Friday, August 26, 2011

iReporter: 'Not afraid of Irene'

iReporter: 'Not afraid of Irene'

iReporter: 'Not afraid of Irene'

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 03:06 PM PDT

CNN's Joe Johns asks iReporter Brian Hissem why he's decided to ride out Hurricane Irene on the North Carolina coast.

Sneak peak at the VMAs

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 03:01 PM PDT

CNN has a sneak peak at MTV's Video Music Awards stage and where the stars are sitting.

Legoland Park expanding

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:58 PM PDT

Legoland Park officials announced they will break ground on a new three-story hotel at it's Carlsbad resort.

Abandoned aircrafts at Gadhafi's airbase

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:41 PM PDT

CNN's Nic Robertson takes a look at Gadhafi's military air base located in Tripoli.

Recognizing Libya's NTC

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:59 PM PDT

CNN's Hala Gorani talks to Aaron Snipe of the State Deptment about its position on Libya's Transitional Council.

Irene's wind, rain lash Bahamas

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:09 PM PDT

Wicked winds and heavy rain pummeled the Caribbean as the eye wall of Hurricane Irene passed through the Bahamas.

Energy-efficient savings

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:51 PM PDT

HLN Money Expert Clark Howard explains why you should act now if you want to make your home more energy efficient.

Hurricane wipes out MLK dedication plans

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:32 PM PDT

The official dedication of the new MLK Memorial in Washington is being postponed because of Hurricane Irene.

Three hospitalized after train derails

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:41 PM PDT

Officials say an Amtrak passenger train derailed in Nebraska sending three to the hospital with minor injuries.

Rebels protect Tripoli airport

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:27 PM PDT

CNN's Arwa Damon reports from the Tripoli airport where rebel forces have pushed back Gadhafi loyalists.

Support for Libyan rebels

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:26 PM PDT

Food, fuel and ice are being trucked in to help the Libyan rebels in the war effort. CNN's Fred Pleitgen reports.

Assessing fixed vs. variable loans

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:16 PM PDT

The Help Desk is all about getting answers to your financial questions! Send an e-mail to

How much to save for 529s

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:15 PM PDT

The Help Desk is all about getting answers to your financial questions! Send an e-mail to

Use student loan to pay off credit card?

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:13 PM PDT

The Help Desk is all about getting answers to your financial questions! Send an e-mail to

Chad Myers answers hurricane questions

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:18 PM PDT

CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers answers your Twitter questions about hurricane Irene.

Relief from student loans

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:03 PM PDT

The Help Desk is all about getting answers to your financial questions! Send an e-mail to

Dealing with credit card debt

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 12:59 PM PDT

The Help Desk gets answers to your financial questions! Send an e-mail to

Healing process for American economy

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 12:29 PM PDT

PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian discusses the speech by by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on the American economy.

Home Depot preps for Hurricane Irene

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 02:24 PM PDT

CNN's Jonathan Mann takes a look at the Home Depot command center as Hurricane Irene approaches the U.S. coast.

Bomb blast at U.N. building in Nigeria

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 12:06 PM PDT

A bombing at a U.N. building in Abuja, Nigeria kills at least 18 people. CNN's Christian Purefoy reports.

Gene Simmons stands by Jackson comments

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 12:01 PM PDT

Gene Simmons tells Showbiz Tonight that he believes Michael Jackson abused children

"Housewives" rally at Armstrong funeral

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 11:21 AM PDT

In a Showbiz Tonight interview Lisa Gastineau reveals what happened at Russell Armstrong's funeral.

Did postpartum mom kill her baby?

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 10:43 AM PDT

A mother is accused of deliberately dropping her baby off a roof. Dr. Drew and guests discuss.

Legendary coach diagnosed with dementia

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 10:43 AM PDT

Famous basketball coach Pat Summitt reveals a devastating diagnosis. HLN's Dr. Drew and guests discuss the issue.

Rafael Nadal answers iReporter questions

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 11:14 AM PDT

Tennis star Rafael Nadal took time out before the U.S. Open to answer questions from iReporters.

