Wednesday, November 20, 2013

America Ferrera at UT Austin protest against YCT's planned "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game

America Ferrera at UT Austin protest against YCT's planned "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game

America Ferrera at UT Austin protest against YCT's planned "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game

Posted: 20 Nov 2013 11:34 AM PST

America Ferrera at UT Austin protest against YCT's planned "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" game

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Forgotten Villiages (Burangays)

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 11:33 PM PST

I am an Australian Resident, work in Egypt as an expat in Mining.I have a Philippino wife and live in a Burangay called Calubian in the Dulag area approximately 40 km south of Tacloban.
This small village has 700 people and inland from the sea about 4km.
I was working in Eygpt as the Typhoon approached the coast.. I then lost contact with my wife Rhealyn Smith.
My company gave me permission to fly to the Philippines to check on my wife.
There was no contact and like everyone you think the worst. On the 13th I used my mobile in Manila and was ringing and my wife answered. She is alive so happy so relieved. She traveled by ferry from Ormac tro Cebu and i flew in from Manila to meet her

One would think well great it is all over all is good. Philippines have high family values something we have lost in the west as we pursued a more material life. style

On the 19 November we traveled by ferry from Cebu to Ormac and then hired a car to travel to the Dulag area and my village Calubian to pick up my young sister inlaw, 2 brothers with girl friends an 2x babies and traveled back to Cebu where I have rented an apartment for 6 months. I have one more trip to take in additional ,food and bring back my wife's mother and father.

You see on the news the devastation in Tacloban and yes so bad and it is where the majority of people lost their lifes.

The Dulag area is 40km south of Tacloban and was I believe the first area to make land fall.
The devastation the same but the sea surge I hear was not as high as in Tacloban
The Dulag areas has around 45 burangays in the area.
I could see food distribution in Dulag and along the road to Ormac through Bay Bay.
In my village they have only carried out an air drop and as we know some get fed and some miss out. This must be controlled and hopefully will be fixed soon.

My family and other seeking refuge in my house are being fed as i have got foods through and this last time brought food in myself

My father and mother inlaw are very religious and they gave out what additional foods they had, During the Typhoon there were 30 people in out house, 15 in another building, some taking refuge in the yard due to the re in-forced brick fence. I am proud of my wife and others for thinking of others. I am not religious but believe in helping others but as best you can.

I have my last trip into the area I hope on Friday the 22nd November to take food in and bring out other family members. I then must return to Egypt to carry out my role as Reliability Superintendent at Sukari Gold mine. My wife and family are safe and living in Cebu temporary until Calubian gey back some normality.

On a final note this village from what I hear, had no looting after the Typhoon, hungry frightened and traumatized but they went about life the best they could
These are people who live simple lives in what you could call out of the way places. Aid has taken too long do not forget them

I have followed CNN for many years and I must give a special mention to Anderson Cooper and his team.
Extremely honest and great reporting

Attached is my house mentioned in the article with a few pictures of this villiage

Kind regards

Robert Smith

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Rocket Launch from Brooklyn NYC

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 07:28 PM PST

Cold and blustery night on the Belt Parkway but i stuck it out to get this long exposure shot. The rocket took off from Wallops Island, Va and was seen on this clear night. The bridge is the Verrazano Bridge that connects Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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ORS-3 mission: Minotaur 1 rocket launch photo

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 06:32 PM PST

November 19, 2013 - 8:15 PM

We viewed the launch of the ORS-3 mission from Augustine Beach, located on the Delaware River, just south of Port Penn, Delaware. I photographed the launch, taking a series of four 30-second exposures and creating a composite image to show the entire flight path during those two minutes.

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NASA Wallops launch

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 06:20 PM PST

A Minotaur I rocket launch carrying the DOD's Operationally Response Space-3 mission launches Nov. 19 from Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0B at Wallops, as seen from Margate, N.J. in this composite photo.

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Celebs on the Red Carpet at Rock N Roll Marathon Vegas

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 03:54 PM PST

The Rock n Roll Marathon took over the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday November 17, 2013. Runners from around the world took part in the full marathon, half marathon and the 1/2 of the Half run.

The Rock n Roll series joins running, music, celebrity and charity into one amazing worthwhile event.

The Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon benefits the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation (CCFA).


This year we got to chat with Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) from Full House, Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives and Biggest Loser and Tenley Molzahn from The Bachelor.

Scott Dickey, the CEO of Competitor Group who organizes Rock n Roll Marathon series and Craig Comins with CCFA both stopped by to talk about the race and the charitable aspects of the series.

For more information visit:

iReport from J.Son of - The naked truth of whats hot in the news.

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Muslims Commemorate Ashura

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 03:02 PM PST

Shi'a Muslims in Mumbai, India observe Ashura, the anniversary of the death of Hussein ibn Ali, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson at the hands of Umayyad troops in 680AD.

The day falls on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar.

Hussein is regarded as a martyr by Shiite Muslims, who commemorate his death with fasting and self-flagellation.

Certain rituals like the traditional flagellation ritual called Talwar zani (talwar ka matam or sometimes tatbir) using a sword or zanjeer zani or zanjeer matam, involving the use of a zanjeer (a chain with blades) are also performed.

These are religious customs that show solidarity with Hussein and his family. People mourn the fact that they were not present at the battle to fight and save Hussein and his family. In some western cities, Shi'a communities have organized blood donation drives with organizations like the Red Cross on Ashura as a positive replacement for self-flagellation rituals like "Tatbir" and "Qame Zani".

