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Egyptian Superwomen (Part 1)

Egyptian Superwomen (Part 1)

Egyptian Superwomen (Part 1)

Posted: 16 May 2013 03:53 AM PDT

I received a message from Yasmine El Baramawy, days before I won the CNN iReport 3rd Annual Award, telling me that she's voting for my nominated report every day, but she has an admonition for me, "you mentioned all Muslim Brotherhood/authority crimes but you forget to mention the rape and sexual assault"

Yasmine was right; Yasmine was raped in Tahrir Sq.

This kind of crimes is unforgivable and unforgettable; I apologized to her, I just wrote the report before her accident.

After this, lots of investigative reports revealed that there are organized mercenaries got paid by MB members to sexually attack the female protesters.

It's not only the paid mercenaries who commit this horrible crimes, it's in the blood of the current male dominating society of Egypt. The society generally is hostile and aggressive to women; it's enough reason that you are a female to be targeted.

No matter what you are wearing, no matters how old you are.

Since forever and I want to write this report, about "Egyptian-She-Revolutionist"

As an Inevitable acknowledgement for her great effort in her daily fight in an unfair war, her fight to proof that she deserves to live, dream and achieve.

She's been assaulted, kidnapped, arrested, raped, tortured, ripped from her beloved ones and even murdered.

Just because she's a SHE!

I'm talking about the Egyptian Superwomen.

Who kept suffering for ages and kept fighting for their minimum rights. And still fighting because the road is lonesome and gloomy full of bastards who are enjoying being racists and anti-humanists.

I'll try to mention here only some of super heroes that I honored to know, I can't and nobody can limit a list of those great women,


Mrs.Laila Marzouk  (Khaled Said's Mother)

Her son Khaled, was killed in 2010 due to old regime police brutality, his death (7 months before the revolution) was the spark that set the Egyptian street on fire in spontaneous preparation of the regime fall count down, her persistence and strength that she gave and support all the martyrs' mothers is simply indescribable.

Khadiga El Hinnawy (Mama Khadiga)

No one been to Tahrir Sq, walk in march or participated in a sit-in can miss the presence of this woman, she's the one who hid the protesters in her own house while Army soldiers and police elements were hunting them down, taking all the risk bravely.

She was beaten till her bone cracked by a commando officer during the protest at Prime Minister building, in December 2011, she just kept showing on the next march with her arm in gypsum splint or even when things got worse, on a wheel chair, with her shining smile on her kind old face, she is a symbol of hope to all of protesters.

Marry Danial (Mina Danial's sister)

She's the older sister of Mina Danial the Coptic martyr who killed protesting against SCAF (Supreme Council of Forced Army) she's never been in social or political scene before her younger brother got killed, but she took the flag of his 19-years-old dead arm, and she'll never take it down till her bother blood revenge from those who killed him (among other 28 Coptic protester in 10th of October 2011)

Samira Ibrahim

Is the ONLY one who stood against the SCAF crime of the famous scandal of virginity test, round 12 girls got arrested two weeks after the 18 days of the revolution, while they were in a Sit-In in Tahrir sq. 9th of March 2011, stripped and got insulted by officers doctors and forced to run virginity test in front of bunch of soldiers. She's the only one who spoke out loudly, whiles the rest of the victim girls kept silent after SCAF threatening them. She ran a lawsuit, she lost the case in a country without law and the blind justice is even absent, but she's still fighting.

Mona Seif

"In the morning I run after the butterflies, and at night I chase away the army"

This is how she describe her life, 27 years old and still she's the mother of the prisoners in military cells, she's co-founder of "No to Military Trials for Civilians"

She and her colleges in the movement choose to advocate the tyrannized prisoners.; even her own brother went behind the bars in similar situation refusing to stand in-front of military judge.

Despite how tough and critical those situations for a woman, but you'll also find, beside Mona, other wonderful examples like the indefatigable Ragia Omran from Prosecution to courts to military prisons, she decided her destinations.

