Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowy afternoon at CNN

Snowy afternoon at CNN

Snowy afternoon at CNN

Posted: 28 Jan 2014 12:25 PM PST

Team iReport took a quick walk around CNN Center to check out the snow. It seems like years since we got any real accumulation. Roads and Interstates are basically paralyzed, but it's pretty.
Somebody made a snowman on a planter and we saw some conference goers running around even though they didn't have coats.

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Great sledding in Tiger, Georgia

Posted: 28 Jan 2014 12:02 PM PST

Guy Gober sleds down his driveway, after Rabun County schools were released at 10 am. 2 inches and still coming down!

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Snow in Atlanta

Posted: 28 Jan 2014 11:51 AM PST

Snapped some pictures of the rare snow in Atlanta. Enjoy!

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Canada is ready to host refugees from Ukraine

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 10:12 AM PST

TORONTO, CANADA - 27 JANUARY, CNN iReport - Canada will "do the right things" when people who have been prosecuted approach to it for protection, said Chris Alexander, Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Our correspondent met with the Minister and talked about the situation in Ukraine


Andrey VASILIEV, journalist: There is a position that any dialog between the regime and the citizens will not work without the pressure from western politics. Do you think Ukraine still has a chance to resolve the situation by its own?


Chris ALEXANDER, Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister: The solutions will be found by Ukrainians for their country. We will always respect the suverinete the independent Ukraine. But in cases like that it does matter who speaks out, it does matter what friends say outside, it does matter that we have a coordinated approach with Washington, with Brussels, with other European countries.


The other question is if the Ukrainian neighbour to the East allows Ukrainians to negotiate and to decide these things. We would hate to think that anyone in President Putin's government in Moscow welcomes violence, welcomes the fact that the Ukrainian regime, that they have supported that strongly, has now fired upon and killed some of its own unarmed protestors.


That would be unwelcomed development if we had that kind of reaction: support for the use of force, support for violence from Moscow. And we would urge our Russian partners to leave this discussion to Ukrainians, to open the door to negotiation and to avoid the escalation of the situation that has already begun.


Andrey VASILIEV: Canada was one of the first countries that called to action and declared a chance of visa restrictions and individual financial sanctions implementations against Ukrainian politicians, responsible for the violations of human rights and freedoms. Mr.Baird has been in Kiev and personally observed the situation in the beginning of December, 2013. That visit did not lead to any additional steps from official Canada and was not supported by new declarations from Canada's government. Why was that? Did any change of Canadian position have place?


Chris ALEXANDER: Our position absolutely has not changed. We are in favour of democratic future for Ukraine we are in favour of its integration into a larger global economy, which for Ukraine means the larger European economy. We wanted to see negotiations on Association agreement succeed and they have not. And as a result we have been defended the rights of protesters to stay peacefully their view.


And we have counted on those protest remaining peaceful on their rights being respected. As after tonight it has not been respected, as after tonight they have been violent on the significant scale and so Canada will be looking now, at all the options available for us in these new circumstances.


We already have laws that make those people who have committed acts that would be crimes in Canada who have committed atrocities or war crimes inadmissible to this country. They are inadmissible to this country.
We will look at all options available to us to respond appropriately to this events and to ensure that those responsible face concrete tangible consequences.


All Canadians feel the pain and share the pain that Ukrainians are experiencing tonight. It is a dark night for us as it is for all of Ukrainian. When innocent people, innocent protesters lose their lives.


We are deeply concerned about this turn towards violence, we have been supporting the right to peaceful assembling, the right to peaceful protest by those who want better future for Ukraine.


Andrey VASILIEV: The US Senate has approved a resolution that specifies stronger measures against Ukraine and threatened with coming sanctions. Has Canadian Parliament had any consultations or discussions about the case of raising violent conflict in Ukraine?


Chris ALEXANDER: ...for Canada Ukraine is a privilege partner, a country with which we have a special relationship, because of a share history.


