Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Supreme Court spectator interrupts justices

Supreme Court spectator interrupts justices

Supreme Court spectator interrupts justices

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 03:12 PM PST

The Supreme Court was the scene of an unusual disturbance during its public session on Wednesday, when a man interrupted an oral argument.

Nutrition labels getting a makeover

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 09:01 PM PST

Choosing healthier foods at the grocery store may soon be a little easier.

Man selling home for $135,000 in Dogecoins

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 07:50 AM PST

The Dogecoin started off as a penniless Internet joke. But Matt Thompson plans on selling his vacation home for this meme-inspired currency.

No respect: Why the Oscars ignore films about young people

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 11:05 AM PST

When people talk about the cinematic geniuses of the 1980s, one name invariably comes up -- John Hughes. For young people growing up then and even today, the writer-director's name conjures up memories of unforgettable films.

5 things to know about black culture now

Posted: 25 Feb 2014 03:23 PM PST

There's a scene in my satirical film "Dear White People" in which social misfit Lionel Higgins is asked to write a black culture piece by the editor of a campus newspaper staffed with mostly white people.

Do 'selfies' equal self-esteem?

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 07:52 PM PST

When it comes to aging, I know I am lucky, at least so far, because usually when I tell people how old I am (47!), they're surprised.

Justin Bieber's Georgia fun interrupted; police find pot, pipes in limo search

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 06:09 PM PST

Police searching Justin Bieber's limo found illegal drugs and paraphernalia Tuesday, a police report said.

Indian Army soldier kills 5 colleagues and himself at camp in Kashmir

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 11:00 PM PST

A soldier at an army camp in Indian-administered Kashmir killed five of his colleagues Thursday before turning his gun on himself, the military said.

Russia flexes military muscle as tensions rise in Ukraine's Crimea region

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 04:56 PM PST

Russia ordered surprise military exercises on Ukraine's doorstep Wednesday as tensions in that country's southern Crimea region simmered, with pro-Russian demonstrators facing off against rival protesters in the city of Simferopol.

FDA considering '3-parent babies'

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 06:28 PM PST

A promising way to stop a deadly disease, or an uncomfortable step toward what one leading ethicist called eugenics?


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