Sunday, February 23, 2014

When Khrushchev said: We will bury you

When Khrushchev said: We will bury you

When Khrushchev said: We will bury you

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 06:13 AM PST

Bob Greene says Sochi Olympics thankfully didn't have the atmosphere of earlier competition between superpowers

Whose fault for drinking and dying?

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 06:58 AM PST

LZ Granderson says alcohol kills tens of thousands a year, and responsibility for avoiding overuse is personal

'Right to discriminate' bill: Shameful

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 02:17 PM PST

Matthew Whitaker: With pending anti-gay law, Arizona sets itself up for yet another self-inflicted political and historical wound.

Winter Olympics come to a close

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:45 AM PST

From a stubborn snowflake to an icky eye infection, here are our 15 most memorable moments from Sochi.

Photos: Colorful closing event

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:42 AM PST

5 moments to remember

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 07:47 AM PST

Stray dogs, a snowflake, and topless pictures are just some of the things we'll remember from the Winter Games in Sochi.

Cool new ways to use your smartphone

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 09:08 AM PST

Mobile World Congress begins in Barcelona Monday and amid the hoopla of new super-phones, largely unknown technologies will be revealed. And it will be these that change our lives. Here are seven I predict will help define our future.

Atlantan to Justin Bieber: Stay out

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 04:57 AM PST

Harold White jumped into action when he heard a rumor that Justin Bieber might be eying a mansion in Atlanta and could become his neighbor in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood.

'Shoeless' Joe Jackson bat snags big $

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 06:01 AM PST

Several items that once belonged to sporting legends such as Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali and "Shoeless" Joe Jackson went up for auction Saturday evening in New York, fetching millions of dollars.

Girl unwraps soldier dad

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:11 AM PST

A soldier on leave from Afghanistan surprised his daughter for her birthday.

Oscar noms: See this, skip that

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:02 AM PST

Us Weekly's Bradley Jacobs shares his picks for the Best Picture nominees you should watch before the Academy Awards.

Doctor discovers he's a psychopath

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 02:26 PM PST

A neuroscientist discovers he's a psychopath and details his findings in a book. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Kid invented WHAT using LEGOs?

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 03:03 PM PST

A 12-year-old has invented a low cost braille printer made out of Lego bricks. Maggie Lake speaks to the child inventor.

Last of von Trapp singing siblings dies

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 07:36 PM PST

Maria von Trapp, the last of the singing children immortalized in the movie musical "The Sound of Music," died at her Vermont home of natural causes, her half-brother told CNN on Saturday.

Why 'Scandal' is making TV history

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 09:39 AM PST

Actor Joe Morton plays Rowan Pope on ABC's 'Scandal' and talks to Candy on why the show is such a hit for all audiences.

1 dead, dozens hospitalized at NY mall

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 05:21 AM PST

A restaurant manager died and 27 other people were hospitalized after carbon monoxide poisoning at a restaurant in New York, authorities said Sunday.

'Most wanted drug lord' is arrested

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 07:53 AM PST

The mystique of "El Chapo" helping the poor helped him as he evaded arrest for more than 12 years. In truth, Joaquin Guzman did not hesitate to use force or bribery to get what he wanted.

Meet 'Public Enemy No. 1'

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 07:46 AM PST

CNN's Gary Tuchman profiles Mexican drug lord, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

American killed in Israeli jail shootout

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 09:57 AM PST

A prison inmate who murdered a Maryland teen was killed Sunday after he shot three guards inside an Israeli prison, officials said.

Will socialism survive in Venezuela?

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 01:20 PM PST

Could protests be the beginning of the end for Venezuela's socialist government?

Protester: We're condemned to die

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:43 AM PST

Venezuelans on both sides of the nation's bitter political divide take to the streets to express their viewpoints.

Bombing at Thailand protest kills 2

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 06:44 AM PST

Thailand's prime minister on Sunday condemned weekend attacks on her opponents that killed three people, including two children, and pledged to bring the attackers to justice.

Taliban put U.S. soldier's fate in limbo

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 09:24 AM PST

The Taliban says it is suspending talks with the United States to exchange Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl -- the only American soldier held as a captive -- for five Taliban prisoners.

So, who's in charge of Ukraine?

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 07:34 AM PST

Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko returns to the capital, while Ukrainian President Yanukovych says he left Kiev because of a "coup."

Parliament to President: Be gone

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 03:46 AM PST

Ukraine's Parliament votes to remove President Viktor Yanukovych from office. Nick Paton Walsh reports.

Booker: We have unfinished business

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:19 AM PST

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words, written in April 1963 from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, ring as true today as they did then:

Are ambassador nominees clueless?

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 09:48 AM PST

CNN's Elise Labott details the interesting answers nominees for ambassadors gave during their confirmation process.

Black vs. white man breaking into car

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 08:45 AM PST

Two friends decide to perform a prank highlighting what happens when a white man and a black man break into a car.

Ray Romano's tricky threesome proposal

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:07 AM PST

Ray Romano's wife asked him if he wanted to have sex with one of her friends, but Ray sensed a trap.

The best actors of all time ...

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:18 AM PST

... And the best actresses

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 10:37 AM PST

29 years in a box

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 08:24 AM PST

Robert King spent nearly three decades in a 6 x 9 x 12 foot cell until his conviction was overturned. He is now talking with scientists about the health consequences of solitary confinement.

Raising the alarm

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 08:20 AM PST

An Amnesty International report has raised concerns about prisoners held in isolation for years on end in California.

Living in solitary confinement

Posted: 23 Feb 2014 08:15 AM PST

A former prisoner in Clifornia describes the conditions of being locked away in solitary confinement.


Posted: 22 Feb 2014 03:19 PM PST

Student protesters pack the streets. Violence surges. Tear gas billows.

Maria von Trapp

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 08:06 PM PST

Maria von Trapp, the last of the singing children immortalized in the movie musical "The Sound of Music," died at her Vermont home of natural causes, her half-brother told CNN on Saturday.


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