Thursday, February 27, 2014

Married to Mr. Mom

Married to Mr. Mom

Married to Mr. Mom

Posted: 27 Feb 2014 06:48 AM PST

I am the wife of Mr. Mom. In our world, I go off to work in the sedan in business attire and leave him home to whisk 4 kids off to school and day care on time in the mini van, complete with stick figure family on the bumper. Every seat has a booster or a car seat. Every window has finger smudges to reflect the existence of child passengers. My husband chases the girls around the house every morning trying to convince them to wear school uniforms instead of their Tinkerbell jammies or boots in 1 foot of snow instead of the glittery mary janes they can't wait to stomp in mudd puddles in. O yeah, and my husband ran a licensed in home day care.

Being a man in that field of business is difficult. I vividly remember the day when he had to take a total of 6 kids to a dr appointment in a new place and the office personnel were certain he must be a kidnapper. I don't understand why a kidnapper would be taking kidnapped children to a doctor but they were sure thoroughly convinced. They called security on him. They just couldn't imagine a dad with that many kids who would dare to venture out into the world with a baby carrier in one hand and a double stroller in the other. Surely, he was up to no good. Imagine the embarrassment for my husband. Of course, when those security personnel actually demanded to call the day care child's parents to confirm he really was what he claimed to be, they were embarrassed too. My point in telling this particular story - this paints a very sad picture of society's current view of fathers everywhere. It's become so common place, even in this modern society, to see nonparticipating dads. Are they really this missing in action? If a mom had 6 kids out in public, no one would blink an eye. We need to wake up people! The truth is, in the midst of this sad image, more and more dads are in fact taking on a mom's roll in the family. Support them! We we support them, maybe we can raise more boys to be real dads for the next generation.

Also difficult to navigate is being one of these wives who work full time and don't get a "pass" from teachers and society if they have to miss certain important school activities because of their career schedules. Its socially acceptable for the father to miss these events for his job, but it's not for the mom. As one of these moms, I can tell you, we feel eternally guilty. We want to be there, but sometimes we have to work. We don't need anyone to help us feel any worse.

Husbands and wives with this reversed role need to be supported. We are a fish out of water. My husband is fantastic at it - maybe the best - but he has to fight the constant stereo types. We both do. He is a hero to our kids for being so active in their lives and he wouldn't have traded it for the world. But he pays a price when men in a working society don't know how to relate to that.

How did we get here? A lot of families who have these switched roles find themselves there because of the economy. Some days, I'm sure he wishes he could run to an office instead of face the explosive diaper waiting for him in the crib, and we do share those responsibilities, but he would say that the good and bad days of it all are valuable. If you are a stay at home dad, however you got here, I solute you. The more fathers out there pushing 2 grocery carts to get the shopping done before mom gets home so she doesn't have to do it and the more fathers who are seen out there in the world pushing the swings at the park two at a time, the more hope we can have in changing this perceptually tainted world. My husband is proof that being a present father doesn't take away from men being men, it makes them into the kind of man the world needs more of.

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Marcha de las mujeres convocada por Maria Corina hasta la GNB

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 09:44 PM PST

Este miércoles 26 de Febrero la marcha convocada por la diputado de oposición Maria Corina Machado y Lilian Tintori esposa del dirigente Leopoldo Lopez se llevó a cabo desde la sede de la Conferencia Episcopal en Montalban llegó hasta la sed de la GNB donde fue recibida por una comitiva de mujeres oficiales u sub-oficlales de la entidad, fue entregada una petición escrita donde destaca la liberación de Leopoldo Lopez, los estudiantes que son mantenidos bajo custodia e Ivan Simonovis quien tiene 9 años privado de libertad.

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Las mujeres de Venezuela marchan en silencio por la paz.

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 07:36 PM PST

Lideradas por la diputada opositora María Corina Machado, cientos de mujeres marcharon desde la Conferencia Episcopal Venezolana hasta el Comando General de la Guardia Nacional, allí la diputada, Lilian Tintori y la líder estudiantil Marianny Linarez entregaron un documento en el que recordaban a la GN el juramento que hicieron de proteger a la población venezolana así como les exigían el cese a la violencia contra los estudiantes y manifestantes de todo el país.

