Monday, April 30, 2012

Why a pundit wrote a novel

Why a pundit wrote a novel

Why a pundit wrote a novel

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 01:51 PM PDT

Blogger Kathleen Geier observes:

Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 07:14 PM PDT

On May 16 last year, a 22-year-old Austrian named Maqsood Lodin was being questioned by police in Berlin. He had recently returned from Pakistan via Budapest, Hungary, and then traveled overland to Germany. His interrogators were surprised to find that hidden in his underpants were a digital storage device and memory cards.

Former Israeli PM calls for U.S. to lead any Iran strike

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 02:37 PM PDT

If international efforts to halt Iran's nuclear program fail, any military action against Tehran should be led not by Israel, but by the United States, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said this week.

Obama withholds comment on Chen case

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 10:43 PM PDT

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepared to depart Monday night for China, President Barack Obama was tight-lipped about the whereabouts of escaped Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng and his potential impact on the discussions to be held this week in Beijing.

Romney: 'Even Jimmy Carter' would have ordered bin Laden attack

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 02:01 PM PDT

President Barack Obama on Monday appeared to call out Mitt Romney over what he said about going after Osama bin Laden on the campaign trail four years ago, as opposed to on the eve of the first anniversary of the raid that killed the terrorist leader.

Unstable ground: The fine line between self-defense and murder

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 06:14 AM PDT

Daniel Adkins knew his son would never leave Lady. So when animal control officers showed up at the door with Daniel Jr.'s yellow lab in tow, "I felt like he was calling out to me for help."

Texas couple pen a 'bucket list' for their baby with fatal illness

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 09:12 AM PDT

Mike and Laura Canahuati's blog about their nearly 6-month-old daughter, who is expected to die by age 2 because of a genetic disorder, began as an efficient way to keep family and close friends in touch about baby Avery's health.

The Freedom Tower, rising from ashes

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 12:53 PM PDT

The World Trade Center is again the tallest building in New York one year after the killing of Osama bin Laden and more than 10 years after the attacks that brought them down.

Octuplets mom Suleman says she's open to porn offer, but no touching

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 10:47 PM PDT

Nadya Suleman says she is so determined to build a future for her 14 young children that she is now willing to act in a porn film, although she would not touch another "human's flesh."

Apple schedules June conference, but iPhone hopes dim

Posted: 26 Apr 2012 09:47 AM PDT

It's a tantalizing bit of expectation building. Apple's invitation to its annual developers conference is tagged with this phrase: "It's the week we've all been waiting for."