Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mayor: Why we're letting Braves go

Mayor: Why we're letting Braves go

Mayor: Why we're letting Braves go

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:37 AM PST

As a young boy, I loved watching the Atlanta Braves. I can recall countless historic moments over the course of their 47-year history in the city. It was in Atlanta that the Braves won an unprecedented 14 division championships from 1991 to 2005. It was in Atlanta that Hall of Famer Hank Aaron hit his record-breaking home run in 1974. It was in Atlanta that the Braves won a World Series championship in 1995. There is no doubt that the Braves belong to Atlanta.

Warren vs. Clinton? Don't buy it

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 10:23 AM PST

Speculation among political "analysts" has recently heated up around the idea that newly minted Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts might pose a real challenge to Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Website improving, expert says

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 11:13 AM PST

The Obamacare enrollment numbers will be released "shortly," White House chief technology officer Todd Park said at a hearing.

Democrats losing patience

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 11:07 AM PST

Congressional Democrats are raising the pressure on President Obama to fix his signature health care initiative.

Clinton turning back on Obama?

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 10:21 PM PST

John Berman talks to panel guests about Bill Clinton's criticism of the president and his promise to the American people

Palin: Clinton was right on Obama

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 11:07 AM PST

Fmr. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin says Bill Clinton was right when he said Obama was not qualified.

Lawsuit: Nurse was 'worked to death'

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 05:03 PM PST

An Ohio man whose wife died in a car accident earlier this year is suing the hospital where she was a nurse, claiming she was "worked to death," and that the hospital knew about it.

SeaWorld fights for its survival

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 06:30 PM PST

SeaWorld is taking on the government, aiming for permission for its killer whale trainers to get back in the water.

Toronto mayor talks about drugs

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:11 AM PST

[Breaking news alert, 11:41 a.m.]

Neo-Nazi learns he's part African

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 12:39 PM PST

White supremacist Craig Cobb appeared on a TV show where DNA tests revealed he is 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.

Amazing photo of Earth from Saturn

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 11:11 AM PST

The Cassini spacecraft took a panorama of 141 wide-angle pictures that show not only Saturn, but the Earth as a tiny dot in the background. The image covers 404,880 miles across Saturn and its ring system.

Photos: Saturn in a different light

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 11:00 AM PST

Trooper, suspect fall off overpass

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 04:51 PM PST

A Michigan police trooper fell off an overpass while chasing a suspect.

Rare 'Asian unicorn' caught on camera

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 06:41 AM PST

Environmentalists in Vietnam were ebullient this week after remote cameras in a forest reserve snapped pictures of a live saola, one of the rarest large mammals on Earth.

More workers still prefer a male boss

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 08:04 AM PST

A new survey says people still prefer a male boss, but 23% -- the highest number ever -- say they prefer women. But why is there a gap at all?

Man's murder conviction overturned after 10 years.

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 04:35 AM PST

CNN's Michaela Pereira has a look at the top news stories that you need to know.

How volcanoes could power the world

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 08:16 AM PST

How will the world be powered when we can't rely anymore on fossil fuels? With volcanoes, waves and solar power from space

Alleged stalker to Baldwin: 'You're lying'

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 04:14 AM PST

It could have been a scene from one of his movies.

After $10k surprise, Ellen strikes again

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 04:50 AM PST

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres surprised a waitress with a brand new car just weeks after giving her $10,000.

Stranger buys pink .22 rifle for 8-year-old

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 06:20 AM PST

Christmas came early for Kallie Wright when a stranger bought the gun that was at the top of her Christmas list.

Lady Gaga: I was addicted to marijuana

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 04:21 AM PST

Musician Lady Gaga reveals that she struggled with a marijuana addiction that lasted for many years.

Record art auction: This goes for $142M

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 06:11 AM PST

A painting by artist Francis Bacon sold for $142,405,000 on Tuesday, breaking the record as the most expensive piece of art ever auctioned, according to a statement from the auction house.

First transgender lingerie model?

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 06:17 PM PST

Transgender model Carmen Carrera wants to be the first transgender Victoria's Secret model.

Is this world's sexiest hotel room?

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 02:54 AM PST

A white, bright, mother-of-pearl-themed hotel room in London has won an award for world's sexiest bedroom.

Actress ditches red carpet, comforts fan

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 08:02 AM PST

Actress Jennifer Lawrence comforts a young fan at the London premiere for her new "Hunger Games" film.

Distraction: Dog begs for kitty love

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 04:30 AM PST

This cute dog just wants some attention from his kitty friend.

Inmate freed

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 05:38 AM PST

A man's murder conviction is overturned after 10 years.

Food gets to islands, but not to the starving

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 01:46 AM PST

Those left hungry in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan have yet to get a bite of the tons of food sent to the Philippines from around the world.

Dark desperation

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 08:47 AM PST

In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, nights are often the hardest. It's dark. It's wet. There is nothing to eat. And help is still far away.

Days of horror

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 03:00 AM PST

The relief effort is underway after Typhoon Haiyan, but Anderson Cooper finds supplies are not reaching many of those in need.

Childhood in the path of typhoons

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 05:13 AM PST

Cecilia Brainard grew up in the Philippines, where people can tell a typhoon is coming from the smell of rain and know the ropes about staying safe. Still, Haiyan's power was beyond anyone's imagination or experience.


Posted: 12 Nov 2013 05:53 PM PST

Congressional Democrats are upping the pressure on President Barack Obama to fix what's ailing his signature health care initiative with some in the party warning they may be forced to back a House Republican proposal if the White House doesn't offer an alternative by week's end.

Super Typhoon Haiyan

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 04:37 PM PST

Amid widespread suffering and reports of rising tensions on the ground, aid organizations and nations around the world raced Tuesday to deliver supplies to areas of the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan four days earlier.

Google 'throat tattoo'

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 04:35 PM PST

It looks like Google Glass was just the beginning. Google now appears to be aiming a few inches lower, working on a temporary electronic tattoo that would stick to the user's throat.


Posted: 12 Nov 2013 06:36 PM PST

If you're not on medicine to lower your cholesterol yet, you might be soon.


Posted: 12 Nov 2013 04:42 PM PST

The best photographs work on multiple levels, capturing what's happening on the surface while transcending two-dimensions to invite viewers to dig into whatever's pictured.


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