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When Rights Collide - AZ SB1062

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 04:01 PM PST

Across  the nation sides are drawing lines and staking claim to be on firm  constitutional ground over legislation passed this week by the Arizona  legislature and vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer.

Supporters  of the bill say it is necessary to protect religious freedom from an  assault by gays, lesbians and bisexuals to force believers to sin by  providing accomodation in businesses open to the public for same-gender  couples and even single GLBT persons. Proponents cite the 1st Amendment  prohibition against any law which would restrict "the free exercise  thereof" a particular religion.

Opponents  of the bill, mostly GLBT and Democrats, see this as state-sanctioned  discrimination based on religious belief contrary to the Establishment  Clause of the 1st Amendment which bars the establishment of a state  religion as well as violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th  Amendment.

This is clearly a case of "when rights collide".

It  is said there is a fine line between insanity and genius. In this  situation, I do believe, that both sides have crossed the line into the  insane. Not that all have, but some of the more outspoken of each camp  have gone beyond the reasonable into the shrill and unreasonable.

Growing  up the son and grandson of ministers in the Cleveland, Tennessee-based  Church of God, a fundamentalist, evangelical, Pentecostal denomination, I  do understand where many Christian conservatives are coming from,  though many Christians of other religious organizations do not read and  interpret the Scripture the same way. Not all Christian bodies find  homosexuality a sin or something God condemns. Many believe the opposite  that God loves all and created all just the way they are.

At  the same time being an openly gay male in a long-term committed  relationship living in a decidedly socially conservative state where  same-gender couples have no rights under state law, I understand why  some see the Arizona law yet another way to bash and continue to subdue  GLBT as second class citizens.

Businesses  open to the public are just that - open to the public - no matter who  the clientele. Churches and other Houses of Worship are a different  story.

Businesses awarded a license by the state to serve the public must serve all the public.

Religious  organizations, their ministers, rabbis, imams, priests, pastors and  preachers are free to practice their faith and not ask God's blessing on  any couple if it goes against their religious belief.

Both situations are rooted in constitutional protection.

The  idea of "we deserve the right to refuse service" has its place, but  there are consequences. Unless there is a legitimate reason for refusal  of service, a business owner, a company, is subject to civil action and  may be found wanting. What this law does is codify the right to  discriminate without reprecussion simply because a business owner or  company does not like people who are GLBT and claim it is on religious  grounds.

That is a big difference.

Do  we want to begin granting accomodation for discrimination - any  discrimination - with no oversight or redress or recourse under law?

I think not.

Individual  freedom and equal protection must be protected and upheld. Freedom to  exercise one's religious beliefs must also be protected and upheld.

It is not all or nothing.

The  law already provides for religious accomodation. The law already  provides for redress by those who think they have been discriminated  against without justifcation.

My  fellow GLBT who seek to force religious organizations to go against  heartfelt religious belief and conduct ceremonies of unity are wrong.

My  fellow evangelical Christians who attempt to hide behind self-righteous  indignation should remember what Jesus said when people were talking  about Him for eating with sinners and tax collectors and consorting with  prostitutes. The Christ pointed out it's not what goes in the body that  defiles a person, but what comes out of a person's mouth when his  Disciples were chastised by the religious leaders of the day for not  washing their hands before eating.

There  is no equality when either side attempts to deny the other side  accomodation and equality. There is no right when either side attempts  to trample the right of the other.

Governor  Brewer was right to veto this bill, as written, because it would have  gone too far and pitted rights against rights in a battle that need not  be.

From the Cornfield, times are changing.

Both  sides run the risk of turning off the middle if either side pushes too  far or crosses that line between genius and insanity.

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SOS Venezuela - Pray For Venezuela

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 02:54 PM PST

Music is a part of me and this is a way of sending strength to my Venezuela, who's fighting for human rights and for a real democracy for our country! This song is a reminder of the importance of raising our voices to get our country back! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

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Looking to Eat Ethically Homegrown, Local or Fair Trade

