Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kansas Lightning

Kansas Lightning

Kansas Lightning

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 03:42 AM PST

Lightning from a small thunderstorm South of Westmoreland Kansas.

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Typhoon casualties rise in Davao Region

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 02:45 AM PST

By Ben O. Tesiorna
As reports have started coming in from the affected areas, the number of casualties in the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo (international code Bopha) has risen to at least 50 people.
Compostela Valley Governor Arturo Uy confirmed Tuesday evening that about  33 people died in New Bataan, Compostela Valley during the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo.
Six others were reported to have died as well in the town of Montevista, Compostela Valley by municipal information officer Edwin Antia but this has not been confirmed yet by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council.
In Davao Oriental where the typhoon made a landfall early morning Tuesday, 17 were confirmed dead.
As of five in the afternoon of Tuesday, December 4, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council reported that one died in Manay town, one in Tarragona, three in Caraga, one in Baganga, and eleven in Cateel -- all in Davao Oriental.
Three persons were also reported injured in the said province as four more were reported missing. The missing were identified as Aliser Antigo, Tata Lamusao, Dodoy Depos and Nelson Pabadura, all residents of Banaybanay, Davao Oriental.
Mati City meanwhile has evacuated a total of 1,600 people from the different affected villages within the city. City Administrator Richard Villacorte said they have no reported injuries or casualties in Mati due to Typhoon Pablo.
"We took lessons to the past two tsunami scares that hit Mati in the recent past. Most of our emergency responders ay mas mahusay na magrespond sa mga sakunang ganito," said Villacorte.
The official however admitted that most residents of Mati were surprised with the Typhoon Pablo since it was their first time to experience such a strong typhoon.
"People are generally surprised, not because they are unprepared but because they have never seen such a phenomenon in Mati in their entire lives. It's unprecedented to have winds like that, to have a real typhoon in Mati," said Villacorte.
Marcel Son, a member of the Dosmart Responders Group, said "we had never experienced a real typhoon in Mati ever since", until Pablo came.
Mati City Mayor Michelle Rabat meanwhile ordered the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council to convene to assess the actual damages to infrastructure, properties and agriculture.
She also requested to the City Council to declare Mati under a state of calamity while village officials were ordered to assist affected families in returning to their homes.
Marikit Quiñones, head of the Housing and Resettlement Division of Mati City, said that majority of the evacuees are those living in marine zones and are informal settlers or squatters.
Alex Boyles, a member of the City Engineering team, meanwhile reported that 90% of the roads are still passable while the remaining 10% are already being cleared of debris like fallen trees.



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Wyoming sunrises and sunsets

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 06:54 PM PST

How lucky can you get to witness these beautiful skies? I guess it's one thing good about living on prairie grassland. If it wasn't freezing out you would think you're on a tropical island somewhere warm!

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Mental Tenacity - What I learned from my pregnancy.

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 05:58 PM PST

Every year I give thanks for the anniversary of November 11th. I cherish this date because it is a reminder that I won the race of my life. I left Vero Beach in an ambulance. I endured a nine week hardship that brought me the greatest prize – our son.


It is a reminder to me and my family that sometimes the race is about learning along the path. The fact is the challenge makes you stronger.


Although I have logged a dozen half marathons, triathlons and a recent half-ironman, the race finish I am most proud of is the one that began 10 years ago today. I found faith, love and support in unexpected places.


I believe that like most great soldiers and athletes, my story is about achieving a goal through mental endurance. Although I would spend 9 weeks, fighting to carry our son one more day through the holiday season, I gained a greater appreciation for my life and a renewed sensitivity for women who fight each day just to survive.


I do believe that there is something humbling about leaving your hometown in your birthday suit. Literally stripped of everything you own, including my wedding rings, I was taken by ambulance to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida.


Within ninety minutes, I was admitted and greeted by Dr. Ham. It's funny how when I am in crisis my mind ticks like a stream of commercials. The Pork Board's slogan ran through my head…was I really the other "white meat?" Little did I know that for the very first time in my life I was about to become the minority: white, married, middle class and privately insured.


Although my husband, friends and local doctor all supported me, I was alone and 150 miles from my home. Depressed and scared, the hospital chaplain, Heidi, encouraged me to attend a daily group called, "Mother's in Waiting." As the Junior League President of our community, I was excited to meet other women and swap Pottery Barn decorating tips.


Looking back, I feel guilty about my despair upon meeting this diverse and somewhat motley crew. I believed that I had nothing in common with them. It was truly a point of transformation. I was about to find out that I needed them more than I ever imagined.