We will take a very-very careful account of what has happened on the ground, who is responsible before deciding what the next steps Canada itself will take. In the meantime, all of the options are on table and the consultations taking here are intense and in a wide range.


Andrey VASILIEV: Around 4% of Canadians have Ukrainian background or Ukrainian citizenship. Does Canada have any plans of changing the immigration policies for them or those Ukrainians who would try to apply for a legal status in Canadian provinces due to the political events in Kiev?


Chris ALEXANDER: We are prepared to welcome people as refugees under our very generous and now reformed determination system. Ukraine is always in our thoughts when it comes to immigration issues in Canada.


And yes, we will do the right things when people who have been prosecuted approach us for protection.


Journalist: Andrey Vasiliev
Producer: Olga Mozkova

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Army Combat Veteran Graduates from Medical School

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 04:51 AM PST

Good Morning Robin, I thought I would forward my son, Mark "Max" Froom's wonderful story. My son, served two combat tours as a lab technician in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He worked alongside to physicians from Egypt, who convinced him to pursue a medical degree. I am so proud of my son, who will be graduating from medical school from Louisiana State University, New Orleans Medical School on May 15, 2014. His father, who is a retired Army Sergeant Major with 30 years of active service will also attend. This is a proud moment for the United States Army.

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My Beatles' Story

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 02:24 PM PST

I was a very young teenager when I first heard the Beatles on our old battery operated radio in the early 1960s. Since we had no television, I had no idea of what these boys looked like. Imagine, if you will, electricity had not yet been introduced in my tiny rural community of St. Vincent's, NL! The Beatles had rocked their way to our little community and captivated all teenagers, especially girls. Paul McCartney was my favourite…and still is.

My mother's voice still resonates in my head as she continued to scold me for asking the rest of my siblings to be quiet so I could hear a song that was playing on the old radio without interruption, while The Beatles sang "It's Been A Hard Days Night." My mother's innate ability was her guarantee that I would be the first one (out of 4 other siblings) to volunteer when she needed an errand done. Of course, I was happy to help her, as well, I saw this as the perfect opportunity for my plan, because it reaped a reward of at least 5-10¢. That's when you could purchase both an apple and an orange for a dime. With my planned treat in mind, I was eager to make my purchase – a flat package of bubble gum. Ironically, my mom did not allow any of us to bring gum home because, at times, we would unintentionally carry it home on our shoes. What she didn't know is that I was looking forward to making the purchase of bubble gum. I knew from some of my friends that there was something special inside the bubble gum wrapper. To my astonishment, as I opened the wrapper and discarded the gum, I found this photo of my music idols – the Beatles. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Wow, and it's autographed by George Harrison! What a moment! I was ecstatic. I could hardly contain the excitement till I reached the house. When I reached the house, totally exhausted from running all the way home, I swung open the porch door and ran into the kitchen holding my prize possession. I anxiously showed my siblings what I had found in the bubble gum wrapper. To my dismay, my mother spoke up and asked "What's going on?" I showed it to my mother and her reaction was not what I wanted to hear. She said, "calm down girl and stop being so crazy over these young boys. They look disgusting, especially with their really long hair." This was not acceptable according to my family's strict disciplinary rules. I bet she was thinking about my three younger brothers and hoping that they would not see this new trend in hairstyle for boys, for fear that this may sway them to follow suit. That would not be a good thing in our household. So, to avoid any further conflict, I plastic-wrapped my new Beatles' photo, headed upstairs and displayed it on my bedroom wall where it remained, untouched till I left home in 1966. Since then, it has become a special piece of memorabilia that I hold close to my heart, as it represents a piece of my childhood, and that is priceless. It has travelled with me wherever I have gone and survived throughout my married life and the raising of our two children. Fifty-three years later, it's still precious to me. Most recently, I have mounted in a frame and placed it on a shelf in my office. The lesson to be learned here: it's the little things that matter most.

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