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 01:59 PM PST

Growing our own organic vegetables is the highlight of the year for us. We do not have a large garden but always have enough for all we need and to give away. Tomatoes are our favorite, sliced, in a stew, chili, marinara, salads and best of all fried green.
Wild raspberries take up a lot of the property. While we cut them back in the fall, seems we always have a great harvest every summer. My grandchildren always pick the first colander full. My husband will make a raspberry batter pie, or we eat on cereal or in salads, use in home made ice cream and cheese cake. I intend to make raspberry jam this summer.
If we do not grow it, the Amish Market is only a few miles away. They are open from early spring until November. All produce is locally grown, beautiful and delicious. You can also find Amish made baked goods, canned veggies and fruits, jam, jellies and local honey. The fresh churned butter is the best .Store bought eggs can not compare to the daily fresh eggs from the Amish hens.
I love the photo of the fat Momma Hen with all her chicks under her. Looks like she has a lot of chicken feet.
We do look for fair trade items when we can find them. Andrew's Air Force Base Commissary carries some things and we love to go to Harper's Ferry to find crafts, clothes, jewelry and art, as well as Fair Trade Chocolate.
We do have to think Ethically today for our health, for our local economy and for the fair treatment of farmer's and craftsmen all over the world.


Photography Janie Lambert
2011 to 2013

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26F Caracas

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 12:41 PM PST

Marcha de las Mujeres 26F

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26F Caracas

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 12:14 PM PST

Marcha de las Mujeres 26F

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26F Caracas

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 11:33 AM PST

Marcha de las Mujeres 26F

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National protest of taxi vans in Albania

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 10:22 AM PST

Taxi drivers of vans in all Albanian cities are jumping on the protest. The decision was made because the government does not allow licensing.
Government seeks organized transportation taxi service. But according to the protesters, the goal is the establishment of monopolies became the transportation of passengers.
Taxi drivers are warned of a massive protest in Tirana on Friday. If the government does not fulfill the requirements have threatened hunger strike.
In pictures drivers that tend to block the road Elbasan-Tirana

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Open Letter to Arizona Senator Al Melvin

Posted: 26 Feb 2014 09:57 AM PST

Dear Senator Melvin,


I saw your interview with Anderson Cooper this morning. I wanted to reach out to you about the proposed bill that you are supporting. My wife and I adopted our 2 children from Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia. They were infants from orphanages, due to being abandoned at birth. They have grown into amazing young men, now 11 and 13. We have taught them to love ALL people without judgement of their race, religion, wealth class, or sexual orientation.


Under your bill, if I walked into a restaurant in Arizona, you would be able to turn my family away. I don't think you fully understand the pain that you are inflicting on gays and lesbians. Why is it your "job" to try to punish us, "in the name of God".? Me feeding my children a hamburger does not take away a business owner's ability to love God, practice their faith, or serve the Lord. Allowing business owners to openly discriminate is the most un-Christian act that I have ever heard of.


I assume you have a perfect family with no gay or lesbian members. Let's say for a moment that you had a grandchild come to you and told you that they were gay. Would you no longer be able to go out to dinner with your grandchild anymore? Would you no longer take your grandchild to the local coffee house to have a bite to eat, just to have some time to bond? The local coffee house would have the legal ability to turn you away, just because you are with a person who is gay.


There are privately owned health clinics in Arizona. If I broke my arm and took went to this clinic, they would legally have the ability to turn me away. Giving a gay person a cast an attack on a doctor's religious freedom?


I understand that you TRULY believe that religion is under attack by the LGBT community. It is not under attack. It has nothing to do with religion. It simply has to do with human rights. We are all human beings who have the innate ability to love. I would never CHOOSE to be a lesbian. I would never CHOOSE to live in a world that is filled with hatred and discrimination. My sexuality is not my choice. My sexuality is not unChristian. My sexuality is not a sin. My sexuality is just part of who I am, just like being left just HAPPENS. I assume you would never have a bill that allowed business owners to kick out left handed people. Why let them discriminate against someone who is gay?


I hope that this email actually gets to you. It is sent with the utmost respect for you as a senator and someone who genuinely cares about the state they are representing. I hope it compels you to think before you start another example of hatred and law supported bigotry.


Kind Regards,
Anne Y-L
Calgary, Alberta
A U.S.. Citizen, living in Canada to protect our family from hatred.

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Oscar is getting ready for the Academy Awards

Posted: 25 Feb 2014 09:16 PM PST

Scenic artist prepare an iconic Oscar statue for Sunday's 86th Academy Award ceremony.

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