Her effort and devotion are totally indescribable.

Yasmine El Baramawy

The only girl who spoke out loudly about the horrible crimes that MB thugs did to her and to lots of female protesters, hundreds of those bastards stripped her cloth, dragging her on Tahrir Sq. asphalt to side streets doing the most horrible and terrifying crime any girl can have in worst nightmares, leaving their filthy marks on her all-bruised body, but they never managed to break her soul not even weaken her unbreakable determination to reveal their ugliness, she went out for the world and talked bravely about her horrible experience, she took the lead and inspired a huge uprising feminine movement in the Arab world, and she's also keep going through courts and investigations to make sure that those criminals after her accident got the punishment they deserve.

Nesreen Youssef

Is less famous, she's a coordinator of 8April officers movement (the officers who disobeyed military orders and went to Tahrir Sq. in 8th of April 2011 to protest, then some of them got killed the others got in unfair military trials and put in jail for years till the moment )

She's always in frontline healing the injured protesters with first aids kit, she got injured herself, and she was so close to lose her left eye.

She got arrested TWICE during the protest but still keeps going on her way.

Mervat Mousa

One of the unknown brave soldiers of the revolution, never been a media lover, despite she never missed a stand, protest, march or Sit-In, but unfortunately someday she forced to be on the screens, she got on tape while she was beaten to the ground and slapped on the face by a huge MB guerilla, while she was peacefully protesting in front of MB HQ.


Salma Said

She's co-founders of "mosireen..People alternative media co-op" (along with other remarkable Filmmakers e.g Nazly Hussein and Aida El kashef ), she's also member of The Egyptian initiative for human rights, and she's done great job of "Anti-Sexual Harassment Operation" (along with Salma El Tarzy and Sally Zohney and bunch of astonishing activists) in fighting this mean phenomena that threatens the female protesting existence, which inspired lots of young ladies to do similar e.g Eman Nedal and Aya El Nemr founders of "Ultras V feminization" and so many others,
Salma used every talent and skill she learned in mass communication and media making all over her 27 years life and dedicate it to enlighten the society, to make the world better place, she got shot on the face by a police officer because she was capturing him on her camera while he was hunting down the protesters in Feb 2012, she still has like 60 fragment and rubber bullet in her body, doctors can't totally remove.

Despite she was nearly killed that day, but she even didn't wait for a full recovery to cover the following revolution act in the street, this rare and outstanding type of patriotism is something you'll stop wonder about when you realize it's run on her blood because it's something common and runs in the family, she inherited this from her from her mother Dr.Mona Mina, doctor and activist who occupies the position of general coordinator of the "doctors without rights" movement and a member of the General Council of Egypt Doctors Syndicate.

Salma is an excellent example of self-consistency, she's very determined (mosireen is an Arabic word means the determined people)


To be continued..

Hasan Amin



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French Quarter

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New Orleans French Quarter Music

April 2013. My first time to New Orleans. The sights and sounds of the numerous French Quarter musicians.

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Arrested Development Stand in New York City

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A promotional banana stand is touring the city, checking off wildly popular stops in London and now at New York's own Radio City Music Hall and Columbus Circle. The line of fans wrapped around the block twice, but more than a few considered it a small price for the chance to try an "authentic" Bluth frozen banana.

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Venezuelan Demonstrations in Madrid

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Since Nicolas Maduro won the presidential elections in Venezuela last April 14, Venezuelans living in many parts of the world have risen their voices in protest over a corrupt system which seems to be manipulated by the interests of those in power.

Nicolas Maduro's administration is plagued with discomfort and discontent among Venezuelans who live abroad and inside the country as well.

Today, these protesters are voicing out the ineptitudes of the current president mocking his obvious low level of education and misuse of the Spanish language.

As one of those Venezuelans living abroad, I have to confess that I am also appalled by the apparent fraud perpetrated by Maduro's government.

I recorded this by chance today while I was on my way to meet with a friend in Puerta del Sol.

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