Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leave Afghanistan now

Leave Afghanistan now

Leave Afghanistan now

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 05:07 AM PDT

Arsalan Iftikhar says the U.S. is losing the hearts and minds of Afghans, and the U.S. soldier's massacre of civilians might be the last straw. It's time to count our successes and leave.

Psychological toll of war

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:05 AM PDT

Eric Zillmer says an American soldier's horrific murder of 16 Afghan civilians cannot be explained solely by traumatic brain injury.

We're a nation of hustlers

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 12:52 AM PDT

LZ Granderson says with 20% of the workforce underemployed, many Americans are doing the hustle -- juggling multiple gigs to pay the bills.

Missouri, don't honor Limbaugh

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 11:38 PM PDT

Ron Powers says state leaders should be repudiating, not rewarding the offensive radio host with plans to erect a bust of him in the state capital

Fluke: Slurs won't silence women

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 02:16 AM PDT

Sandra Fluke says opponents' smears on her and other women's characters will not silence the voices in support of contraception as a basic health need.

Primaries are good for the GOP

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 09:56 PM PDT

The primary process is good for the Republican Party—and our country.

911 calls released in airplane meltdown

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:42 AM PDT

For several fear-filled minutes last Friday, three passengers on board American Airlines flight 2332 in Dallas called emergency dispatchers to report a flight attendant's apparent meltdown, asking for help and trying to make sense of her strange rant.

Obama to attend Olympics opening

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:29 AM PDT

First lady Michelle Obama will lead the U.S. delegation to the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics, an administration official said Tuesday.

An early midlife crisis road trip

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:44 AM PDT

Two Englishmen start a road trip in gentrifying Venice and then wind their way through the lush delights of wine country.

IUn-American to silence Limbaugh?

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 07:49 PM PDT

Marc Randazza says he loathes the radio host, but not as much as he loathes the notion of urging the government to infringe on his First Amendment right to express his political and social views

Teen's death by watchman under fire

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:25 AM PDT

Answers remain in short supply as to why an unarmed teenager was shot and killed two weeks ago.

Fatal shooting of Florida teen turned over to state attorney

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 07:20 PM PDT

A case involving the fatal shooting of an unarmed Florida teen, which has sparked outrage and calls for justice, is in the hands of the state attorney's office.

Blagojevich to say goodbye before heading to prison

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 07:16 PM PDT

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will get one last chance to speak his mind Wednesday before he heads to Colorado to start a 14-year prison sentence on a corruption conviction.

Deliberations resume in Georgia day care murder trial

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 05:03 AM PDT

Deliberations resume Wednesday morning in the trial of a man accused of killing another outside a Georgia day care center.

Deliberations start in Rutgers roommate-spying trial

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 07:23 PM PDT

Jury begins deliberations Wednesday in the trial of a former Rutgers student accused of spying on and intimidating his gay roommate, who later killed himself by jumping off New York's George Washington Bridge.

Young musher makes Iditarod history, continuing family legacy

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 03:41 AM PDT

Proudly beating his father and grandfather to the Iditarod finish line, 25-year-old Dallas Seavey can now claim bragging rights in Iditarod history -- becoming the youngest winning musher in the race's 40-year existence. Seavey arrived in Nome Tuesday, completing the near 1,000 mile race in 9 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes and 26 seconds. Seavey's nearest competitor was Aliy Zirkle, who was more than an hour behind.

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers approve of NYPD surveillance of Muslims

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 11:25 PM PDT

Most New Yorkers believe the city's police act appropriately in dealing with Muslims, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

School bus overturns in Missouri, at least 12 injured

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 10:09 PM PDT

Twelve victims were being transported to Washington County Memorial Hospital after a school bus overturned in Missouri, a hospital spokeswoman said Tuesday.

President Obama battles rising gas prices

Posted: 13 Mar 2012 01:26 AM PDT

President Obama faces a drop in approval ratings due in part to rising gas prices. CNN's Jessica Yellin Reports.


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