Sunday, March 31, 2013

U.S. deploys stealth fighter jets to South Korea

U.S. deploys stealth fighter jets to South Korea

U.S. deploys stealth fighter jets to South Korea

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 10:06 PM PDT

The United States deployed stealth fighter jets to South Korea on Sunday as part of ongoing joint military exercises between the two countries, a senior U.S. defense official said.

Accident at Arkansas nuclear site kills man

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 11:50 AM PDT

An accident at a nuclear facility in Arkansas killed one person Sunday, a county coroner said.

In his first Easter as pope, Francis calls for peace in his own style

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 07:56 PM PDT

Pope Francis celebrated his first Easter Mass with departures from the style of his predecessor even as he delivered a traditional call for peace.

Texas DA, wife killed 2 months after deputy's slaying

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 09:57 PM PDT

A Texas community is on edge after a district attorney who said he would put away the "scum" who killed a colleague two months ago was shot to death alongside his wife in his home Saturday night.

Trump seeks damages in 'cybersquatting' case

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 06:12 AM PDT

Donald Trump is seeking $400,000 in damages from a Brooklyn man over four websites that use the real estate mogul's name and brand.

Police: Man plows car into California Walmart, assaults customers

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 03:47 PM PDT

A man plowed a car through the front doors of a Walmart store in California Sunday, then attacked customers with a blunt object, police said.

Cops outnumber Klansmen at Memphis rally

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 05:02 PM PDT

A weekend rally by white supremacists in Memphis, Tennessee, saw far more cops than Klansmen on the streets.

What's inside a zombie? 'Walking Dead' cast, crew spill their guts

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 06:37 PM PDT

"The Walking Dead" fans always fill's comments sections and iReport with questions and observations about TV's hottest show.

Heartthrobs through the years

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 06:30 AM PDT


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