Sarah Jessica Parker says no SATC 3

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 10:46 AM PDT

Sarah Jessica Parker says no "Sex and the City 3" for now, Rihanna denies sex tape and "Ghostbusters 3" is greenlit.

Steve Jobs' health: a closer look

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 10:59 AM PDT

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with Dr. David Kooby about the cancer Apple CEO Steve Jobs has suffered with in the past.

Hospitals prepare for Irene

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 09:54 AM PDT

One big concern is how Hurricane Irene will affect hospitals along the east coast.

Deadly casino attack shocks Monterrey

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 10:51 AM PDT

Gunmen attacked a Mexican casino, setting a fire that trapped customers and killed dozens. CNN's Jonathan Mann reports.

Obama: Irene likely a historic hurricane

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 09:23 AM PDT

Pres. Obama urges those in the path of Hurricane Irene to prepare immediately, saying it could be a historic hurricane.

U.N.: Nigeria death toll 'considerable'

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 09:11 AM PDT

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemns the bombing of a U.N. office in Abuja, Nigeria.

Did Gary Giordano try to scam company?

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:55 AM PDT

Did Gary Giordano, the prime suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance, try and scam a company out of $5 million?

'Don't Be Afraid' of 'My Idiot Brother'

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:16 AM PDT

Thriller 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' and indie comedy 'My Idiot Brother' get good reviews from Mr. Moviefone.

U.N. Secy.-Gen. condemns Nigeria attack

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:32 AM PDT

The U.N. Secy. General responds to a car bomb attack on a U.N. building in Abuja, Nigeria. CNN's Richard Roth reports.

2007: Weathered reporters

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:30 AM PDT

Forget the breaking news -- watch out for breaking waves! CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on some weathered reporters.

Gadhafi's 'fist statue' dismantled

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 09:04 AM PDT

Libyan rebels dismantle a notorious statue depicting a fist crushing a U.S. jet fighter at Gadhafi's former compound.

Irene's wedding threatened by Irene

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:21 AM PDT

Hurricane Irene may force Irene Rios and David Knauf to postpone their nuptials.

Are New Yorkers ready for a hurricane?

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:28 AM PDT

In 2006, CNN's John Zarrella looked at what might happen to New York City if a massive hurricane hit.

2008: Storm nearly topples reporter

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:12 AM PDT

Hurricane Dolly nearly blows CNN's Gary Tuchman away as he tries to report on the massive storm.

Now THAT is a welcome-home kiss

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 11:35 AM PDT

A 'breathtaking' Salute to Troops: Army Sgt. Justin Smith seals this airport reunion with a kiss to remember.

Teen rebel: 'I don't like killing people'

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:09 AM PDT

A 17 year-old fighter, who hopes to one day be a Libyan ambassador, explains to CNN's Arway Damon why he's fighting.

2005: Cooper vs. Dennis

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 07:52 AM PDT

While covering Hurricane Dennis in 2005, CNN's Anderson Cooper was nearly hit with debris from a metal sign.

ESPN under fire for 'White Vick' image

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 08:15 AM PDT

ESPN is defending its decision to publish an image of NFL star Michael Vick as a white man for its magazine.

Inside Gadhafi's 'underground city'

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 07:51 AM PDT

CNN's Sara Sidner walks through one of Moammar Gadhafi's secret tunnels discovered beneath his Tripoli compound.

Eastern Seaboard braces for Irene

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 07:19 AM PDT

People along a 700-mile stretch of the U.S. East Coast are preparing for Hurricane Irene. Rafael Romo reports.

'White Michael Vick' photo controversy

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 06:44 AM PDT

Raina Kelley, ESPN senior editor, and Toure, ESPN writer, discuss backlash against photoshopped Michael Vick picture.

Usain Bolt faces a challenge

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 06:43 AM PDT

British Olympians Katharine Merry and Iwan Thomas look ahead at the 2011 Athletics World Championships.

Virginia quake felt by millions

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 12:04 PM PDT

CNN iReporters and others along the East Coast share what they felt when an earthquake struck near Richmond, Virginia.

Dealing with Acapulco's violence

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 07:05 AM PDT

In March, CNN's Rafael Romo took us inside the Acapulco morgue, one building that is witness to the escalating violence.


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