Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clearing after the storm

Clearing after the storm

Clearing after the storm

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 09:57 AM PST

Photos taken in Talisay City, Cebu last November 8,2013, after tyhoon Haiyan passed through. People start to assess the damage ,clear the streets and restore the power.

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Haiyan survivors in Leyte struggle to pick up the pieces

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 07:42 AM PST

These photos were taken by Maryann Zamora, Emergency Communications Officer at World Vision, as she walked 8 hours to get to Tacloban in the province of Leyte. This area is reported to be the hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Storm survivors mourn the loss of their homes and are in desperate need of life-saving supplies like clean water.


"Yesterday, my fellow World Vision Philippines aid workers and I started our trip from Ormoc at 7:00 in the morning. We had a good ride until Tanauan and arrived there before lunch time. But after that the walking started. We had a long, heartbreaking and risky walk over and through the electrical posts and streetlights with so many people, passing through the scene of massive devastation, mass graves and bodies lying just anywhere are understated. It was my longest walk so far and it was as if I was walking on a path of endless misery. We arrived safely in Tacloban at 8:00 in the evening," said Maryann Zamora.

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Lake Effect SW Michigan

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 06:20 AM PST

Picture of Lake Effect from Southwest Michigan, Berrien County just north of South Bend, Indiana

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De Icing at Ohare

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 06:08 AM PST

Best, Bob Stern 847-946-5033

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Packing aid for Typhoon Haiyan survivors

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 05:43 AM PST

Video courtesy Instagram user @khurlyrastagram

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Super Typhoon Yolanda Hits Coron

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 05:23 AM PST

Interview with Jim Pe, vice mayor of Coron, Philippines. The city was devastated in the typhoon.

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Donations for those affected by typhoon Haiyan

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 04:12 AM PST

Image courtesy Instagram user @darrensalts

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Super Typhoon Haiyan Experience

Posted: 12 Nov 2013 03:05 AM PST

Happened to be in Tacloban in the midst of the strongest typhoon to be ever recorded in history. Growing up in the Philippines, I was pretty much used to storms hitting the country but this one was unlike any other. I woke up at around 5am, peeked through the window and saw what seemed to be like a normal typhoon with strong wind and heavy rain. Until it got worse and worse. I could hear the wind banging the windows as if it were going to explode. The wind was so strong and sounded like a mad woman was crying so loud and even hellhounds howling. The typhoon was so severe that we could feel our ears popping. The only place where we felt safe was in the hallway so we placed chairs and there we sat and prayed it would just be over. It was the scariest thing that ever happened in my life. People started banging our door. We let them in and saw children, women and men crying and telling their houses were destroyed by the storm surge. I looked out the window and saw how quick the level of water was increasing. People who entered our room got so scared that some of them even went to the third floor fearing that the water would reach our room as well. We feared for our lives and thought about what could be the smartest thing to do. We already had a small bag ready with necessities if in case we'd have to go somewhere higher than where we were. We decided to stay in our room convinced that it would be the safest area in the 3-floor hotel building. After a few hours the weather became more calm, the sky became clearer as if nothing bad happened. The water was gone and you could see mud, debris, fallen trees and destroyed houses everywhere. We checked out the first floor of the hotel and saw how greatly it was damaged as the first floor hotel guests said the water level rose so quick they almost drowned to death. No staff in the hotel warned them about anything. The saddest thing was most of the guests in the first floor were elderly. The third floor of the hotel was in total devastation as well. The roof was gone, windows and furniture were broken. It was totally devastating. Electricity and connections were cut so we had no idea how badly the city was destroyed. My other friends Nico and Ken decided to check out the places near our hotel. They also searched for food and water we could drink for the next days. Everything was wiped out and we were thinking of what to do next fearing there would be a second wave of the super typhoon. Night fall came and it was dark and quiet. I couldn't sleep thinking about what happened on what seemed to be the worst day of our lives. Staying in the hotel room was scary because of the possibility that people might ransack the place. That same night when the typhoon came, we saw a huge fire that looked like to be located in downtown. The whole scene was like something fresh out from a movie. It was like the end of the world. Power lines and connection lines were cut off so we had no idea on what happened to the other places that was affected by the storm. For two days, we couldn't reach our family members until we decided to walk around. With a bit of luck, a friend saw a lady holding a phone and looked like texting somebody. On that spot he asked if there was already a phone connection. Our whole group opened our phones hoping there would be available signal. Thankfully for some reason, that spot had signal and we were able to contact our family members in Manila. Everyone was so worried because it was a total news black out. Tacloban City was very chaotic. Looting was everywhere, not just food, water and medicine. I could see men trying to get in an appliance store, carrying out refrigerators, washing machine, basically anything they could get. I thought to myself, what would the do with that? Their homes were wiped out, there is no electricity, where would they put the stolen appliances? The aftermath of the storm has sinked in and this was the first and only time where I've seen and smelled so many dead bodies lying on the side streets. On Nov. 10, Monday night, we headed to the airport hoping the streets would be clear and we would be able to reach the airport. Picture a scene from the Walking Dead, the whole downtown was like a ghost town, the wind was filled with the smell of dead people, and seeing how everything was destroyed was just truly heartbreaking. We camped outside the ruined Tacloban Airport with high hopes that we could ride the C130 plane that would take us to Cebu or Manila. We waited and lined up for 14 hours with no food and water despite the relief goods being given on the other side of the airport. People were getting so desperate that we thought there would be a stampede. After not being able to ride several planes leaving because of so many people in the airport, my friends and I finally got the chance to ride the military airplane. People in the Visayas area, and all the other region in the Philippines that was hit by the storm badly needs food, water, clothing and shelter to survive. I hope the government would be able to resolve the looting issue. I have witnessed it happen in Tacloban City. Surivors are walking everywhere carrying sacks of goods they were able to get. I have stayed in the destructed city for a couple of days after the typhoon hit and I couldn't feel the relief goods being passed around. The Philippines and my countrymen really needs all the help that anyone in the world could give. A lot of people are starving. Desperately in in need of food and water.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2013 09:54 PM PST

