Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Solar system's 'rogue' asteroids

Solar system's 'rogue' asteroids

Solar system's 'rogue' asteroids

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 11:19 AM PST

If you want to find an asteroid, the region between Mars and Jupiter is a great place to look. That area where asteroids hang out is called the main asteroid belt

Keystone report: Little climate impact

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 11:20 AM PST

A long-awaited State Department environmental report on the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline indicates what the oil industry and its backers have been saying -- it won't have a big impact on carbon emissions that cause climate change.

A simple stem cell breakthrough?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 11:20 AM PST

We run too hard, we fall down, we're sick -- all of this puts stress on the cells in our bodies. But in what's being called a breakthrough in regenerative medicine, researchers have found a way to make stem cells by purposely putting mature cells under stress.

2016 GOP race wide open

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 09:19 AM PST

David Frum says Chris Christie's troubles could give tea party activists a chance to pick the GOP nominee

Hoffman, one and only

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 06:02 AM PST

There was no one else like him, writes Gene Seymour of the brilliant actor who couldn't be typecast

Could you snatch kid's lunch?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 06:01 AM PST

Jason Marsh says a Utah school where kids' lunches were taken away for non-payment and a man who rescuers refused to help show lapses of empathy we must all guard against

Police capture killer after prison break

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 08:08 PM PST

A man convicted of four murders escaped from a Michigan prison and abducted a woman. Authorities arrested him in Indiana a day later.

She found coupon, lost 145 pounds

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 12:32 PM PST

In the end, a coupon changed Torrie Creamer's life.

PTA mom: I was a homeless junkie

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 03:46 PM PST

In many ways, my life is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. What sets me apart from the typical soccer mom is that I am an outspoken recovering heroin addict.

Woman, 81, fed bears dog food?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 06:12 AM PST

Don't feed the bears! It's an admonishment often heard from wildlife officials. Mary Musselman of Sebring, Florida, didn't listen, and it got her arrested at age 81.

Michigan killer on loose

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 04:44 PM PST

A man convicted of four murders in 1993 has escaped from a Michigan prison, and authorities believe he abducted a woman using a knife or box cutter, the Michigan Department of Corrections said.

DEA: Heroin use increasing

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 01:51 PM PST

As use more than doubled between 2002 and 2012, Philip Seymour Hoffman may be one of the latest substance abusers to pay a deadly price for using heroin.

Opinion: Alaska's 'resident evil' of rape

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 12:41 AM PST

Alaska's rape rate is the highest in the country. CNN Opinion's John D. Sutter went there to find out why.

Was teen killed for playing loud music?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 09:42 AM PST

The man told police he asked the teens to turn down their music. He saw a gun, he said, and fearing for his safety, opened fire, but police say they found no guns in the teens' vehicle.

Super Bowl costs jewelry store $70k

Posted: 04 Feb 2014 12:43 AM PST

An Alabama jewelry store is refunding customers $70,000 after a Super Bowl bet goes awry.

79-year-old kills 3 backing out of church parking space

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 05:13 PM PST

A 79-year-old Florida woman backed over seven pedestrians Sunday morning while backing out of a handicapped space in a church parking lot, killing three people, police say.

Woman arrested in connection with body parts dumped on road

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 12:01 PM PST

A 59-year-old woman has been taken into custody in connection with a case where human body parts were found in garbage bags dumped along a rural Michigan road.

9 ways Facebook changed how we talk

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 09:50 AM PST

"I'm gonna tag you in this hideous photo and then unfriend you if you don't stop oversharing and poking me."

Woody Allen's lawyer: 'Vengeful lover' behind controversy

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 06:59 PM PST

Renewed accusations that Woody Allen molested an adopted daughter two decades ago were "engineered by a vengeful lover," the filmmaker's lawyer told CNN on Monday.

Watch Tuesday's show!

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February 4, 2014

Watch Monday's show!

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February 3, 2014

God's call: NFL or Olympics?

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 11:23 AM PST

With his quicksilver speed and ability to score breathtaking tries, Carlin Isles is blessed with a god-given talent.


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