST

Marcha estudiantes La Castellana 02marz 12:40pm

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Visual Effects Industry Protests the Academy Awards

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 04:33 PM PST

The visual effects industry was out in force protesting before the Academy Awards. The protest took place at the north east corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine on a rainy Sunday afternoon before the worlds most watched awards ceremony. Hollywood's post production and visual effects jobs have been leaving for Canada at an alarming rate thanks to massive subsidies from the Canadian government. This is yet another symptom of what in known as "runaway production," where productions are relocated from Los Angeles to areas with tax incentives and cheaper labor.

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Ukrainian Hopes for Democratic Country

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 02:00 PM PST

As dramatic events unfold in Ukraine, this first-hand account from the city of Lviv, in the western portion of the country, helps to provide some context to the crisis. Vlad a former student from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse connected via Skype with this iReporter to provide a personal perspective on the unfolding events there. Lviv is located in the western portion of the country, and hopes for closer ties with the European Union.

Vlad mentioned that his colleague in Crimea e-mailed him and said unidentified troops were landing in the southern region of Ukraine, an area jutting out into the Black Sea. Residents there immediately realized the troops, without identifying badges, were speaking Russian. Russia is showing military force in this southern region of the country, where there is pro-Russian citizen support and military bases. Scared for his country's integrity and independence, Vlad hopes to "live in a democratic country."

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Who is Putin protecting from whom in Ukraine?

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 12:54 PM PST

I am a Russian-speaking Ukrainian. I am ethnically 50% Russian as my father was born in Siberia. I spent bigger part of my life in Russian-speaking area of Ukraine, Donetsk. Now I live in Kiev. My kids speak Ukrainian in school and with many of their friends, we speak Russian at home. When my son's 4th grade teacher talks to me she speaks Ukrainian, I respond in Russian and we don't even notice that our conversation is in two languages. I understand Ukrainian but don't speak it as easily as I speak English. I just never had any pressure to learn Ukrainian. In Lviv (western Ukraine) most speak primarily Ukrainian, but even there I never had anybody look down on me for my Russian. In Eastern and Southern regions majority speak Russian and there are absolutely no facts of forced ukranization.


You might be asking what all this fuss is about in Crimea, why thousands are coming to the streets with Russian flags, why newly elected prime minister of Crimea (by the way Russian citizen, leader of marginal party Russian Block, illegally appointed by parliament that was captured at the time of session by unknown armed men) is asking Putin for help. The request is easy to explain - it is made by a man Putin himself appointed.


Majority of people in Crimea and East don't want Putin's protection. But there are some who are afraid of forced ukranization because they have been fed a lie by Russian TV channels for years. The purpose of the lies is to convince Ukrainians that we are not one country and the safest for Russian-speaking areas is to break away and join Russia. These ideas have been sawn and cultivated forever. I remember when I lived in Donetsk in 90s how scared we were that a candidate from western Ukraine would win and force us speak Ukrainian. Having moved out of the area of Russian aggressive informational war I quickly realized I can speak Russian in Kiev or Lviv and nobody will ever be even upset with me!


Over 22 years of independence of Ukraine fears of language or ethnic persecution have never come true, but they were kept alive by Russian propaganda. We understand that Putin is trying to escalate tension and provoke civil war in Ukraine right now. He can't afford free Ukraine to succeed. His own people might get an idea that it's possible to overthrow a tyrant and build a prosperous country. He won't succeed in that. Ukrainians are wiser than that and won't kill each other over non-exsitant problem of language. To demonstrate that last week people in Lviv (traditionally Ukrainian-speaking) spoke only Russian all day and in response Donetsk (traditionally Russian-speaking) spoke Ukrainian!


No civil war in Ukraine, Mr. Putin! It must be getting harder to justify the presence of military force to protect somebody when nobody is in danger.


I just talked to my friends in Symperopol and Kharkov. Yuri in Sympheropol told me that it's a handful of pro-Russian extremists who are trying to make a picture for Russian video cameras – they are showing that these are the Russians who request protection! Meanwhile the rest of the city is terrified by presence of Russian military forces and are evacuating their kids to friends who live in central or western Ukraine. I got a similar report from Luda in Kharkov. She said that yesterday a large group of Russians were brought across the border by buses and they were the ones yesterday to inspire and instigate unrest that resulted in putting Russian flag on a municipal building. The picture of a young men with Russian flag on the roof of the building flew around social networks very quickly. As quickly people identified that young man as a Russian citizen, who live in Moscow – his profile in a social network VKotakte revealed that information.


The amount of lies poured by Russian propaganda on Ukraine is hard to comprehend. Bringing troops on Ukrainian land is going to bring the very opposite result from what Putin expected. It's uniting Ukraine! Meanwhile Russia and Putin are getting into deeper isolation from the world as more and more countries are recalling their ambassadors from Russia. Good job, Mr. Putin! Keep digging your own grave! And once again, thank you from all of us Ukrainians (Russian and Ukrainian-speaking) for uniting Ukraine against your military aggression!

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Unprecendented Mobilization of Ukrainian Troops

Posted: 02 Mar 2014 12:46 PM PST

Russia is acting as an aggressor in a perilous conflict with Ukraine. The tensions are running all-time high between the two powerful neighboring countries. Troops in Ukraine have been put on high alert. Army vehicles on the move near the military base in Lviv.

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Miami se solidariza con Venezuela

Posted: 01 Mar 2014 11:47 AM PST

Diferentes pa�ses se unen al llamado de los venezolanos en el exilio,  dando una clara muestra al mundo de que la oposici�n venezolana NO esta sola.


En este video empezaban a congregarse los asistentes.

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Posted: 01 Mar 2014 10:16 AM PST

Venezuelans protest at the White House, calling for the international community to pay attention to the current political, social and economical situation in Venezuela.

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Protests of Venezuelans denouncing the violation of human rights

Posted: 01 Mar 2014 09:52 AM PST

The protests of Venezuelans denouncing the violations of human rights in Venezuela by the governments and its military forces and police against unarmed students continue around the world. This is the one that took place today in the UN headquarters in Geneva

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