Shia commonly believe that taking part in Ashura is to be absolved of sin. A popular Shia saying has it that, `a single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins.`

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Posted: 19 Nov 2013 12:55 PM PST

Our students are thankful for CNN Student News. The Puns and fun facts are engaging the students and making them WANT watch the news each day! Some of the students are even watching it at home BEFORE coming to school each day. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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Messages from Yolanda survivors from Eastern Samar

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 10:21 AM PST

I spent a day in the Eastern Samar to check the REAL situation and document the Haiyan's aftermath. I was accompany by a Tyhoon Victim and toured me in the downtown. 99% of all infrastuctures such as buildings, hospitals, churches and business establishments were totally damage. The local residents need ready to eat foods, water, medicine and gasoline.


Before leaving Guiuan, Samar, the first place in the Philippines where Typhoon Haiyan made a landfall, I paid a visit in the municipal hall and found out that there were letters left in the box. I asked one of the government officials and she immediately informed me that no one is delivering it by today.


With the use of my smartphone, I took photos of all the letters in the box and I hope that the gallery of photos will be a help to everyone.

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Posted: 19 Nov 2013 07:12 AM PST

I am 28, Make about $75,000 as an IT. Grew up in a small town where $45,000 is A LOT of money, so I never would have guessed that 75k covers rent and a couple cars in this world. I feel very good making this wage, I feel accomplished and like I have enough to take care of all my bills and food and even have few hundred left over a month for my wife and I to go do things/save. I don't feel like I NEED to make more, but I definitely don't want to lose what I've earned. Being that I'm still young, I feel like my income is only going to grow due to job position and title going up, more responsibility and just good old fashion inflation. My income also makes me want to live somewhere else, where it can go further for its value. I'm not struggling though and I'm happy, so I'm in no rush to leave or make any big changes.

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Autumn in Japan

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 04:36 AM PST

Autumn in Japan is more than just changing the colour of leaves. Autumn as well as other seasons will give a total different colour of Japan including their food. Its one of the good time to enjoy Japan

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Giving Thanks

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 04:04 PM PST

I'm thankful for life in general.

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Thankful for Karl!

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 01:19 PM PST

Karl gets us off to the right start each day by bringing us up to date on all the top news stories. We get a kick out of his quirky puns!!

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My income makes me feel Depressed

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 12:42 PM PST

Every two weeks I feel like a champion. I get paid, I pay my bills, I spend on necessary things before i spend on the un-nessesary. If i have cash left over i will spend on myself. This is not the case. I don't ever have cash left over for the following week. This is when the depression starts. The scrapping to pay the toll booth, checking under the car seats, pockets of previous clothes i wore over the past week. "Please is there a dollar or two I may have forgotten in my pockets!" Nothing. I would drink my problems away. But I can't afford it. There are times I need to borrow money to cover my over draft fees from my bank just so I can bring my account back to zero. What a shame.
Two jobs seems to be the new one job now days. I work, go to school, and work some more. I read somewhere the other day that said, "If you have $35.00 in your bank account and zero debt, you are richer then X amount of people in the world" i couldn't remember the X amount of people. If this was the case why don't I have money.
I work at a school so i can get a tuition deduction on classes. I am in a long distance relationship, so i got a part time job at an air-line so i can fly for free to see her. I like football so i got a temp job at the stadium so i can watch the games.
I'll tell you this. Not being able to make ends meet has surly enhanced my creative bubble juices. My girlfriend came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. Of course she came on a none pay week. I lover her to death and i want to spoil her as much as i financially can. From the paragraphs above, I can't. So the night she came, while she was in the shower, i grabbed a sheet, pillow, some candles, lighter, glasses, bowls, spoons, knife, avocados , bananas, cookies, bread, butter and two bottles of water.. All these items you can basically get in anyones house. I packed it all in a cooler. threw it in the truck and headed to the beach.
The candles is what did the trick. I had a romantic night on the beach and cost nothing. The depression did hit me until i had to pay $7.00 to parking. Which lucky she had. Luck is what i live for.
I appreciate a lot of things. I appreciate what i have, I appreciate what i don't have. People say money doesn't buy you happiness. This may be true, however money doesn't make me sad. I would rather have all the problems I have now, with a larger in-come.
I 'Bet" then I wouldn't have half the problems. But then again. I shouldn't be betting.


**Hint** This picture above is not my car. but the gas is.

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Trayvon Martin

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 12:26 PM PST

There was a skate party at Skate King Roller Rink Saturday November 16, 2013 from 9pm to midnight in honor of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. I'd like to share the AMAZING ice sculpture displayed that night. It's that of a hoodie. There are Skittles in the hood and pockets. which are visible in the ice sculpture. There was a contest to guess the number of Skittles in the ice sculpture to win prizes. For those that participated in the contest, they were given a shot of Arizona tea which was poured through one of the sleeves and then into little cups. St Louis Finest organized this skate party and did an amazing job. Tracy Martin recorded a personal video message thanking everyone that participated in the event and apologized for not being able to attend. Again, I'd like to share a picture of the amazing ice sculpture.

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We Are "Beary" Thankful

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 09:31 AM PST

We are the Rock Hills GRIZZLIES from Mankato, KS. As part of our current events class, we watch CNN Student News everyday. We are extremely thankful for Carl Azus and the CNN team for producing such an educational news program. Our junior high has 41 students in 7th and 8th grade....8 of which are in the current events class. One of the class members is dressed up in our school mascot, the GRIZZLY. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Tycen Higer
Mezvah Nobi
Chase Slate
Dereck Gillett
Jake Spiegel
Jackson Chance
Emily Behrends
Derric Luong
Austin Beck

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Posted: 18 Nov 2013 06:25 AM PST

Wind-blown Trampoline in Michigan November 18th

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