Monday, March 3, 2014

#Busted: Ellen's Oscars-phone switch

#Busted: Ellen's Oscars-phone switch

#Busted: Ellen's Oscars-phone switch

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 02:48 PM PST

Ellen DeGeneres, #Busted.

Big bucks for tech interns

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 07:45 AM PST has listed the highest paid internships with tech companies paying interns around $7,000 per month!

Space junk collisions a real danger

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 07:43 AM PST

The space junk collisions in "Gravity" are known as Kessler Syndrome, and that is putting astronauts in danger.

Stephen Colbert gives controversial privacy talk

Posted: 03 Mar 2014 06:44 AM PST

Steven Colbert is not terribly worried about the NSA reading his emails.


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