At that first gathering we shared about ourselves. Tina was there with a police escort. She was serving time and was going to return to jail once her baby was born. Ruth had given up three children to the State and was hoping to keep the one she was carrying. Cindy was about to have her second at 17 and just wanted advice on how to make her truck payment. Then there was Bev and Kim, a mother and daughter duo.


Believe it or not, we bonded. Each day I looked forward to seeing them. I longed to be home. As for the group they wanted to stay on the antepartum floor forever. It was like a special vacation. They were safe and fed.


I am not sure that I really understood how lucky I was until Ruth's baby was born. I was the first person she called. Excited and honored, I gushed, "I am so excited you thought of me!" Then she said the words that ripped my heart, "You are the only one I have to tell."


Suddenly, I felt very small. In fact, I hated myself for complaining. I prayed for Ruth and her baby as I fell asleep. The next morning Ruth was discharged. I never saw her again.


I have never forgotten the ladies of the antepartum floor of Arnold Palmer Hospital. I must confess that after many years those lessons had faded a bit. However, life has a funny way of grounding you.


Recently, I was in the final stretch of finishing my first half Ironman. I only had few miles to go. Once again encouragement came from an unlikely source. A man, who was very fit and thin, turned to me and said, "Come on….we have four more miles to go!"


In a nonsensical moment, I thought of the ladies of the antepartum floor. This man, like those ladies, was a friend in a stressed situation. So off we went until we reached the finish line. As his family greeted him, he turned to me and said, "Good job!" Exhausted, I managed to say, "You too!" I looked down the line and saw my family. Like a baby, I started bawling. I was so grateful to see them. Most of all, I thought about the skill Ruth and the others taught me - mental tenacity.


Photos: The first photo shows me in December of 2002 - 31 weeks pregnant on the antipartum floor of Arnold Palmer Hospital (Orlando, FL) with Santa (one of my doctors). The second photo shows me and my family at the finish line of the Ironman Miami 70.3 (October 28, 2012). The third photo is me at the finish line.

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Monsoon at Picacho Peak

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 03:41 PM PST

My wife and I were hoping to photograph some of the meteors during the Perseid meteor shower near Picacho Peak, Arizona. However, a brief thunderstorm made for a much better shot. We may not have seen many meteors that evening, but the natural light show was very pleasing.

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Hiding Hanukkah: Holocaust Survivor Remembers and Honors Victims of War

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 12:46 PM PST

NASHUA, N.H. – When Fred Teeboom, 74, lights his menorah, hesitation, followed by a mixture of gratitude and bitterness, glow with his candles. During the early stages of World War II, Teeboom, then 5 years old, was instructed to conceal his Jewish heritage to avoid Nazi capture. His parents arranged for him to be smuggled into the Dutch city of Utrecht, separating Teeboom from his family and hometown of Amsterdam. Teeboom lived under the protection of a Christian family, disguising his Judaism and assuming the habits of a religion he knew nothing about.


Years later, Teeboom's family reunited in Aruba and later immigrated to the United States. Since then, Teeboom says vivid memories of his survival surface, especially during the holidays.


"Our survival was nothing short of a miracle, because over 100 members of our extended family were murdered in Auschwitz," said Teeboom, "I am thankful to the family who took me in, to all the families who risked their own lives to save others."


In 2009, Teeboom decided to do more than give thanks. With the help of his family, friends and strangers he raised funds to construct a memorial, a physical tribute to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.


Located in Nashua, the New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial stands in the geographic center of New England. Because the Holocaust affected Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, political dissidents and others, Teeboom says the memorial's reach to survivors and kin is significant.


"Memories may fade, but memorials last forever," said Teeboom. "We designed this to be a lasting reminder for generations." Teeboom, an engineer, undertook extensive efforts to create a structure that is not only physically sound, but symbolic and reverent to lives lost during World War II.


Six massive granite walls stand in a hexagonal pattern, none of them touching. The walls have etchings of barbed wire on one side, and on the opposite, the name of an extermination camp: Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec and Chelmno. The walls are topped with rail stock, reminiscent of railroad that carried millions to their death. In the center of the hexagon is a lone brick pedestal, capped with a marble cube, symbolic of the gas chambers and crematoriums used by the Nazis.


Teeboom plans to install and dedicate a park bench in honor of the family that hid him. Descendants of the family are currently living in Canada and Holland and will be in attendance at a dedication ceremony planned in 2013.


The memorial may draw attention to some of the darkest times in history, but Teeboom insists that remembering the Holocaust can lead to hope. By recognizing atrocities committed, the memorial intends to draw attention to acts of genocide occurring today. Future plans for the memorial include: a Holocaust survivor sculpture, bronzed children's toys, clothes and shoes, installation of reclaimed railway tracks and continuous upgrades to an interactive and informative website:


As Teeboom prepares for Hanukkah, a sense of relief has joined his holiday emotions. "Knowing the memorial will soon be finished gives me hope for brighter days ahead," Teeboom said, "All of us can do our part to pay tribute to the victims of genocide, simply by learning, remembering and committing to never return to such darkness."


