Saturday, December 31, 2011

35 Southern California fires rock cities

35 Southern California fires rock cities

35 Southern California fires rock cities

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 06:23 PM PST

A joint task force Saturday was investigating a string of 35 fires across several Southern California communities, and one mayor called them a "new form of domestic terrorism."

Follower says he was expelled from FLDS for violating Warren Jeffs' sex ban

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 01:36 AM PST

A long-time follower of a jailed polygamist sect leader says he has been ex-communicated after admitting to having sex with his wife -- a violation of an order that Warren Jeffs apparently issued from behind bars.

World welcomes 2012 with cheers, celebrations

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 10:12 PM PST

Throngs of revelers gathered around Times Square in New York City early Sunday to ring in the New Year amid cheers, glittering confetti and fireworks in one of many festivities worldwide.

Obama signs defense bill 'with reservations'

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 03:40 PM PST

President Barack Obama on Saturday reluctantly signed a defense authorization bill, saying he was concerned about some in Congress who want to restrict options used by counterterrorism officials.

NASA research orbiter starts circling moon

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 03:49 PM PST

The first of twin research spacecraft entered the moon's orbit Saturday, part of an effort to learn more about how it and other terrestrial bodies formed, NASA said.

Voter ID laws are common sense

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 11:01 AM PST

In an outrageous recent fundraising letter the Democratic National Committee solicited funds from the party faithful on the grounds that the DNC was the last remaining bulwark against a series of anti-election-fraud initiatives "in more than 40 states."

Review: "The Iron Lady" is boring and sloppy

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 12:18 PM PST

Much like Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar" before it, Phyllida Lloyd"The Iron Lady" (from a script by "Shame" writer Abi Morgan) fails partly due to its attempt at covering the entire life of a controversial figure by taking a rather dull, middle of the road position on their life and partly by whitewashing what that person did.

Eastern Ohio rattled by 4.0-magnitude earthquake

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 07:51 PM PST

A 4.0-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Ohio on Saturday, one week after a similar but smaller tremor rattled the region, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.


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