Friday, March 14, 2014

CNN Exclusive: Analysis shows two possible Indian Ocean paths for airliner

CNN Exclusive: Analysis shows two possible Indian Ocean paths for airliner

CNN Exclusive: Analysis shows two possible Indian Ocean paths for airliner

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 07:01 PM PDT

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 made drastic changes in altitude and direction after disappearing from civilian radar, U.S. officials told CNN on Friday, raising questions for investigators about just who was at the controls of the commercial jetliner that went missing one week ago with 239 people on board.

Chris Brown booted out of rehab, taken into custody by LA sheriff's deputies

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 04:30 PM PDT

Singer Chris Brown has been booted from court-ordered drug rehab and taken into custody by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, a sheriff's spokesman confirmed Friday.

Ex-police commander's testimony aids defense at Oscar Pistorius' murder trial

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 08:57 AM PDT

The police investigation into the killing of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius sounded like a catalog of bumbling, bad judgment, poor memory and petty theft in court on Friday, and it was the commanding officer on the scene the night of the killing who was testifying.

Did someone take over Flight 370?

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 12:41 PM PDT

There is still much that is mysterious about the fate of Malaysia Air Flight 370, but there is emerging consensus that the passenger jet bound for Beijing changed course, flying west over the Indian Ocean and flew for at least four hours. This tends to suggest that there was a human intervention, rather than a mechanical failure.

Pilot: Whoever changed flight path was an expert

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 03:33 PM PDT

Investigators now say that, according to automated electronic connections attempts by the ACARS data reporting system of Malaysia Flight 370, the airplane flew far to the west, in an entirely different direction than it should have been heading as per its original flight-planned route, which was to the north.

Indian diplomat whose arrest and strip-search in NYC drew protests is indicted again

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 06:50 PM PDT

The Indian diplomat whose arrest sparked a diplomatic row with India has again been indicted by the federal government and faces arrest if she returns to the United States, federal prosecutors said Friday.

Malaysia Flight 370: Amid a sea of questions, 28 of the most compelling

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 06:28 PM PDT

Questions about the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared a week ago over Southeast Asia, continued Friday to hang in the air. Here is what we know -- and don't know -- from hard data to conspiracy theories.

Clinton documents show 'West Wing' mindset

Posted: 14 Mar 2014 06:43 PM PDT

Maybe "The West Wing" had it right.


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