Exact plans for the dedication ceremony are tentative, but Teeboom says he will light candles. The candles will honor all children who missed or concealed a holiday celebration, or simply longed to be among the comforts of family.


Donations to complete and maintain the memorial may be made in any amount. Donors can also direct funds to personalized memorial benches or inscribed bricks that will be placed in the entry path. To make a donation, visit:


The New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial is the first and only Holocaust memorial in the state of New Hampshire. The memorial is intended to memorialize the victims of mass murder and to honor the courageous people who risked their lives to save strangers in desperate need. The New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible within the limits of the law.

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Talk Football NOT Guns

Posted: 03 Dec 2012 11:47 AM PST

It angers me that Bob decided to use his NFL platform to discuss guns. This wasn't the place nor the time for such a discussion. It isn't the weapon, but the person behind it.


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Rock n Roll Marathon Vegas

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 07:52 PM PST

The Zappos Rock n Roll Marathon took place on Sunday December 2, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Over 30,000 runners from every state and several countries came to Sin City to compete and raise money for a good cause. The Rock n Roll Marathon series is a world class marathon organization that embeds charity into its races. This marathon was a benefit for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America.


America's newest bachelor Sean Lowe participated in the race as a part of Crohn's & Colitis Team Challenge.


Other celebrities on hand included Kate Gosselin, Nikki Reed (Twilight) and Paul McDonald (American Idol).


Kate Gosselin was very excited to take part in the marathon. "I try to run as often as I can. Running about 10 miles each time I get out," Gosselin stated.


Nikki Reed and husband Paul McDonald ran the race together. When asked what they would do if one got tired, McDonald said "We are in this together, its a big accomplishment for both of us. We will stick together and finish together." The Twilight series has just come to an end and many fans are left wondering what's next for Reed and her cast mates. "It's so freshly over I can't see it as being over. I don't think I will do another vampire series, but if they called and said another Twilight was being made I'd be the first to sign up."


The runners were very excited about the race, the energy was overflowing the streets. Many of the participants dressed up in fun costumes from Elvis to a penguin to a Viking and everything in between. The wind was very strong but that didn't seem to deter runners from competing and completing the marathon. For more information on the Rock n Roll marathon series you can visit their website:


At the event I used a new iPhone app Lightt, the app turns still photographs into a flipbook style stream of moving photos. Take a look and get more behind the scene on the red carpet via Lightt:


iReport from J.Son of - The Naked Truth about today's hottest topics.

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Big Tree in a Violent Truckee River

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 01:44 PM PST

These vidios was taken just down the Truckee River from my apartment in Reno NV at about 11:00 am Sunday. The river has been approaching flood stages today. I think this shows the power of the river in its more violent mood. I wanted to see what was happening so I took my camera went for a walk and captured this video of the river moving a very large tree downstream.

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Holiday Downtown Dazzle with Santa

Posted: 02 Dec 2012 01:06 PM PST

Cincinnati and Macy's Downtown Dazzle event took over fountain square on Saturday, spotlights, fireworks and Santa rappelling down a building! Oh What Fun!


This annual Holiday Celebration brings thousands of people out to watch Santa, Rudolph and a helper elf, rappel down the side of the 525 Vine Street building. After the show they give an incredible fireworks display.


The Downtown Dazzle event will be held two more times this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 8, and 15.


View Pictures here


This video include clips from the Nov 24 and Dec 1 Downtown Dazzle!

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Christmas Fun: Holiday Downtown Dazzle in the City

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 07:37 PM PST

Cincinnati and Macy's Downtown Dazzle event took over fountain square this evening, spotlights, fireworks and Santa rappelling down a building! Oh What Fun!


This annual Holiday Celebration brings thousands of people out to watch Santa, Rudolph and a helper elf, rappel down the side of the 525 Vine Street building. After the show they give an incredible fireworks display.


The Downtown Dazzle event will be held two more times this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 8, and 15.


Here are some pictures of the Downtown Dazzle! Click this link for video clips

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Peña no es mi presidente

Posted: 01 Dec 2012 12:05 PM PST

En la ciudad de Mérida Yucatán miembros de MORENA estuvieron manifestandose contra el ahora presidente EPN nadie lo quiere, esto es un hecho. Los únicos a los q les conviene q este EPN en los pinoS es a quienes los llevaron al poder.

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