My mom is living alone in our house at Phase 2, Block 14, Lot 1 V&G subdivision, Tacloban City, Leyte We have been desperately trying to reach her, we have already tried goggle person finder and social media site, we are desperate because she is alone and have a dis ability in her ankle hindering her to walk far, if any one can help locate her and bring her to manila we will take the rest from there. Please help us!

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Victims of Super TYPHOON HAIYAN

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 06:31 PM PST

My Mom Liza "Honglan" Opiniano, My brothers Allan "Boogie Opiniano, Arthur "Shaolin" Opiniano and my nephew Clinton Opiniano are still missing right now. I haven't recieved any updates from them. Im asking any help from all the people in Tacloban and all the media to help me find them. Im so desperate here in Maryland, I wanna go home to help the best I can but the situation is hard. I hope all the people in Tacloban,Philippines can read this. Its been 5 days that I have no Idea if theyre all safe or if they have food to eat. Im watching news every minute and all I see alot of dead bodies in te street. It breaks my heart coz this is my hometown. So many good memories growing up in Tacloban. Its a small town where all people knows each other. I do hope that all of the victims will get help. Im praying that my family are safe. Please help me locate them. They live at BRGY.95-A CAIBAAN RD.TACLOBAN CITY.

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Mt. Etna is erupting tonight

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 01:29 PM PST

We are on a cruise around Italy. We were just leaving the port of Catania, Sicily at 5pm when we noticed that Mt. Etna had begun erupting. We could see red spouts of lava every few moments, especially as the sun was starting to set. There appeared to be several hot spots below the summit, in addition to the main eruption. My photos were taken with a Canon 5D with a 300mm lens. As darkness fell, I shot at extremely high ISO, so the photos are a bit grainy.

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My lovely wife & 4 wonderful kids

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 12:45 PM PST

I am Andrew S. Enderez, an Engineer presently working here in UAE.
My wife is Rebecca R. Enderez is 38 years old & our 4 kids are Ronaldo R. Enderez, 15 years old, Raymond R. Enderez, 13 years old, Angelika R. Enderez, 10 years old, & Arianne R. Enderez, 4 years old, together with my kids trusted nanny, Poyen Modesto, 63 years old, whose last known location was at Block 7 Lot 11 Beta Bay View Subdivision, Brgy. 88 San Jose District, Tacloban City, our family dwelling near the Tacloban City Airport.
Unfortunately, that place that we call "home" was the hardest hit by Typhoon Yolanda. Up until now, I haven't heard from my wife thru mobile phone. As each day pass, I grew more anxious & hopeless. I am already granted a leave by my employer this coming 15th of November 2013.
I have posted the picture of us, my family, on the facebook account of my youngest daughter in hopes that somebody can inform me from those persons who knew us personally, however, to NO avail.
Glimpses of my wife & kids smiling at me everytime I come home for a vacation is permanently stuck on my mind. I cant fathom that such a tragedy I see only in the movies could happen to me. Please do help me locate my missing loved ones so that at least I could give them a proper burial in the event fate has indeed befallen them. As I am writing this request, I cant help but breakdown & cry. I have already lost a couple of my other relatives with this typhoon, hopefully, I am still positive that a certain degree of probability that my family has survived.

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Success at Last! - The Final Chapter?

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 11:17 AM PST

Since October 2, I have been chronicling my life partner Iohn's experience in trying to navigate the federal Marketplace Exchange.

Dealing  with the worrisome and still trouble-prone web site, set up under the  Affordable Care Act, has been a strain and at times worthy of throwing  up one's hands and giving up. The Exchange's purpose is to provide  health insurance options for Americans without insurance to select and  choose in compliance with the individual mandate.

This  week we have been told that Health and Human Services, the  Cabinet-level Department in charge of the Exchange program, will provide  numbers as to how many have successfully enrolled in health insurance  through the Exchange as well as the state exchanges. The prognosis is  not good. HHS is downplaying the numbers even before release.

Iohn is apparently one of the few who have successfully completed enrollment, except for payment of the first premium.

The  goal, actually more of a red line, is to enroll 2.7 million healthy  young Americans by March 31. That target number is necessary for the  progam to be affordable and offset the number of older and sicker  individuals with health insurance.

To-date  news accounts indicate that more than half of those applying through  the Exchange are being re-directed to Medicaid instead.

Reports  also indicate that exceedingly young people have given up on the web  site and will opt to pay the $95 or 1% of income tax instead of the  hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy health insurance.

That goal appears to be beyond the realm of possibility at this point in time.

Imagine  my surprise last Wednesday, while Mark's Den was dark, to return from  the grocery store to find Iohn on his cell phone with a representative  from MDWise, the health insurer whose plan Iohn had enrolled.

The  rep was confirming that Iohn's information had been transmitted from  the Exchange to the insurer. The rep confirmed it was a Silver plan with  a zero deductible and $500 out-of-pocket maximum per year. The rep also  confirmed the premium amount would be $51.14 per month with the income  tax subsidy.

When  Iohn completed the enrollment on the Exchange site, there was a  notification that he would be receiving confirmation from the insurer  via the US Postal Service within a "few days" along with payment  options. Faithfully for over a month Iohn and I checked our post office  box to no avail. The phone call was quite a surprise.

Now  the question for Iohn is whether to remit the premium by December 31  for an effective date of coverage on January 1 or to opt for an act of  civil disobedience and not follow-through and pay the tax in 2015 for  2014 instead.


From the Cornfield, it took well over a month, but Iohn did finally successfully navigate the Marketplace Exchange.

He  has safely docked his ship of life in the port awaiting to determine  whether to rig the ship with health insurance and premiums or keep a  more streamlined sloop and pay the tax penalty.

Of course depending on the outcome of several federal lawsuits, Iohn and others living in the 34 states using the federal Exchange may find themselves ineligible for the tax credit subsidy.

In that case, the premium would soar to $292 per month for Iohn and be far outside the range of affordability.

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Marilou Regodo 21, Naval Biliran

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 10:48 AM PST

and her family living in Villa Cosuelo Naval, Biliran

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SSgt Andrae Williams

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 08:05 AM PST

My name is Brittany Williams, and I would like to salute my wonderful husband SSgt Andrae Williams who is currently serving a year long tour at Osan AFB, South Korea. This is one of the sweetest, loving and caring gentleman I have ever met and I am so proud to be an Air Force wife.The day we got married was one of my proudest moments, and I knew I was becoming one with my best friend and soulmate.It has certainly been difficult since he has been gone and I miss him dearly. Fortunately enough, he has a positive attitude and makes the best out of any situation. I can't wait until you come home sweetie. I love you so much!!!

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Looking for my Aunt Letecia Emata

Posted: 10 Nov 2013 11:41 PM PST

Its been 4 days already and still we have'nt heard any news from my Aunt Letecia Emata who lives in the municipality of Tanauan, Leyte. Tanauan is one of the towns in Leyte province badly hit by typhoon Haiyan. We are still hoping and pray that all of them are safe.

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Boy Scout Salute

Posted: 10 Nov 2013 04:38 PM PST

Boy Scout pack 8 from Macon, Georgia salutes the troops from The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

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